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  1. Hello, does anyone know on Dual Wielding Warriors when your offhand weapon is fast with lower dmg than MH, how should Deep Wounds work. If should apply only Main Hand avg damage even when oh crits or offhand overrides MH. Cant find reliable info about TBC DW mechanic. Lets imagine you have 2.8 high dmg MH and 1.4 offhand, since offhand is faster as result we will have most of the time crap DW damage.
  2. Needs to be not only x2 Exp but and x2 gold. As new player 26lvl dont have gold to learn my abilities :s I dont know what blizz were thinking when they did this. And drop rates here... dont even remember last time when i got blue item drop, maybe dont even have any for such long time (26lvl). Really are the drop rates proper?
  3. hi, joined the server few days ago, 23lvl and i like it so far. The only thing i dont like are the rates. for 2020 seems, dont know how to say... inappropriate. I can see how ppl gave up, i think x1 rates are not good for population. imo best rates would be x2 exp, x2 gold. I dont even have gold to learn my abilities atm. There is no point in x1 rates. I want to level fast as possible to starting gearing and raiding. Its TBC, not vanilla. And btw I checked few times AH for some weapon upgrades, only 1 or 2 pages with axes for example... good blue ~22lvl axe 40g... how is possible, so many ppl playing and no items? What are drop rates. It feels to me that there is something wrong and in drop rates.