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  1. Hello, havent found any information about when the darkmoon faire takes place on this server and i guess we dont have ingame calendar as well. So any clues about that? I guess it was like during the first week of a month back in tbc, right? Is this true for this server as well? Would appreciate any kind of info on that, thx and greetings!
  2. Hey! I´m looking for a active guild to farm heroics and start progressing in raids after I hit max lvl. About my Char: I started leveling a week ago - currently I´m 46, so the plan is to be max lvl in about another weeks time (if the server stops crashing...). As the title says I'm planning on playing feral: MT, OT, DPS whatever the raid or the boss needs - like real ferals do! :D Professions will be LW (DRUMS!) and Enchant (currently skinning to farm all the mats needed while lvling). I played feral (as my beloved first alt) in BC (raided as feral as well, since guild needed it), WOTLK and CATA. So i know how to tank, how to dps and how to powershift (it´s soooooo damn cool to have this again...). About me as a person: I´m 28, live in germany and currently I´m doing my Master in Psychology - so i have quite some time to waste in to the game :D I started playing WOW in TBC, but only raided T4, T5, BT and Hyjal. In Wotlk I started taking raiding a bit more serious and played in several World #500-100 Guilds. During Cata i was in WHF, which was (at this time) the best german progress Guild with only 3 raid days. We had some good and some bad kills, but always in the #300-100 range. It was a very nice time! Then the gay Pandas came , the talent trees left and wow wasn´t what it used to be. So I quitted and found other things to do with my life. With the official classic severs coming I started to take a look at WOW once again and started lvling here (at first only to get used to playing wow again and to level a char to 60, so I would be faster when the official servers start off). But soon I was as hooked by the game as I was back then and felt like 15 once again - so I want to tank some nice heroics and start raiding again! As you noticed, I´m planning on playing classic in about a month, but I think with the slow release of content there it will be absolutely doable to play on both realms without losing much. So I´m cool with any raiding conditions (I´m very flexible with my time), as long as it doesn't exceeds past 3 raid days. If this post aroused your interest feel free to contact me here or ingame (Immaniz)! Thank you <3