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  1. So I believe if Netherwing wants to succed with thier new launch they need to offer ATLEAST 3x through classic content, simular on how Angrathar did thier wotlk launch, which had a massive success, After every class made it to max level they released the option to buy another exp boost from shop. Alot of people by now have leveled countless times 1-60 1-70 in 1x including myself (6x 60s on classic), and i would say A large portion of the community wouldnt stand level 1x since blizzard already announced they will be doing TBC launch aswell, i believe almost none would even set thier foot on a pserver that had 1x by aswell, well a few people would but the server would not see the daily 10k numbers in population with classic tbc around the corner either making dungeons practically dead for alot of people. I know i would never level in 1x on a new server along with tons of others wouldnt either, thats why shitty cores always fail with increased rate, cuz the scripting is poorly done. And even if people decide to level in 1x the majority of the playerbase is gone once classic TBC releases, and the only logical move by netherwing is going through with Wotlk servers 2-3 months AFTER classic TBC has launched since people wont start on a new FRESH if classic TBC just released. it took like 3-6 months before people wanted TBC servers after Classic launch ( Endless hype ), and nethwing staff could play this perfectly to catch the majority of wotlk playerbase then aswell and keep the ball moving in thier favor in the future. So increase XP rates 1-60 3x (OR offer instant 58 and make it 58-70 1x) After every class hits 70 offer double/triple xp scrolls via Shop People that wants to play in 1x classic include that as an option + hefty reward for the people actually doing it ( Epic mount free, starter set of gear at 70, free fishing/cooking skill maxed once ding 70 etc) This would encourage a large amount of people to start on the new server and keep encouraging people to begin on the new server in the future aswell. (People want thier wotlk chars ready once the Migration begins when everyone is dried out of Classic TBC) in the end, if people want 1x they will play on the real servers instead of private servers.
  2. This is how it were back when TBC released also, maybe you should pick a single player game if you don't wanna play with other people instead? Oh please, what is a hardcore player to you? 6 hours? 10 hours? 16 hours? I can tell you most by your definition of "hardcore" aint doing 12h/day either you have never been at that level of gameplay or just pure speculations how YOU think it is seeing a guy who YOU think is a "hardcore" player. Most by your defintion of "hardcore" raid logs every week and do thier shit then log off again spending maybe 2-5 hours online each day. because even at "PvP / top raiding guilds" most people don't no life 12h/day only a few handful people does that, and most of the time they stand AFK in capital anyways or level alts.
  3. Well if you and many mother (it seems) doesn't care about content locking, or cause you only care about your own progression, then it doesn't hurt you in any way that it is gated? things are still gated, Black temple is gated, swp is gated, why don't you cry about that also when your at it? Cause it in the end everything is still gated except First raids so your argument is invalid. Personally if they can't get Old PvP ranks to work in TBC i'd say only 1 week pause (start counting from the first to hit lvl 58) even if the first ones hit lvl 60 they got plenty to do before TBC release, farm proffessions, Farm gold for epic mount, Farm somewhat better gear for a better headstart when content releases etc.. + Players can specc whatever specc they wanna play once they hit 60 and farm gear towards it, and not be forced to play solo specc, Dungeons 60-70 will be more pleasant and not only seeing Warrior tanks because they are the least class to be impacted by gear requirements within speccs. Not like a Druid wanna play healer but only got Agi gear or paladin who only have str stam gear etc etc, So in the long run people will enjoy TBC alot more and not feel "Forced to play 1 specc else you are behind, " Dungeon leveling is as fast as questing with a good group and even faster.
  4. And why would i switch or anyone else just because classic is out ? Vanilla aint TBC, And Classic will be just that Classic they wont go into TBC or anything else, the reason blizzard is doing Classic is because players can't experience that content anymore the whole world were shattered in the cataclysm. Classic isn't relive every expansion, its only Vanilla. TBC is still playable on retail, Wotlk is still playable on retail, so for blizzard to continue classic into other expansions is a big no, where would that end do you think? 20 different timelines going? everyone begging for new servers after each expansion is done? So in the end blizzard will just keep on adding new idiotic "fresh" servers just because people demand it? Blizzard isn't into the private server scene where they will pop a new server just because they notice people want it, it won't give them more subscribers.
  5. This is a deal breaker for me and many others, nothing bad can come from locking outland for a week or two, You say people will start leveling alts and do proffessions on them also, yea they will but that's how it were in Vanilla -> TBC, i usually rush to end game directly if i get the chance if they block that for me i don't care i can take a few days off and prepare myself for stage 2 the actual opening of the dark portal, this moment were a huge thing back when tbc launched and by having 1-5 people only there would feel extremely unsatisfying. By not locking the portal this happens -> They elitists will play for themself they will make thier own "elitist" guild and will not help anyone who wasnt there with them when reaching 70, This will however clear up after 1-2 months They can farm Outland uncontested which is the most critical part of this, farming outland uncontested means they can farm a large pile of gold and dominate the AH for the next 3 months. You are breaking the community into 2 groups the elitist and the casuals, and yes that is good in one way, but this is not the way to do it, but locking the portal people can get the chance to know eachother once at "58-60" and start making good friends, once the portal opens the "elitists" whos left will rush to 70 anyway however this time they also be ganked like everyone else. This is the experience that were in TBC and why should 44% of the community decide this when the majority wants to experience this, and tbh i believe MOST people want to experience the opening of the portal together with their friends and see the total mayhem of chaos when people rush to the new content. 47% of the community voted to have it gated, i strongly believe this would change if you made another pool and explained in details what people would miss out on, Edit: Exactly this happens every major patch/expansion, this is the reason people enjoy some expansions more than others, cuz they can experience these epic things together, Why do people roll on fresh server? cuz its fresh and its total chaos, the elite knows if they are the first to hit max level they can cruise across the next 6 months with ease, but by having 1% at max level and the rest just just entering thier lvl 40s is not blizzlike in any reasonable way. Why be like every other server out there when you can make a new experience to people, i highly doubt the 1% who reaches lvl 60 will quit the server if they are gated for 7 days, it means the can take a brake and do other things [Proffessions, etc..] Else you can just open every raid at the same time if you believe ("Locking elite at different stages is bad and if you want to be locked you can play retail instead arguement" ) cuz in the end this " MINOR PART " is just a pre-patch in the end, just like T4 patch->T5 Patch->T6Patch->SWLP patch- > wotlk why gate people at all if the arguement is people just wanna rush to dungeons, why have 1x if you want people to experience Vanilla content if the only thing that matters is Outland content?