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  1. Greetings again, at this point you are only spamming. The other thread is still visible and hasn't been deleted. Thus making your claim (and various others looking at your account history) transparent to the public. Since this is just a repost, I will close it again. Posting further threads regarding this issue, will be closed and may lead to your account being banned. Please be aware. Sincerely GM Thunderan PS.: I highly doubt that I banned anyone from Discord. If you wish to appeal your ban, please follow this link:
  2. <GM>Thunderan

    Abusive GM

    Greetings, as it has been pointed out to you multiple times, this is not the correct place for appeals. Sincerely GM Thunderan
  3. Hey there, first off we need to rule out, that this is a cache/addon issue. Please try the following troubleshoot: Exit WoW, go to your WoW folder and delete your Cache folder. When logging back in deactivate all addons. If that won't help, please open a GM ticket ingame. That way we can support your issue while you are online. Hope this helps!
  4. Hey there, please send a screenshot with all addons deactivated. Furthermore please try to delete your cache folder. Hope this helps!
  5. Hey there, I would recommend to join our Discord! There is a dedicated channel in there called #addons_macros_ui and those guys bring a ton of knowledge to the table! Hope this helps!
  6. Hey there, Please join our official discord! In there you see the #support channel and we will be happy to help out! It's hard to determine what is going wrong through the forum.