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  1. Noone knows what I am talking about ? Should I report this in-game ?
  2. Someone must surely know something about this, even if the answer is that one cannot do it in a different way !....?
  3. I cannot stress how important this is. At lvl 70 now i using way more time to gear up since I lacked a lot of normal mode dungeons and all the ideas of rep connections to various instances. The game is designed to hint and "lead" players, I lacked and still lack (some) essential parts of that !
  4. Dont click around, push tab key is much more effective. As for Threat-addon then Omen is the one for you. From this huge list of addons;
  5. /run SetCVar("gxWindow", 1 - GetCVar("gxWindow")); RestartGx(); This macro bugs for me sometimes. And when it bugs two smaller error windows pop up(one is for reporting), and I have to restart whole wow-netherwing. Any ideas for a better macro that does the same ?
  6. What is this I see in public chats on Netherstorm; "WTB Atlantiss points for gold" ?
  7. Didnt help. It actually doesnt have to be a youtube-vid, it can be any kind of video.
  8. While GMs do alot of good stuff its abit disheartening to see them ask for ppl to again do the same work of good feedback in a different place, when the GM easily could have done it himself.
  9. And in-game this other problem that happens quite seldom; When scrolling in on char it scrolls ALL the way to front, and vice versa when trying to scroll a little bit back.
  10. I remember this happened back in vanilla/tbc too, Blizz wow 2004-2009, so I am 99.99 percent sure its wow related. The mouse scrolling goes way fast in internetbrowser (google chrome) (outside wow-window). Barely touch the scroll wheel and it scrolls down as if Ive scrolled for several seconds. So the problem actually manifests itself outside the wow game. Edit: This also happens in-game when scrolling auction house pages. Any ideas ?
  11. Ingame, general tab right clicked, font size max 18. With addon or something similar; is it possible to get a larger font size than 18 ?
  12. Can anyone please explain in short steps what I must do to manage to make a YouTubeVideo ? Ive never done it before, and not made other kinds of videos either, so I am completely new at this
  13. Hi ! I hear that the Shartul Transporter Event is bugged, is that true ? So much bugged that it cant be done ?