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  1. exactly my words, Fresh is the death of netherwing,, and that last pathetic try how to save nw by bringing 58 insta boost didnt even help,, quite the opposite,it hardmed server even more :) so Gj devs, betray many ppl with luring PTE and then stab them in the back by bringing fresh and destroying NW :) and ofc, delaying wotlk for another year or god knows for how long..Did u even think about long devoted players who wanted to feel the true progress ? you are the best server and most capable of doing it,, all my expectations were high ,u proved many times how awesome you are and i have put all my trust into you, and you repayed by all about mentioned. What now ? do u even know how many ppl dont even want to go to fresh ? why would they go ? why would we waste our time by creating new chars on fresh, when we eventualy will abandon them anyway and come back to NW chars ,bcs we wana progress to wotlk WITH chars from NW.. and what now ? soon content is over,, soon many of us will have full gear for pvp (ofc pve takes longer) but what then ? very soon we will have nothing to do ,, and by delaying wotlk for another year ,, we SHALL BE STUCKED FOR A YEAR and ahve nothing to DO ,,and BTW thanks for blocking all comments from 58 boost announcement :)
  2. EXACTLY,, shame i created new post before i red this first... i completely agree with u and i can assure you,,that many players of this server as well...there are options like theese : 1) we can stay on netherwing and dont go to fresh server 2)go from 0 and create charrs on fresh server BUT ! as i said,, and bahbrum.. many of us will want to stay on netherwing,, WHY ? because we want go into wotlk with our already polished charrs ,,, it is so demotaving to create new character on fresh knowing,, that it ll be all in vain because we would just return to our already geared charrs here .. but there is a high chance that staying on netherwing after fresh release wont be an option ,, because some players will want to go to fresh,, = average population on netherwing will be 400 ..Fresh will definetly have more players but for how long ? the consequences will be the low population if not suicide of netherwing ... we are aware that its hard to make wotlk,, but much more possitive and better option would be brining fresh after wotlk release here,, but when wotlk should come as was mentioned in 2021,, it will be too late for fresh because of classic tbc,,,,salvation for this server population is by bringing wotlk here much soon so fresh server would have plenty of time to full enjoy full content before tbc classic.. so,, bringing fresh now/soon will destroy this server,, all of this is jsut one result,, only WOTLk can save comunity here,, not in a month or after kiljaeden kill.. but much sooner than in 2021..
  3. i understand that atlantiss wants to "grab last opportunity" to have another tbc server before classic tbc comes out... but it will definetly split even more already small population ... it hurts my heart reading that wotlk should come in 2021,,, making another tbc server will maybe ,,JUST MAYBE bring some people,,but many of us will leave,, many of us who got atracted into vision of progressing into another xpac... why would we want to leave our polished geared,, skilled proffesions and much more.. to try from zero on other fresh server ? yea we could stay with our chars on current server and dont go to fresh ,, but why stay ? why should we wait loooong months into 2021 with gear capped chars ? and knowing that we will definetly progress with thoose chars to wolk,, already kills and demotivates idea of creating new charr on fresh server .. because why should we do it if we 100% know that we will abandon them anyway and come back to our polished charrs ? it just doesnt make sense... we are aware of hard work that brings making of wotlk.. but waiting to do it after tbc classic comes out or after releasing fresh tbc is unnecessary .. by starting and eventualy bringing wotlk here would make much more good than bringing fresh and waiting to 2021.. i know many of you have different ideas, and atlantiss amazing creators have own vision how to progress.. but as i read today suggestions here and some comments on forum.. i could see many questions ,, and many players who already hunger for wotlk
  4. Oh i think its not necessary to bring wotlk here after classic tbc comes out.. 82% of players here want wotlk ..and a big majority of it wants it in a near future..i know its hard work .. but by bringing wotlk here soon would be the salvation of population..thousands and thousands of constant online players..because this is the best private server ever ! Not maybe right after kiljaeden is killed..but please .. don't let us wait that long.. its so frustrating to wait such a long time with many of already polished geared and content enjoyed players... please give us wotlk.. and make this server even better if it is even possible