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  1. Hey friends! I just pushed a major improvement for mouseover dotting classes, so anyone using it should update theirs! Get it here: https://github.com/nullfoxh/PlateBuffer
  2. nullfoxh

    Movement problems

    No problem, have fun :)
  3. nullfoxh

    Movement problems

    Sounds like you have either a macro keyboard or some macro software running and you have your keys repeating tens or hundreds times a second, which would explain the stutter. Some keyboards call it 'Rapid Fire'.
  4. nullfoxh

    Movement problems

    That's weird, same thing on a different character?
  5. nullfoxh

    Movement problems

    You need to have your game closed when you do it.
  6. nullfoxh

    Movement problems

    Remove your WTF folder in the wow folder to reset all keybinds and addon settings, should fix your issue.
  7. ElvUI was only used as an example here, it is not included in the default installation. If you want ElvUI, you gotta download it from here: https://github.com/ElvUI-TBC/ElvUI
  8. I'm seeing the same questions being asked often both on discord and here on the forums so I figured I'd make a quick guide to help people out! 1. My addons aren't showing up at all Make sure you have installed your AddOns correctly, they need to be placed in the AddOns folder at: And the final location of your addons needs to be as follows (using ElvUI as an example here): With the addon folder name (ElvUI in this case) being the same as the .toc (ElvUI.toc) file inside. 2. My addons aren't loading Make sure the addon is not out of date or you have the 'Load out of date AddOns' option enabled. Also make sure you have all its dependencies. 3. My addons randomly stop working You need to install either CombatLogFix or CombatLogClearer. Get one from here: https://forum.atlantiss.eu/netherwing/topic/6-tbc-243-addons/?page=1 4. Others can't see me in Omen This is caused by a conflict with the addon BuffLib. BuffLib is also included in Modified Power Auras and Weak Auras 2. To fix the issue you need to either disable Bufflib synching or remove all three addons. To disable sync, uncheck this option: 5. My combatlog is empty This is a side-effect of CombatLogFix and CombatLogClearer. They fix the combatlog by clearing it. I would suggest getting HitsMode, which is like an enchanced combatlog. Download it from here: https://www.wowace.com/projects/hits-mode/files/86573
  9. You need CombatLogFix or CombatLogClearer
  10. Yeah I had a little oopsie there with the config changes, but it's updated and fixed on github now!
  11. Hi friends, I've recently released my nameplate aura addon, feel free to check it out! https://github.com/nullfoxh/PlateBuffer Remember to read the ReadMe! Cya in game! :)
  12. Imagine going from one racist name to another and still acting innocent.