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  1. 11/11 Kara 2/2 Gruul Also after 2 reliable hunters!
  2. Bump. Boomkin Kitty Druid Ele Shaman 2/2 Gruul 9/11 Kara
  3. Too right! Just don't like the male draenei look :D
  4. Ability to change gender when faction transferring? will this be available? Or could i not see the button anywhere?
  5. Bump - Desperately after DPS of all classes, especially casters to get into 25 mans!
  6. Really stuffed up the title there sorry
  7. Hi guys, Im chasing the dependency "atlas" for TBC as it's showing its missing for Instances/BGs etc. However i can't find it anywhere. Tried the 1.12 version to see if it fixes it but doesn't or is this a bug?