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  1. I dont know why you want to change your name Toddhowardsballs
  2. This is literally one of the most amazing things I ever saw. Tanks for sharing it you are awesome.
  3. This data shows why Alliance is superior. This was all confirmed by the god Warrior Kungen (Gnome Warrior) from the guild Nihilum (Alliance), the best BFA Guild ever existed. Be wise, choose alliance.
  4. Recently I heard from a ingame friend of mine, that there is a actual Arcane/Fire Specc, with 10 points in Fire instead in Frost. The point of the specc is that in your OOM Phase you will spam Fireballs until your next AP is up instead of Frostbolts. One point of this specc is that if you would run Cold Snap for you second Icy Veins in your burst Phase, that it wouldnt line up with the AP in the next bursting Phase. Also when thinking a little deeper, it has potential to be a specc for smoother gear change from Fire to Arcane. F.ex.: coming from a Fire Mage with a Spellfire-Set that switches to Arcane due to getting 2 pieces of T5, you will not likely have the most optimal gear to play Arcane due of lacking a lot of intellect because of the Spellfire-Set and maye other pieces. But since then Spellfire-Pieces have a +Fire and +Arcane Dmg modificators it will actually synergyize more with this Specc instead of the Cold Snap one. So what are you guys opinion on it? Both speccs are linked down below (Suggest what you would change on this speccs ? ). I know my English is not perfect so please dont hate me Arcane/Frost: https://legacy-wow.com/tbc-talents/mage-talents/?tal=2500052300030150330125000000000000000000000000535000310030010000000 Arcane Fire: https://legacy-wow.com/tbc-talents/mage-talents/?tal=2500052300030150330125050500000000000000000000230023010000000000000
  5. Dynasty


    No problem m8 ^^ ?
  6. Guys. Where are the threat meter in your UI's monkaS .
  7. Dynasty


    You can hit me up on Netherwing Discord too (Dynasty#5217 ) or ingame with the name "Dynastysux". Cheers
  8. Dynasty


    Hello there, Wrdlbrmpft is kinda biased to Arcane Mages which is imo completly okay, but most of the Mages will play Frost at the beginning and shortly after they get gear play Fire. If you are only planing to play more casually I would suggest that you stick to Frost, because its can be good in PvE and is easily the best specc for PvP. Proffesion wise, I would not suggest going Taiolring as Wrdl said, because it takes alot of time getting your Spellstrike/Spellfire/Frozen Shadoweave Set going for a casual player. So going Alchy/Herbalism should be fine for you. Talent wise you can go like this: http://calculators.iradei.eu/talents/mage?2300050000000000000000000000000000000000000000535020311035013251551 This is the standart Mage PvE Frost specc and: http://calculators.iradei.eu/talents/mage?2300450010200000000000000000000000000000000000505323310235010241301 for the PvP Spec. Rotation in the PvE as Frost Mage is as always Frostbolt Spam. As wrdl said before its handy that you are a Alchemist so that you can craft you own Mana Pots. For you alt I would go for a class that you never tried/want to try out. The one thing what you shouldnt forget playing Mage in TBC is that if you want to start Raid in a Hardcore/semi-Hardcore enviroment that you will encounter problems as Frost/Arcane specc prio T5. You will/should see only max. 1-2 Mages in your Raid, which makes getting a Raidspot rly hard. Otherwise if you are in a friendly and more casual oriented Guild, it shouldnt be a problem I hope my little post helped ya a bit :)
  9. So does it give Threath quickly or not?
  10. Can we maybe discuss more detailed why Spanish/Germans/French Client should get banned too. I think thats a weak argument in these languages that they so many different letters in them. I can understand it with Asian Clients and Russian. Also I read somewhere that you can implement these letters with fonds even with the enGB/US client.
  11. Dynasty

    Arcane Raiding

    Arcane Mage by far most fun specc from all. Not sure if its better than Fire in T6 but for sure in T5. Go nuts or go home.