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  1. Novendar

    Pick Pocket

    Greetings my shadowy brothers and sisters. Is it just me or is the content of enemies' pickets a bit odd? I am always getting either the minimum or the maximum, no in between. For example, a level 10 humanoid will either have 2 coppers or 40, no amount in-between. This is not how I remember it, but I could be remembering wrong. Thoughts?
  2. With the rested XP I got in the last 9 hours, I would estimate 6 days to get the 2.5 levels.
  3. Only the Login server is up right now. Patience, friends. ?
  4. Novendar


    I think it will be ready to go. But I also expect crashes and long ass queues all day launch day. Still won't stop me, from trying to play of course. ?
  5. That would make sense and be fair. The biggest issue with having to wait the full queue again is if you are in a raid or dungeon and the whole group has to wait for you.
  6. Alright fine! I will join the guild as your new God Emperor if you insist! Pants, however, cost extra.
  7. Your response pretty much makes the whole discussion moot. If that's your idea of fun then good on you. No sarcasm.
  8. Hello Friend, Have you browsed the forums at all? There will be a faction queue for Horde player to make sure the number of players online on each faction is of similar numbers. I would say that is an already big enough incentive to roll Alliance. If people REALLY want their better racials and what not, they can enjoy the wait. ?
  9. I actually agree with this. Cross-faction world chat tends to be cancer, and faction world chat is called "Trade Chat".
  10. Good luck leveling in Outlands with that kind of reputation. lol
  11. We will be getting an insane amount of rested exp for 1 to 58. So much so that your your exp bar will likely always be blue (past level 20 anyways) unless you play like a madman.
  12. Hello OP, While I understand your feelings from your past experience, having a server-enforced ban on reserved or sold runs is not only not realistic but unfair. With our large, and so far quite friendly, community, I do not think for a moment that you will be unable to do regular runs for all dungeons. But people still need to be able to sell their services, and that includes selling specific drops even in dungeons. Keep in mind that if it becomes a problem, or if people don't keep their word, the community will react. I for one have nothing in online games but my skills and reputation, and I know I am not the only one. So no worries, friend. ?