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  1. We are back after a 2 week break! Our first night raiding again saw some solid progression and we're now 2/9 BT. We're looking forward to the following weeks and we are still looking for like-minded raiders to join us on our TBC journey - drop us an application today!
  2. Lady Vashj down on our second night of progression! Our roster is looking stronger than ever and we are excited to move on to the last leg of our T5 journey. Of course we are still looking for players who share our passion for TBC and wish to experience its content on a 2-day raid schedule. Check out the original post for more recruitment details!
  3. Yes, absolutely - just drop us an app like normal, only mention that you're applying as a social for now.
  4. Hey, thanks for your interest. If you'd like to join our raid team, please drop us an application here: https://goo.gl/forms/mqD124bb4j36IdV53 and we'll get back to you soon!
  5. As of today I'm no longer able to edit my own posts here on the forums... any idea why this is the case? I've tried logging out of the forums and logging back in, issue persists. EDIT: I'm able to edit this post, but I'm not able to edit my older posts, like my guild's recruitment post:
  6. Hey mate, you are more than welcome to join us as a social with raiding prospects down the line, but at your current gear level we cannot offer you a raid spot straight away, since we are looking to put our priests to work on progression ASAP :) Cheers!
  7. Hydross down! We are still recruiting people who are excited about clearing TBC content on a 2-day raid schedule - get in touch and become a part of our growing post-Classic community.
  8. Now 1/4 TK and working on Hydross! Looking to add Shamans of any spec, a Shadow Priest and a Hunter to our roster!
  9. Refreshed after the Easter holidays, we are looking to add more reliable and consistent players to our raid roster for upcoming TK progression. We are looking for healers in particular, especially Shamans (Resto). Additionally, we are considering apps from all other healers and ranged DPS.
  10. Magtheridon down on our first night of attempts on him! Still recruiting several classes, including a Resto Druid and a Mage (check out the OP for more info).
  11. Now 4/6 in SSC. We are still accepting applications from exceptional players, check out the OP for a more detailed breakdown of what we're looking for.
  12. We are making steady progress in SSC (now 2/6). We are looking for a Holy Priest above all, but we are also looking at all other healer applicants and Elemental Shamans!
  13. We are now 1/6 SSC with further progress expected this reset. Looking for HEALERS, especially Priests and Paladins!
  14. Absolutely mate, we'd be happy to have you!
  15. Short guild status update - with Kara and Gruul comfortably on farm, we will be moving into SSC this Sunday. Our roster is stable and strong, but we are nevertheless able to consider applications from several classes: Shaman (Ele) Druid (Resto) Paladin Warlock Hunter Warrior (DPS/Off-tank) Druid (Balance) Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of recruitment status!