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  1. The savage owlbeasts are only found in the "high level" area of the zone. There are no 20 of them alive at any point in time. This quest requires time to complete.
  2. i feel you. The server caters more and more to the snowflake community.
  3. Why would you delete them in the first place instead of just stop playing?
  4. I´d say there is noone. This content is nowhere near as complex as Mythic retail content. And no, i am not a retail fanboy, far from it.
  5. Give me a break. The admins here do have other obligations as well. They are not doing this for a living. Disable PvP? what is this? Retail WoW? Go take your snowflakey butt elsewhere. Also when we donate money, and buy mounts, pets etc it should be ACCOUNT WIDE not CHARACTER ONLY that is just silly. I shouldn't buy that same Mount AGAIN for another character. Also the 100% spectral or flying mounts just cost way to much, for someone who lives in Australia its like $200 Come on man, I bought, two mounts and a pet. But I am not going to throw any more money if its a one time use only and THAT expensive. You are not though. You want silly mounts and toys for your money. If you really just wanted to support the server you would donate without getting anything in return.
  6. yet another shit post. Are you going to cry for higher leveling rates in Classic wow as well?
  7. LOL. Logic in Videogames. HF in STV farming troll necklaces. P.S : Stop beeing a sissy.
  8. I dont know why people keep asking for different exp rates. The server was advertised to be as blizzlike as possible. To be honest it is a disgrace for the admins to do this event just to attract some whiney "oh i have too much to do IRL - i cant possibly level at x1" folks. Seriously, what will they do once classic hits? spam the forums for increased leveling rates? GTFO and play on a so called "fun server" If the earlier iterations of WoW are simply too hard/time consuming for you, then by all means, go to the fun servers i mentioned above. This is not meant to offend anybody, but you snowflakey folks just want your hand to be held.
  9. Are you new to world of warcraft? Since ever ppl should submit tickets. Another tip: just ignore people once you notice that they are not quite right in the head.