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Found 17 results

  1. I mean, I played in a lot of servers but in this one the distance of see anything is so close, people disappear so easy, that is so bad for pvp etc
  2. Hey Guys Since i dont find any post to this bug I want to inform you about some issues with the movement of pets. While fighting Lurker in SSC my pet didn't accomplished to walk from one platform to another. It just standing on the edge doing nothing. Petattack and Petfollow doesn't work. Sometimes it suddenly changes the platforms, but it seems to be random. Additionally when it stands on the middle circle platform it doesn't move into meele range. So as a BM hunter it's a loss of 30-40% dps. Since I tamed a Windserpent it does some dmg through lightning breath at least. Anyways I don't think that this behavior is wanted. I think it should be able to pass every stair I can pass as well as through jumping? This is just one example for similar situations when the pet has to walk past minor stairs. As a ingame workaround there is the only option to dismiss the pet and call it back everytime it has to change plattforms. To let it reach the meele range I had to move there myself while pet is passiv. But in situations like fighting Lurker I will be busy postioning pet and avoiding Lurkers attaks and there will be more less dmg. I hope there are some ways to fix this issue in future and i could help to improve this Server. Thanks for your support and work on this Server ? - this is my first post in this Forum so please correct any misbehavior of me if there is ??
  3. When I set an explosive sheep, it appears briefly then disappears. All my bombs are then grayed out and are not ready to use again until I relog.
  4. Expresso

    Quest bug

    Did not receive quest item from boss drop in dungeon .
  5. I have a problem when i use any "enhancement" on my weapon (sharpening stone, enchanting recipe) with 2 addons: Mik's Scrolling Battle Text and Recount. When i put a enhancement in my weapon the MSBT addon stops showing the damage numbers and consequently the recount also stops, because the numbers aren't being computed. Anyone can help me with this issue? I share the computer with my brother and this don't happens with his account, just mine alone. I already tried to delete all my WTF configs and this still happens.
  6. Hey game master, my character "Thorr" is stuck in deeprun tram (netherwing server). As soon as i login, wow crashes. So I can't login and use this character anymore. Please move my character or get it fixed somehow. here is the error report: WoWBuild: 18606 Realm: Netherwing [] Local Zone: Deeprun Tram Local Player: Unknown, 000000000003751A, (2.94004,1231.18,-125.354) Add Ons: Ace Cartographer CooldownCount EQCompare Ace2 Ace3 LightHeaded QuestReward QuestHelper RatingBuster SellJunk VendorValues ========================================================= Assertion Failed! App: /Users/kevinvasquez/Downloads/WoW TBC/World of Warcraft.app File: /Volumes/F2/usrbuild/xb/build/WoW_8606patch2.4.3/WoW/Source/Mac/../ObjectMgrClient/ObjectMgrClient.cpp Line: 2025 Error Code: 0x85100086 Time: 2019-02-23 14.20.28 GMT+8 Assertion: Illegal client GUID dereference at /Volumes/F2/usrbuild/xb/build/WoW_8606patch2.4.3/WoW/Source/Mac/../Object/ObjectClient/Movement_C.cpp:73! Provided GUID 0xF11002AFD1001ECF
  7. zigus91

    Gold not in mail

    I sent myself some gold to one of my alts- the gold or mail never came so i tried to relog, didnt fix. i logged back to my main character and sent the alt a single gold 1g to test, that gold came through instantly where did the first mail i sent go? perhaps miss-type? but there is no way for me to check meanwhile im out the gold i sent.. any help with this? or a way i can check my mail log perhaps Pocketheal (character name) Horde
  8. Just recently I have noticed that when I loot a Beast of all it's items the loot bag symbol is still being displayed when I hover over the corpse instead of the skinning symbol. If I try to loot the corpse again it quickly open the loot box and closes instantly as there is nothing left to loot. This is making it very time consuming now to obtain leather.
  9. While fighting Frostmane Shadowcaster in Dun Morogh a variant of Curse of Weakness was put on me which the tool tip says "Physical damage dealt is reduced by 5" and my wand (which deals shadow damage, as it says in the item tool tip and combat log) goes from dealing ~10-19 damage per hit to ~6-14 damage per hit. Obviously the debuff is affecting my wand's Shadow damage even though the debuff states it should be affecting Physical damage. Here's some combat log screenshots of the damage difference with and without Curse of Weakness active: https://imgur.com/a/icIJfAi I'm also uploading the files to this post. I'm deeming this a bug based on my own assumptions of what makes sense, not previous experience with TBC. I've only tested it with this variant of Curse of Weakness and only this wand using a mage.
  10. Irishmeatpie

    Can't Rez

    Me and my friend logged off dead a few days ago and when we logged back on, our bodies were missing and none of the spirit healers were there.
  11. I can send messages and they show up on my screen but no other players can see them. I heard it's a common bug but how do I get it fixed?
  12. loguns1

    Banned / bug?

    I was playing fine, changed my password and now trying to login it says I am banned? I cannot find my name under banned list, and haven't received and reply for a ban appeal. Was just wondering what I did that got me banned or if it is just a bug, are other people also having this problem ? Any help appreciate d
  13. GM! my game character is stuck in "Deeprun Tram". When I Login, wow crashes. Please, help me get this fixed Error code: WoWBuild: 18606 Realm: Netherwing [] Local Zone: Deeprun Tram Local Player: Unknown, 0000000000037140, (-45.1326,689.131,-77.7212) ========================================================= Assertion Failed! App: /Users/kevinvasquez/Downloads/WoW TBC/World of Warcraft.app File: /Volumes/F2/usrbuild/xb/build/WoW_8606patch2.4.3/WoW/Source/Mac/../ObjectMgrClient/ObjectMgrClient.cpp Line: 2025 Error Code: 0x85100086 Time: 2019-02-22 06.51.31 GMT+8 Assertion: Illegal client GUID dereference at /Volumes/F2/usrbuild/xb/build/WoW_8606patch2.4.3/WoW/Source/Mac/../Object/ObjectClient/Movement_C.cpp:73! Provided GUID 0xF11002AFD3001EEA
  14. I would like to complete the quest for the level 30 warrior on the island at Ratchet. As soon as I accept the quest my game freezes.
  15. Since yesterday the 23/01 my character leaves the guild when i logout. When i relog i can sometimes see the guild chat while i am not in the guild. It happens every time i exit the game
  16. I've been trying to join a guild with my friends. The problem is when i log out I'm no longer in the guild, I can't gquit because I'm not in a guild, but I can see the guild chat. I can't post in it though, and I have to be manually booted from the roster and reinvited again, only the next time I quit the game it happens AGAIN. Does anyone else have this problem?
  17. The spell text as listed on the buff only states that it "increases the threat generated by your holy spells by 60%" while the spell (in the spell book) states "increases the threat generated by your holy spells by 90%. Lasts 30 Minutes", so there is some discrepancy there but if we go further into it on the protection talent tree for Paladin's onto "Improved Righteous Fury" at Rank 3/3 it states "While Righteous Fury is Activated, all damage taken is reduced by 6% and increases the amount of threat generated by your Righteous Fury spell by 50%.", so that means that there are some mislabeled %'s and or the talent isn't properly upgrading the buff to the status it should be at.