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  1. Good day everyone, Being active since February and raiding since March we would like to introduce our guild and give an overview. We previouly were active on the german private server Nefarian, Horde site, where we managed to clear the Vanilla content and have it on farm status for quite a while (especially Naxxramas). Fusioning two rivaling Horde guilds in summer 2018 in order to archieve the goal of getting Kel´Thuzad killed and consequently having Naxxramas cleared, the name <overtuned> was a friendly-ironic ment dig against the server administration for significantly-tuned Naxxramas bosses. We are now on to take the next steps. We are a well mixed composition of former <overtuned> players, players from other classic guilds and quite some completely new players (to us) by now - many with TBC experience. We are always recruiting motivated players who want to find themselves in pleasent company, have fun, don´t take it too serious at all time and be up for a joke but take it serious enough (especially on encounters and demanding trash positions) to make sure we are getting things done on a good level. Current Raid status: Karazhan 11/11 Gruul 1/1 Magtheridon 1/1 SSC 6/6 TK 4/4 MH 5/5 BT 8/9 Raids: Main Raids (Black Temple & Mount Hyjal and if needed SSC + TK for attunements) are scheduled (CET, ST) Tuesday & Thursday 19:30 - 23:00 pm, Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 pm ZA every ID, usually timeruns, via raid-calendar to subscribe Gruul spontaneously, usually when some raid-time is left to fill Karazhan spontaneously, often on fridays when ZA-ID is already used Loot: We are operating on a Loot Council (in T5- and T6-content - any other raid is rolling) to make sure we get the best support for our raids. Nevertheless our Loot Council is rather moderate and will make sure every active player will always be on a good item level and from time to time get rewarded, so nobody "falls behind". By writing a "+" in the raid channel you tell the Council you are interested in an item after it was posted. The Council will then tell the Loot Master who will receive the item or is allowed to roll for it. There is a lot of LC-work done before and between raids so we are able not to lose much time while raiding. Requirements: English-speaking TeamSpeak 3 installed + microphone (voice is a must) Good mannered, raid-orientated behaviour Be able to accept a mistake you made - nobody is perfect, neither is any of us - always be up to improving you and the raid! and...of course... have fun playing ? Currently especially searching for (recruitment is not limited to the following!): 1 Holy Priest 2 Resto Shamans 1 Ele Shaman 1 Feral 1 Ret-Pala 1 Prot warri 1 Hunter Contact: Website: www.overtuned-netherwing.com via PM (Forum + preferably ingame) just contact us ingame - we are always up for a talk on our TS3-Server aswell Also feel free to contact our other Officers: Alliesa, Hatebringer, Jerkjane, Muhrog, Nahazz, Skas, Slybow & Tweet) Thanks to the server administration for giving us the chance to play the content on an awesome server. Have a good time and hopefully see you ingame! Greetings
  2. <Tempest> auspicious raiding for the temporally-challenged After a long and prosperous 9 month journey, Tempest has officially ceased raiding on Netherwing. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our family and thank you to the development team for making our journey possible! KEY POINTS: 2 main raids per week, Thursdays and Sundays, 19:00-23:00 CET (server time) Optional farm raids on Mondays Tight-knit and welcoming community that formed on Netherwing, headed by experienced & passionate leadership Zero-tolerance for hate speech of any kind Loot Council 3/5 MH, 3/9 BT WHO WE ARE We are veteran WoW players who are no longer able to dedicate enough time to the game to engage in competitive raiding at the cutting edge. Instead, we put our knowledge and experience to good use, allowing us to enjoy smooth and drama-free raid progression at a slower pace and in a relaxed atmosphere. With Tempest, our goal is to build a community of like-minded players, dedicated to experiencing all the content that Netherwing TBC has to offer. Our leadership has a wealth of experience from high-end raiding both in past and present expansions of retail World of Warcraft, as well as numerous private servers. We are a chill, but passionate bunch and 100% focused on the guild's long-term success, so if our approach to the game appeals to you, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR We are looking for players who, like us, are passionate about the game, but have limited available play time. We expect our members to invest themselves in their characters and use their time in-game to the fullest - efficiency is the name of the game. Our views on min-maxing are simple: you may freely choose any spec or profession for your character that you want, as long as you can meet a high standard of performance. Our officers are always ready to lend a hand or offer advice, but ultimately it is your responsibility to perform to your character's potential and contribute to our guild's progress. In the same vein, you should be able to put the good of the guild above your character's individual advancement. We value mature players who are able to invest themselves in the guild, actively avoid drama by utilizing appropriate communications channels and exercise restraint when necessary. Previous experience with high-end raiding is a plus, but it is certainly not a requirement, as long as you are willing to put in the necessary work like the rest of us. We expect you to come to our raids prepared with consumables and full knowledge of the encounters. If you are someone that takes pride in not getting carried, you are going to fit right in regardless of your experience level. GUILD COMMS All guild communications are in English. If you would like to communicate with your compatriots in your native language you are more than welcome to do so, but please keep it in private channels. We want to foster a friendly, tight-knit community and everyone being able to understand each other is the only way we will be able to reach that goal. Needless to say, don't be a dick to your fellow players. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, homophobia or any other form of hate speech. RAID SCHEDULE Our main raids will be taking place on Thursdays and Sundays, 19:00-23:00 CET. Our farm raids will be taking place on Mondays, 19:00-22:00 CET. Progression (with mandatory attendance) may be extended to the Monday slot in exceptional circumstances. We require our raiders to maintain at least 90% main raid attendance. Both raiders and socials are welcome to join our optional farm raids, but raiders get priority spots if interest is high. LOOT POLICY We are using Loot Council. We strive for equitable loot distribution, corrected for personal reliability and performance. Class-based differences in performance will only be taken into account as a tie-breaker, when all other considerations result in a deadlock between two players. The Loot Council consists of 4 officers and a rotating member of the raid team. The rotating members of the raid team will be selected randomly from a pool of eligible raiders for a month-long period. The pool of eligible raiders consists of the top 20% of raiders with the highest raid attendance that have not yet held the position during the current raid tier. The officers may veto a raider that they consider unsuitable for the position, thus removing them from the pool of eligible raiders. All communications related to the Loot Council and loot distribution are private. APPLICATIONS If you are serious about raiding on Netherwing and wish to join the Tempest raid team, submit your application using the form and you will hear back from us in a couple of days at the latest. We are currently only considering applications from level 70 characters with at least full pre-BiS gear. If you would like to be a part of our guild, but aren't interested in high-end raiding or just aren't sure yet, submit an application anyway and join up as a social - you can always apply to the raid team later on, plus we'll get to know each other in the meantime. If you have any questions about the guild or the application process, feel free to ask it in this thread. RAID TEAM RECRUITMENT STATUS Tempest is not recruiting.
  3. ?? ?? Danish Dynamite ?? ?? Hejsa danske eventyrere! >Danish Dynamite< er et nystartet guild, som er sat i verden for at danne ramme om et dansk fællesskab i vore alles ynglings TBC-verden! Jeg er selv nyligt startet på serveren med et par gode venner, og er i fuld gang med ræset mod level 70 - og den evige hæder! Når vi for alvor har fået dannet os, og som folk efterhånden kommer i level 70, vil vi i fællesskab gå igang med end-game content. Så hvis du er på udkig efter et dansk guild, med store ambitioner, så lad mig høre fra dig! Lad os så gøre en af de ting, som vi danskere er bedst til... at HYGGE... !! ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? In-game navn: Monaz Discord tag: Monaz#3703 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
  4. Pgeforum

    <Hive> EU

    EU <Hive> is formed for the first time on Netherwing, with high aspirations according to raiding. We are recruiting players to join our core 25 man raiding team. We desire to achieve a proactive raiding guild with good and solid progression while having a good time doing it among friendly players. We offer a serious raiding enviroment with focus on stabile progression and experienced leadership with high knowledge about the game and guild management. What we look for in our members: - High experienced and dedicated people who enjoy the game with a somehow hardcore raiding mentality - We expect our members to be prepared for raids and have a high raid attendance - Friendly people who don't mind going out of their way to help another guild member - People who put a significant effort into their character Raid times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 20:00 PM - 24:00 PM (CET) (Server time) Loot distribution system: Loot council Progression and Focus: We have 5/5 MH and 4/9 BT. We are currently progressing in BT, so therefore we have our main focus there. As of right now theres no specific classes and roles we are looking to recruit, however if you're a high skilled exceptional player we will always be open minded and have a chat with you. You can find additonal information on our discord server: https://discord.gg/MwsyVCQ If the guild has any interest or you may have any questions please contact any of the officers in game: Lynbite, Lowiee, Darkpaladin, Pge.
  5. I am looking for a serious raiding guild. It don't has to be a hardcore guild necessarily, but progress and improvement are importent to me. As i live in Europe, i am looking for a EU-timed guild. Prefered Raid times are between 7pm and 12pm servertime. Possible raid days for me are: monday, wednesday, thursday, sunday, (friday optional). Experience: I cleared the burning crusade content on "excalibur" up to brutallus. I played as hunter and enhancement shaman till t6 and a fury warrior in the t5 content. The retribution paladin was always my secret love but i always played him as twink and never mained him. This changed now with the release of netherwing, where i played him almost through the whole t5 content. As i am very familiar with the melee roll, i know what i have to do and you can expect a good damge from an experienced raider. Gear: i have pretty good t5 gear that is easy ready to enter the t6 content (2800 gs if you are using it) Attunements: SSC: done TK: done Hyjal: Vashj and Kael missing BT: up to Udalo Professions: Blacksmithing and engineering max. Feel free to write me a pn in forum or contact me ingame. (ingame name: Sama)
  6. lechler2

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  7. Hey guys! Guild "Infertile" is a Social/PvP/Future PvE progression guild looking for new players. We offer assistance during your leveling and a friendly environment. Currently there is a strong interest in both PvP arenas and PvE progression. We will be creating raiding team(s) as soon as there are enough players at level 70. If you are interested feel free to contact any member of the guild! See you in the game! @Kord
  8. Good day to you all Short intro: I am South African aged 22, male - if that matters and am a law student I am relatively new to the server, still level 30 and I have been on holiday in Bali for a week and only return home on Sunday afternoon. I joined the server with some friends but they all seem to be losing interest and I cannot see even a fraction of them making it to 70, so this makes me realise that I will essentially be playing alone. I am mostly just looking for some decent folk, be it for leveling, socialising or raiding in the future. my experience is playing many years of WOTLK, playing retail through WOD, Legion and a couple months of BFA. I left retail because paying money for a game without a good group of friends to play it with seems a bit... draining. I’d really like to make this server my long term home and hope to meet some people that are quite chilled and like-minded to play with. If anyone would want to contact me in game, the name is Zoeey. (Yes, a female main, as certain classes I just feel uncomfortable being a male.) see ya around :)
  9. Howdy everyone, as mentioned in title, i am looking for a guild! i'd prefer a western european guild because of time zone for raiding scedule etc. i am 30 yrs old and from germany. my wow experience so far: retail (mainly hunter): - tbc - pvp focused (didn't raid at all) - wotlk - pvp + casual raiding (up to icc 25 hc ~ 5 bosses) - taking a sniff of retail air at the release of mop and wod private server (mainly holy priest): - pve focused on tuned german vanilla server over the last 1 1/2 years (full content) ...on Netherwing, i intend to focus on pve. my char: wigglytuff (druid) lvl 70 since hm, 2 weeks+? bear specced, and thats what i want to keep doing for raiding. no problem to switch to cat for certain encounters, if neccessary tho currently in the state of running normal dungeons with randoms; kinda afraid of going hc dungeons with total strangers, so i'd like it better to do that + raiding with a guild for gear, just /w me and u can have a look ig ^^ what i am looking for in a guild: - friendly active player pool, who don't take themselves or the game tooo serious - raid ambitions, but with no pressure to progress (i will take raiding seriously tho, no worries) - active voice (it's easier for me to socialize while talking to the ppl i play with, and its also more fun! ^^) - for raidgearing, i'd prefer a loot council over like dkp system or others what i can offer as a guild member: - a warm and friendly personality - the urge to help whenever i can - dependable raid commitment, in terms of preperation, attendance and focus - tenacity and the will to improve and learn - and just overall motivation to have the best time i can, with my guildies and this server if u think me and your guild could be a match, feel free to /w me ingame and i would be happy to have a word with u for getting to know each other xoxo Wigglytuff
  10. Greetings, With the upcoming launch of Netherwing, my friend and I are forming our guild. We have experience with TBC and Guild Leading, we've had guilds on Elysium, Kronos 3, Warmane TBC. -We'll start as a semi-casual and social guild and grow to semi-hardcore or close to that once we hit the endgame. -We won't grow too big, it's better to stay small-medium so everyone know each other. Basically a close-knit guild. -We will progress through raids with fixed schedule that we will decide depending on every members' opinion. -We want to start together, level, do dungeons together, help each other with professions, quests, pvp, and other friendly stuff. We'll also organize a lot of guild events, to have fun and get to know each other better! We also have a discord server (Voice won't be necessary except for group content). So if you're interested in this, feel free to reply here or contact me on discord Kiporion#5988 Update 05.02.2019: We're recruiting once again, check the latest reply to get more info!
  11. <Tempest> auspicious raiding for the temporally-challenged Key Points: Mature and close-knit community with focus on excellence in raids. 2 main raids per week, Thursdays and Sundays, 20:00-24:00 CET. Optional farm raids on Mondays. Passionate and committed leadership. A complete roster of thirty raiders with a very strong and experienced core. Looking for an awesome raid leader to guide and navigate us through all of TBC content. What we offer: A great culture focused on using our two main days to their fullest through thorough preparation and excellent performance. Support from the entire leadership with raid preparation, revising tactics, executing tasks during raids and anything else you might require. A drama-free environment filled with mature players. Daily accostation by adoring fans! What we are looking for in our Raid Leader: You are an excellent communicator, able to project confidence, inspire others and explain tactics clearly. You have a calm demeanor and a cool head, as well as great situational awareness and are able to make calls during fights effectively. You are in agreement with our approach to raiding and see our guild as your long-term home on Netherwing. You are active in-game and a good fit for our community. You are knowledgeable and experienced in all things TBC, especially raid encounters, the strengths and weaknesses of various classes and specs, inter-class synergies, raid composition and everything else that’s required for successful progression. You are able to research encounters, select the most appropriate strategies and adapt them for use by our team. You are able to delegate assignments to officers and raiders, both before and during raids, and monitor their execution during fights. You are willing to assume primary responsibility for the guild’s raiding performance with the support of the other officers and invest a considerable amount of additional time to ensure success. If you are up to the challenge, contact Ryndaris#2517, Munzi#2884 or Plover#1592 to arrange an interview.