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Found 4 results

  1. Originally posted by my old guild member Dukes over at https://web.archive.org/web/20140511201302/http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/16773-feral-megathread/ Introductory Post Introduction Due to the previous situation of having three (or four?) feral druid threads and another general one that has been taken over by ferals mainly, this post is meant to be a consolidation of all the knowledge that we currently have about feral druiding; what's good, what isn't, and what's new. As of making this, it's entirely a Work In Progress, so 'bear' with me (groan, etc). Hopefully by splitting into more than one post it won't hit the character limit too easily and there'll be plenty of space for additions and things. The structure of this multi-post is as follows: Introduction post - random stuff. The Cat Post - DPS stuff. The Bear Post - Tanking stuff. The News, Changelog, and Summary post. I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank both everyone who has ever done any work previously on druid theorycrafting and all those who are likely to contribute in the future. This post wouldn't be here without you. Feel free to use this post as the main discussion thread for feral druid stuff. I'll keep up to date with it and update the main posts with anything interesting to the population at large so that (hopefully) we have less posts of "is this item worth it?" or "so what IS powershifting?" and the like. Be warned that there is likely to be some opinion in the following posts. I'll try and keep opinion out as much as possible. Making Posts Please please PLEASE read through this post and search this thread for information on any topic you're looking for before posting about it. If you don't and there's already information, people will probably be polite and point you to the relevant section, but it's much easier for everyone if you just search for it. At least check the main posts first. Ctrl+F is your friend and generally better than the search function on the forums in my experience. If you are asking about how good an item is, check the spreadsheets or Toskk's gear generator (DPS) or Rawr (Tanking). If you must post about it, use the tags (without the spaces) to make it show up properly. It's much easier to have a mouseover than have to go to an external site. Most of the time people will just point you to one of the spreadsheets/simulator things anyway, so it's best off actually using them rather than expecting someone else to do it for you. Don't be scared about using them - if you screw something up it doesn't matter (although obviously if you get a result that you think is significantly wrong, question it with the author of whatever you're using). They're all designed to be user friendly so you shouldn't get stuck with any of them. Additional to this, you need to follow the forum rules, paying attention to this post. Deciding you're above these or just ignoring them is likely to get you into an argument with the mods/banned very quickly. Editors Note: These rules are for posterity and are not enforced on the current day board that this post has been created on. Random Info One of the standard abbreviations/shortenings I use is: 2t4 = Two pieces of Tier 4 (Malorne). Similar numbering for other sets (2t6, 4t6, etc) This post here will be referenced quite a few times, as it has all the rating conversions for level 70 players explained. It is important to note that (as of patch 2.3) both Melee and Spell haste rating conversion is now 15.7 rating per 1% of haste, not the values stated in the link. Other values are subject to change in future patch notes, and I will try and make sure this stays up to date. If you're wondering where I pulled some random numbers from while talking about how stats are affected by things, chances are that this thread or the talent tree will be the best places to look. Talking of talent trees, if you're looking for a good feral spec the following should be your base spec: Feral Combat (42) 5/5 Ferocity 3/3 Feral Instinct 3/3 Thick Hide 2/2 Feral Swiftness 1/1 Feral Charge 3/3 Sharpened Claws 2/2 Shredding Attacks 3/3 Predatory Strikes 2/2 Primal Fury 1/1 Faerie Fire 5/5 Heart of the Wild 3/3 Survival of the Fittest 1/1 Leader of the Pack and 2/2 Improved Leader of the Pack 5/5 Predatory Instincts 1/1 Mangle Restoration (11): 5/5 Furor 5/5 Naturalist 1/1 Omen of Clarity Remaining Points: 8 Editors Note: I have represented the tbc-era wowhead link for the talent spec as text due to database-driven websites not working with cache sites like archive.org correctly. The above includes all the important things you need for being a feral druid. The spare points can be put into many different things. The talents I recommend to put the rest of the points into are: Brutal Impact Savage Fury Primal Tenacity Natures Grasp (and possibly Control of Nature for a PvP oriented build, although other points may shift around for that. I'm not good at PvP so I won't even try and tell you how to do it). Natural Shapeshifter Intensity All are good talents with usefulness dependant on what you like to do. If you've read through the main posts and haven't found what you're looking for, have a quick look again and then ask in the thread. Asking repeat questions which are already answered is likely to get people annoyed, while posting new questions that need answers is likely to get people interested in finding out what's going on. Useful Mods Some form of energy tick mod is very useful whilst DPSing, as is a timer bar for Mangle/DOT's. Personally I use Pitbull and Quartz (from wowace.com) but there's a lot of other options out there. Useful Links A list of those threads that this information has been pulled from. Some of these are quite old and information in them may be out of date. Elitist Jerks Threads Cat DPS - Powershifting Cat DPS - Value of +hit Cat DPS - General Cat DPS - Feral AP Scaling Bear Tanking - Item Comparisons Bear Tanking - Pre-Raid Gear General - 3 roles, 5 stages of grief Outside Links WoW-Blues - Blizzard Post Track (Druid section) The Druid Wiki -->> Main Page
  2. Hi there this is Tilas from Horde, I would like to give brief information about me, so tbc was my first expansion that I hit max level and raid so I am not a TBC veteran but can say I am a wow veteran. So as playing tank more than 10 years I stepped up in DPS classes to be the that dps tanks likes with his damage and utility skills bringing to party/raid. Hunters always refered as huntards even by me but I want to change that. When I am dpsing I would like to optimize myself and actually put best effort cause I am sensetive in time issue that we are spending on wow so you can focus for 5 minutes to kill to boss or you can slack and kill that same boss in 1 hour that's one of my mottos. So infamous BM macro goes like this; #showtooltip Steady Shot /script UIErrosFrame:Hide() /castsequence reset=XX Steady Shot, Auto Shot /cast [exists,target=pettarget] Kill Command /script UIErrosFrame:Clear() UIErrosFrame:Show () and there is always info about you need to change XX with +0.1attack speed of yours bind on mousewheel up/down bind and spin that mf like a mad man ez clap top dps NOT. So if you don't know what does this macro does it's using steady shot between auto shot reset timer and uses kill command whenever it's up and if your pet has a target. There are really good guides that still refering as this macro is valid and this is BS. Anyone has played any class with strict GCD issues let's say such as frost DK in wotlk can understands that every single second of yours can make you suck af or be a decent or even best dps on your roster. So I am not saying this macro useless but if you want to use it you need several macros for cases like; flat attackspeed(AS), AS with improved aspect of hawk buff, AS with Rapid Fire, AS with Rapid Fire+IAoH, AS with IAoH+potion of haste buff, AS with gruul's trinket + other buffs, AS with bloodlust+potion of haste+rapid fire+IAoH buff and list goes on like this. But this way of approach is for the people actually would like to bring their best dps to roster. Other than that ofc you would be fine but like I said I would like to optimize myself. So for the optimizing you actually need to be focus on your gameplay and get some addons like Quartz to check your autoshot timer like when will it reset etc. then use steady shot according to that etc. For this you need to do a tiny little bit math in your mind calculate how long till I get next autoshoot, should I use 2nd Steady Shot atm or fill with multi shot or should I move 2 yards now cause I have tiny little time left my next auto shot and this goes on like this. So still you can use this and be pretty good dps or you can optimise yourself be better but I am not stating that YOU WILL DO 500 MORE DPS THAN OTHER HUNTERS MUST USE THIS kinda thing. Just asked several hunters about how they optimize theirselves only one said something about this but he wasn't actually not thinking deep into this. So what I can recommend to people that will start leveling as a hunter just use addon to track your autoshot then get used to it and when you get steady shot you won't have that much issue with getting used to tracking it then other hunter may whisper your " dude why are you doing more dps than me I have better gear dude what is this pls give me your macro mine should be broken" then you can say anything you want xd. I will also do some research about mana spend, should use haste potion or mana potion or alchemy actually useful or not kinda things or even is it okay to FD and drink some water in middle of raid boss etc get some ez 1-2k mana or hitting with aspect of viper better in this matter etc. and share it with you. So till then have no mercy to prey hunters. Tilas out
  3. Just a reminder of this awesome guide ? http://web.archive.org/web/20080917092333/http://elitistjerks.com/f31/t18771-protection_warrior_guide/ Much of the information is still same even though meta has changed a bit since then. Sadly the guide is missing quite alot of macros and tips. I might add some of those later.