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  1. MANTEP! (Say Mana Tap in the dumbest way possible; that's how Mantep is pronounced.) Welcome! We are a newly formed guild looking for players to level and chat with! We don't plan on doing much in the future with end game, rather we are just enjoying the game! We might do end game raiding when we get to that point, until then... MANTEP! The guild name Mantep was created when the founding members of the guild played as Blood Elves and used the spell Mana Tap. They started to say it in a goofy way, and just like that Mantep was born! Right now, the God of Mantep is Gregheffley! Along side him are his faithful Guardians Purplemamba and Khelben! Join our ranks and have fun with us! We accept anyone of any level of any experience. If you are looking for a chill guild, this is for you! MANTEP! Send Gregheffley an in-game letter with your toon name and you shall join us!
  2. ?? ?? Danish Dynamite ?? ?? Hejsa danske eventyrere! >Danish Dynamite< er et nystartet guild, som er sat i verden for at danne ramme om et dansk fællesskab i vore alles ynglings TBC-verden! Jeg er selv nyligt startet på serveren med et par gode venner, og er i fuld gang med ræset mod level 70 - og den evige hæder! Når vi for alvor har fået dannet os, og som folk efterhånden kommer i level 70, vil vi i fællesskab gå igang med end-game content. Så hvis du er på udkig efter et dansk guild, med store ambitioner, så lad mig høre fra dig! Lad os så gøre en af de ting, som vi danskere er bedst til... at HYGGE... !! ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? In-game navn: Monaz Discord tag: Monaz#3703 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
  3. Pgeforum

    <Hive> EU

    EU <Hive> is formed for the first time on Netherwing, with high aspirations according to raiding. We are recruiting players to join our core 25 man raiding team. We desire to achieve a proactive raiding guild with good and solid progression while having a good time doing it among friendly players. We offer a serious raiding enviroment with focus on stabile progression and experienced leadership with high knowledge about the game and guild management. What we look for in our members: - High experienced and dedicated people who enjoy the game with a somehow hardcore raiding mentality - We expect our members to be prepared for raids and have a high raid attendance - Friendly people who don't mind going out of their way to help another guild member - People who put a significant effort into their character Raid times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 20:00 PM - 24:00 PM (CET) (Server time) Loot distribution system: Loot council Progression and Focus: We have 5/5 MH and 4/9 BT. We are currently progressing in BT, so therefore we have our main focus there. As of right now theres no specific classes and roles we are looking to recruit, however if you're a high skilled exceptional player we will always be open minded and have a chat with you. You can find additonal information on our discord server: https://discord.gg/MwsyVCQ If the guild has any interest or you may have any questions please contact any of the officers in game: Lynbite, Lowiee, Darkpaladin, Pge.
  4. [A] T4/5 Geared Prot Warrior looking for a guild. Experience: 11/11 Kara, 2/2 Gruul, 4/6 SSC as the main tank.
  5. Poszukujemy graczy z Polski. Na obecną chwilę budujemy nasz "team". Jesteśmy nastawieni na PVE , ale mamy rosnący w siłę oddział PVP Rekrutujemy wszystkie chętne i zaangażowane osoby. W planach mamy progres przez cały content Posiadamy swój kanał na TS Po wiecej info : /w Telii /w Hanowa /w Twardki /w Krishnak /w Yakuga
  6. lechler2

    can be deleted

    Can be deleted
  7. After today's earlier server restart, our Game of Thrones tribute guild got renamed to <Strawberry Puppy Kisses> which really cramps our style, considering it was originally called <Wight Power> and made a lot of sense since in the show the Night King's army is a powerful force to be reckoned with. To further align ourselves in theme with our favorite TV show and fictional world created by George R. R. Martin and brought to life on-screen by showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, we even went as far as rolling undead characters in-game and customizing them accordingly to look like the wights showcased in the TV series; that deep runs our passion for both WoW and GoT! Now, I understand some concerns were raised within the Netherwing community on both Horde and Alliance sides, and I'm here to lay them to rest once and for all! To my dismay, I have learned that certain demoralized individuals that contacted me about getting recruited, during the last couple of days, got the wrong idea about what our guild stands for and took it upon themselves to spread misinformation and lies after being rejected. I have made it abundantly clear, time and again, that we are a very progressive guild in the sense that we try to be as inclusive and diverse as possible, our guild members' backgrounds ranging across many belief systems, political affiliations, genders, and, believe it or not, even races (yeah! both in and outside of the game). Our strive to be as inclusive as possible extends even as far as being willing to stray from our GoT-fanmade-guild principles and accepting characters that aren't forsaken (undead)! As a result, many, if not half, of our guild members, are, as we like to call them, non-wights (blood elves, orcs, trolls or tauren). The reason for it is that they're all fans of the show and answered favorably when asked if they're wight, and the truth of the matter is that whether or not they're undead is ultimately irrelevant as long as you can be dead inside and we'll still consider you a wight. However, there is one thing that we will not stand for, and that is racism and discrimination! Many of those that contacted us about recruitment spouted racist slurs and profanity that I will not get into at this current moment. Suffice it to say, they were swiftly set straight and put in their place. Apparently, these individuals took to global channels after getting rejected and started spreading falsehoods about our guild, and even after calmly attempting to defuse the situation and explain to everyone what they were doing and how their trolling was damaging to our reputation, it did become tiresome after a while, but we held on strong... Although not being immediately apparent, at the time, it is clear to us that there is a conundrum posed by the fact that the words "wight" and "white" are homonyms, and that although they're spelled differently and mean different things, they read the same. That, followed by the word "power", ended up rustling some feathers, which, in turn, must've amounted to a pretty substantial number of complaints to our address. I empathize with the people that have had to deal with the mater in question, respectively, members of the staff, but must unfortunately insist on the fact that we've been struggling with clearing our name and addressing most of these issues both internally and externally, handling every grievances and disagreements as they arose, all the while being dismissed by a staff member when contacted for a mandatory guild name change and attempting to defend our claims. Frustration is no excuse for ignorance, nor should it be acceptable behavior on anyone's part. This only serves to lessen our efforts to better ourselves as a community, first and foremost, in times when we need to stand together, now, more than ever! I have annexed a couple of screenshots (https://imgur.com/a/oJrG740 & https://imgur.com/a/EFU8dDo) for context and am available anytime for further inquiry, as I'm sure any guild members are, as well. In conclusion, I'd like to also make you aware that the "Netiquette" is something retail prides itself in upholding it to the highest standards, yet, somehow, there's: - a guild called <Wight> on EU (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/guild/eu/thunderhorn/wight) - 3 characters called "Wightpower" on EU (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/search?q=wightpower) - 4 characters called "Wightpower" on US (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/search?q=wightpower) - 53 characters called "Wight" on EU (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/search?q=wight) - 95 characters called "Wight" on US (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/search?q=wight) - a guild called <Whitepower> on EU (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/guild/eu/nathrezim/whitepower) - 2 characters called "Whitepower" on US (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/search?q=whitepower) - 4 guilds called <Wight Power> on US (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/search?q=wight+power) - actual in-game Wights of several types (https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Wight) So, if people would stop grasping at straws, they'd ultimately see we've literally done nothing wrong, and would love to have our original guild name back with no excuses necessary or any hard feelings... Thank you for your time and understanding!
  8. Hallo zusammen! Wir, die Gilde Sturm auf dem Atlantiss TBC Server Netherwing, suchen Spieler für den 25-Spieler Content. Bevor wir über Bewerbungen sprechen, möchten wir Dir erst einmal etwas über uns und unsere Gilde erzählen: Wir sind eine Gilde, die spontan vor dem Release von Netherwing gegründet wurde. Ziel war es eine deutschsprachige, funktionierende Raidgilde auf Seite der Horde zu gründen. Gerne nehmen wir aber auch Social-Member auf, die an regelmäßigen Raids kein Interesse haben, aber dennoch gerne Teil einer deutschsprachigen Community wären. (Hierzu einfach die Gildenleitung im Discord oder eines unserer Member im Spiel direkt anschreiben) Die Leitung der Gilde besteht aus einem Gildenmeister, einem Raid Leader und drei Rollen-Offizieren. Bei der Loot-Verteilung findet ein Loot Council Anwendung (es werden nicht nur aktuell equipte Items berücksichtigt bei der Verteilung!). Die Raids selbst finden Donnerstags und Sonntags statt. (Donnerstags 19:00 Uhr – 23:00 Uhr; Sonntags 18:30 Uhr - 22:30 Uhr) Grundsätzlich suchen wir Spieler für den Raidkader, die sich während eines Bossfights konzentrieren können und stets bemüht sind, ihr Bestes zu geben. Item-besessene Spieler brauchen sich nicht bewerben. Ihr solltet Geduld mitbringen (da nicht jeder Boss sofort liegt) und lernfähig sein. Wichtig ist vor allem, dass Dir das Spiel Spaß macht und . Ebenso solltest Du dich aktiv am Gildenleben neben den Raids beteiligen (regelmäßig im Discord aufhalten, Inis, PvP, farmen usw.) und nicht nur zum Raid selbst online sein. Was wir Dir bieten: Ein angenehmes Gilden- und Raidklima Umgängliche Menschen, die sich manchmal selbst nicht so ernst nehmen Einen funktionierenden Discord Voice Server Eine funktionierende Homepage mit Raidplaner Geregelte Raidzeiten Eine spielerfahrene Gildenleitung Was wir von Dir erwarten: Raidbeteiligung: Eine hohe Raidattendance ist mehr als wünschenswert, damit wir den Kader so klein und familiär wie möglich halten können. Raidvorbereitung: Wir erwarten, dass Euer Gear immer bestmöglich verzaubert und gesockelt ist. Flasks bzw. Pots und Bufffood sollten selbstverständlich sein. Der Raid beginnt pünktlich. Das heißt, dass Ihr spätestens eine Minute vor Beginn in der Ini steht. Ausnahmen gibt es, diese aber unbedingt frühzeitig über den Discord bei der Gildenleitung anmelden. Raiderfahrung: Egal ob Neueinsteiger oder Alteingesessener Spieler ist Erfahrung das A und O. Kenntnisse über den aktuellen Content bzw. Bosse und deren Fähigkeiten sind unerlässlich und sollten schon vor dem ersten Try mithilfe von Guides/Youtube in Erfahrung gebracht werden. Ausrüstung Eures Chars: Es wird erwartet, dass Du stets an der Verbesserung Deines Gears arbeitest. Klassenverständnis: Du solltest Dich mit Deiner Klasse auseinander setzen, Guides lesen, üben, um möglichst das Maximale aus Deiner Klasse herauszuholen. Kommunikation / Hardware: Damit während des Raids keine Verzögerungen auftreten, solltest Du über einen raidfähigen Rechner und eine stabile Internetverbindung verfügen. Ebenso solltest Du Discord installiert haben und über ein Headset verfügen, welches Du auch Willens bist zu benutzen um Dich im Raid bzw. in der Gilde zu verständigen. Sozialverhalten: Wir suchen umgängliche Spieler, die zu uns und unserem manchmal etwas chaotischem Verhalten passen. Dennoch ist uns der Ruf unserer Gilde sehr wichtig. Respektiert also einander, helft einander in der Gilde und zeigt Euch auch nach außen hin von Eurer besten Seite. Als Heiler kommt hier noch folgendes hinzu: Wir erwarten von Heilern ein teambasiertes spielen mit den Heilerkollegen und kein sinnfreies "HPS-gepushe". HPS interessieren uns nicht, dafür aber umso mehr Deine Fähigkeit in einem Team zu heilen! So, nun freuen wir uns aber auf Deine Bewerbung! Beste Grüße -Die Gildenleitung- _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ English translation: Hello everybody! We, the German guild Sturm on the Atlantiss TBC Server Netherwing, are looking for players for the 25-player content. Before we talk about applications, we first want to tell you something about us and our guild. We are a guild that was formed spontaneously before the release of Netherwing. The goal was to found a German-speaking, functioning raid guild on the side of the Horde. Our guild has a guild master and three role officers. These four form the guild administration. The loot distribution uses a loot council. Our raid days are expected to be Thursdays and Sundays (Thursdays 19:00 - 23:00; Sundays 18:30 - 22:30) (not set in stone yet!) Basically we are looking for players who can concentrate during a bossfight and are always ready to give their best. Item-obsessed players do not need to apply. You should bring patience (because not every boss is lying right away) and be able to learn. It is important, above all, that you enjoy the game and you do not intend to uninstall the game in the near future. Likewise, you should actively participate in the guild life (Dungeons, PvP, talk on the discord, farming, etc.) and not just be online for the raid. What we offer you: A pleasant guild and raid climate Compassionate people who sometimes do not take themselves so seriously A working Discord Voice Server A working homepage with Raidplanner Regulated Raid times A game-experienced raid lead What we expect from you: Raid participation: A high Raidattendance is more than desirable, so that we can keep the squad as small and familial as possible. Raid preparation: We expect that your gear is always enchanted in the best possible way. Flasks or potions and buff-food should be taken for granted. The raid starts on time. That means you are one minute before the start at the latest in the instance. If you can't manage it to be there on time, you have to inform the guild administration via the discord about it. Raid experience: Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran player, experience is everything. Knowledge of the current content or bosses and their abilities are essential and should be found out by guides / youtube before the first try. Your Chars Equipment: It is expected that you will always work to improve your gear. Class Understanding: You should deal with your class, read guides, practice to get as much as possible out of your class. Communication / Hardware: So that during the raid no delays occur, you should have a raid capable computer and a stable Internet connection. Likewise, you should have installed Discord and have a headset, which you are also willing to use to communicate in the raid or in the guild. Social Behavior: We are looking for people who are sociable and fit in with our sometimes chaotic behavior. Nevertheless, the reputation of our guild is very important to us. So respect each other, help each other in the guild, and show yourselves to the outside from your best side. As a healer, the following is added: We expect healers a team-based play with the healer colleagues and no meaningless "HPS pushing". We are not interested in HPS, but more in the ability to heal in a team! We are also happy to accommodate social members who are not interested in regular raids. Simply write to the guild administration in the Discord or one of our members in the game directly. We look forward to your application! best regards -The guild administration-
  9. Pyroblast


    PYROBLAST‌ THE‌ BEST PVE‌ GUILD IN THE‌ TBC IS‌ BACK Pyroblast The Best PVE‌ Guild In The TBC in Recruitment stage. We Are Just Looking For Best And Active Players.System DKP Is Run.No Noob, No Ninja. No Scammers. Graid Time: Every Day Start At 4-5 Server TIme. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules: (6/13/2019 Maked) 1. Legendary And T6 Items Just With DKP‌ 2. Legendary Items Is Just For + Death Knight Rank After Them Other Rank With DKP 3. Ask About Rank Up Will Be Gkick 4. If Party Members Going Offline In Raid Times Will Be Gkick 5. Roll Items, First Is For Main Class, After Off Other Class Can Roll 6. Ninja, Scammers, Noobs Will Be Gkick --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ranks: Guild Master Death Knight Admiral Pyro's Admiral Champion Pyroman's Member Testing Alt Last Warning --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Admiral Players: Guild Master Keeperdark Alt's Btguard Death Knight Rank Bogyman Alt's Realbogy Admiral No Body For Now ;)
  10. Hello everyone. We are currently at the stage of farming KZ ad Gruul. Now we are focusing on doing SSC attunement for most of our raiders. Aiming to start SSC progress as soon as possible. We are looking for Cz/Sk players to fill our roster for 25-man progress. We got enthusiastic leadership and we are prepared for progression on our PvE journey. You can find everything necessary on our website here : https://teaatfivecz.shivtr.com/ Come and join us :-) Zdravíme všechny. Guilda se momentálně nachází ve fázi, kdy farmíme KZ a zároveň Gruula. Soustředíme se na SSC preq pro co nejvíce aktivních raiderů v guildě. Momentálně dobíráme hráče na doplnění 25-manů a začátek celého progressu. Kdo má zájem se k nám přidat, stačí se na stránkách připojit na discord, nebo ve hře napsat kterémukoli z členů a ten už to snad pošle dál :)
  11. Hey guys! Guild "Infertile" is a Social/PvP/Future PvE progression guild looking for new players. We offer assistance during your leveling and a friendly environment. Currently there is a strong interest in both PvP arenas and PvE progression. We will be creating raiding team(s) as soon as there are enough players at level 70. If you are interested feel free to contact any member of the guild! See you in the game! @Kord
  12. I am looking for a serious raiding guild. It don't has to be a hardcore guild necessarily, but progress and improvement are importent to me. As i live in Europe, i am looking for a EU-timed guild. Prefered Raid times are between 7pm and 12pm servertime. Possible raid days for me are: monday, wednesday, thursday, sunday, (friday optional). Experience: I cleared the burning crusade content on "excalibur" up to brutallus. I played as hunter and enhancement shaman till t6 and a fury warrior in the t5 content. The retribution paladin was always my secret love but i always played him as twink and never mained him. This changed now with the release of netherwing. As i am very familiar with the melee roll, i know what i have to do and you can expect a good damge from an experienced raider. Gear: i have pretty decent pre t4 gear at the moment (thunder, fel leather set etc.) not completely pre bis but more then ready to enter the t4 conent. Attunements: Kara: done SSC: Gruul and Nightbane missing TK: on the 3 HCs Quests atm Professions: Enchanting and blacksmithing close to max Feel free to write me a pn in forum or contact me ingame. (ingame name: Sama)
  13. Hej! Har precis börjat spela på denna servern i väntan på Classic release. Tänkte kolla om det finns några mer svenskar? Vore kul dra ihop en svensk raiding guild eller iallafall har några svenska att spela med. Spelar ingen roll om du kört TBC tidigare eller inte. Söker bara socialt skönt folk som vill spela och snacka skit :D Skriv gärna vad ni heter ingame så jag kan adda er om ni är intresserade! Jag har ts med eget rum, Går även lösa discord :) Mvh Richard
  14. Since yesterday the 23/01 my character leaves the guild when i logout. When i relog i can sometimes see the guild chat while i am not in the guild. It happens every time i exit the game
  15. I've been trying to join a guild with my friends. The problem is when i log out I'm no longer in the guild, I can't gquit because I'm not in a guild, but I can see the guild chat. I can't post in it though, and I have to be manually booted from the roster and reinvited again, only the next time I quit the game it happens AGAIN. Does anyone else have this problem?
  16. Hi all, OCE based player here trying to find other OCE and late night NA Guild or Players that play around 1AM EST to 6AM EST Looking to join or form a guild (have a few friends with me) with players around that play time to level and progress PVE/raids together. Weekends i can be more flexible, 3 or 4 hours between 4PM EST to 6AM EST will work. Will be rolling on alliance side.
  17. Title related, looking for a guild on horde side (but i'm not side related yet :P). I'm not really experienced player but i'm active. Played on CATA with 2 characters (65 lvl hunter and 70 lvl dk). Also prefer playing with PTE. If you are someone that is interested and have a guild or want to make new one thats planning to play here dm on discord DemoN#1019
  18. Guild Canclled Mod please close ty!