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Found 1 result

  1. >be me, playing WoW >play on Polack private server Netherwing, Pepega >time2rollanalt.bmp >makes a ret, ayyyyyyyyyy, bad idea... >ahshitherewegoagain.ogg >leave mage afk on main account in Tarren Mill (Hillsbrad Foothills) for chat purposes and unrelated bidness >get to lvl 13 on ret (FeelsBadMan, can't socialize yet) in Tranquillien (Ghostlands) on alt account >have pending ticket on it for having reported someone for multiboxing earlier, legit with auto-follow and all the works >get pulled over by GM Smaily "multiboxing is a no-no" >can't reply to GM because I'm not lvl 15 yet (now what?! o.O) >whisper him from mage (main account) to explain what multiboxing is and how being a quarter of the continent away would get in the way of even trying to multibox >STOPMANSPLAINING.REE >omaewamoushindeiru.jpn >3 days ban #SeemsLegit In all seriousness, you can't possibly be power-tripping this bad that you can't even tell the difference between multiboxing and alt-tabbing/afk-ing between 2 clients a quarter of a continent apart. I was the one that reported the alleged multiboxer (which I hope didn't get the same treatment I did without due process). You can't possibly believe I'd go about reporting someone for what (allegedly) appears to be multiboxing and then go and do the same thing. Not even I am that self-destructive. After having finished taking the necessary screenshots, I proceeded to log out from one of the accounts, as per the given instructions. There's a requirement of 20 seconds to log out of a character, unless you're in a rested area (inn/city), as I'm sure you already know. You can check the timestamps on this and you'll see that a total of 17 (seventeen) seconds passed between my last message and yours when you said you already went forward with the decision to ban me for three days (even though you said that you wouldn't, there being mitigating circumstances and all), and 19 (nineteen) seconds passed between my last message and yours. During that time, I was in the middle of the process of logging out, as instructed ("please relog with one of the chars"), but wasn't even given the time to do so. Of course, the logout timer expired, a second after receiving the last message from GM Smaily, and I got logged out of the mage, only to see that I was banned on the ret. And that's the story of how I got banned for multiboxing, without boosting myself through dungeons, without boosting myself in any manner, without having a higher lvl toon on follow, without using 3rd party software, without anything that would even imply multiboxing per se. A 3 days ban for a first time offense that doesn't even qualify as an offense. The same thing would've been achieved by having my brother's laptop on the same desk that I have my desktop on, and running an account on it and playing on one, while afking with the other, IN A ZONE A QUARTER OF THE CONTINENT AWAY. Yet, somehow, doing the same thing on one machine is bannable, and perfectly okay, at the same time, if done on 2 machines. I wonder what's the stance on portals/enchants for alts... But that's another question, for another time, and another adventure on this Polack heaven! Oh, and if it's still unclear for anyone, the GM came to talk to me on the ret (lvl 13)... I don't think I would've even gotten the chance to explain myself if I needed to relog from it and log on another account with a lvl 15+, which is why it was actually fortunate that I had the mage on at the same time to whisper him asap. Cheerio, sweeties! \o. https://imgur.com/a/cuF8XAM (for context)