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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, simple question. Is the Shockadin viable in this serv? any suggestions or experiences with Shockadin?
  2. I am looking for a serious raiding guild. It don't has to be a hardcore guild necessarily, but progress and improvement are importent to me. As i live in Europe, i am looking for a EU-timed guild. Prefered Raid times are between 7pm and 12pm servertime. Possible raid days for me are: monday, wednesday, thursday, sunday, (friday optional). Experience: I cleared the burning crusade content on "excalibur" up to brutallus. I played as hunter and enhancement shaman till t6 and a fury warrior in the t5 content. The retribution paladin was always my secret love but i always played him as twink and never mained him. This changed now with the release of netherwing. As i am very familiar with the melee roll, i know what i have to do and you can expect a good damge from an experienced raider. Gear: i have pretty decent pre t4 gear at the moment (thunder, fel leather set etc.) not completely pre bis but more then ready to enter the t4 conent. Attunements: Kara: done SSC: Gruul and Nightbane missing TK: on the 3 HCs Quests atm Professions: Enchanting and blacksmithing close to max Feel free to write me a pn in forum or contact me ingame. (ingame name: Sama)
  3. I have a level 12 paladin with which I have recently completed the class quest "The First Trial". Although I completed the quest and my quest log says it is complete, it won't let me turn in the quest. Please help!!
  4. i noticed whenever i use this skill my dps go down even when my attack power and attack speed goes up
  5. The spell text as listed on the buff only states that it "increases the threat generated by your holy spells by 60%" while the spell (in the spell book) states "increases the threat generated by your holy spells by 90%. Lasts 30 Minutes", so there is some discrepancy there but if we go further into it on the protection talent tree for Paladin's onto "Improved Righteous Fury" at Rank 3/3 it states "While Righteous Fury is Activated, all damage taken is reduced by 6% and increases the amount of threat generated by your Righteous Fury spell by 50%.", so that means that there are some mislabeled %'s and or the talent isn't properly upgrading the buff to the status it should be at.