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  1. Rules and Guidelines #1: All users are required to follow the Netiquette and treat other forum members and the Atlantiss Staff with respect. #2: Posts containing explicit content or anything illegal, discriminating, disturbing or political are strictly forbidden. #3: Advertising other servers, websites or any products/items available outside of the game is not allowed unless given permission by a Moderator. #4: Selling and buying accounts or characters is strictly forbidden. #5: English is the official language of both the server and the forum. Posting in other languages is not allowed. #6: Posts not relevant to the topic/section or not adding anything to the ongoing discussion may be treated as spam. #7: Starting a new topic regarding a specific subject is not recommended if such thread already exists and is strictly forbidden if the previous one was recently locked by a Moderator. #8: The forum is not the right place for reporting bugs or other players who violate in-game rules. Use the appropriate sections available on the main website instead. #9: Using an alternate account to bypass a forum punishment is not allowed. #10: Any disagreements or complaints about Atlantiss Staff members should be reported directly to the Administration in a private message. #11: Atlantiss Staff members are required to be unbiased and any posts suggesting otherwise will not be tolerated. #12: Atlantiss Staff members may resolve forum conflicts and their decisions should be regarded as final. #13: Decisions made by the Staff regarding both in-game and forum matters should only be questioned by providing constructive criticism. Penalties Violating any rules and guidelines listed above may result in receiving a warning, having your post removed or your account suspended either temporarily or permanently. The Staff member administering said suspension will determine the duration based on the harshness of the violation and any previous punishments. Appeals can only be made by sending a private message to the Staff member who applied the penalty or to a Staff member higher in the Staff hierarchy (e.g. an Administrator). Receiving a forum punishment may result in an in-game ban as well!