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Found 12 results

  1. <Porca Madonna> Hello ! Nous sommes une guilde Française familiale. La plus cool des guildes Fr Nos activités : - PvP : Arènes (possibilité de monter une team entre guildeux) / Bgs (Tag en groupe pour valider nos journa) / PvP sauvages (sortie en famille chez les allys) / Duels - PvE casual : Instances Normals (pour avoir les accès héro) / Instances héroïque (pour se faire des Badges et du gear) / Raid 10 - Leveling : Entre-aide dans la phase d'XP Nous acceptons que des personnes parlant le français, peut importe le temps de jeu, du casu au no-life. Du noob au PGM (La preuve on a Cresus dans la guilde :p) Pour résumé : On recrute du PvPboys, du PvEboys (Pour du PvE allant jusqu'à Karazhan pour l'instant), du Pexeur, du Casual, des filles et même juste les personnes voulant une guilde pour le chat. Nos Officiers / GM : - Macumba / Makumba - Uuzo - Holybug N.B. : Si tu veux une guilde PvE HL en mode Hardcore, on te conseil de rejoindre une autre guilde qui sera plus adapté pour toi. Pour le reste tu es le bienvenue à la maison :). Porca Madonna, un blaze italien, dans un serveur russe, avec une commu FR. L'alliance même du bon gout, de la sobriété et des effluves de Sicile dans une guilde au gout de musc. N'hésitez pas à /w n'importe qui de la guilde ou de préfèrence un officier pour en savoir plus ou nous rejoindre, La bise à tous !
  2. ?? ?? Danish Dynamite ?? ?? Hejsa danske eventyrere! >Danish Dynamite< er et nystartet guild, som er sat i verden for at danne ramme om et dansk fællesskab i vore alles ynglings TBC-verden! Jeg er selv nyligt startet på serveren med et par gode venner, og er i fuld gang med ræset mod level 70 - og den evige hæder! Når vi for alvor har fået dannet os, og som folk efterhånden kommer i level 70, vil vi i fællesskab gå igang med end-game content. Så hvis du er på udkig efter et dansk guild, med store ambitioner, så lad mig høre fra dig! Lad os så gøre en af de ting, som vi danskere er bedst til... at HYGGE... !! ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? In-game navn: Monaz Discord tag: Monaz#3703 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
  3. Shalom frens! Do you remember <Wight Power>? Well, now we're kosher so we changed our name <Strawberry Puppy Kisses>. You may have heard of us from world chat or discord, or ingame where we might have killed you if you chose the wrong faction. Though our deeds are legendary, there's a lot of misunderstanding floating about around us, so i'm here to clear that up: We're a group of frens that's been playing ever since the og TBC came out, many years ago. Between us, we have well over 100 years of WoW experience, a good portion of that being only TBC on various other servers. We know every encounter in the game, every entry in the db, every pixel on the map; no spot is safe. If you're alliance you are nothing to us but a target. You know those feats you hear people bragging about doing in TBC? We did them. Oh and we're recruiting. What we offer: The honour of wearing the most infamous guild tag on the server <Strawberry Puppy Kisses>; Guaranteed backup, whether you're losing an argument in chat or a 1v2 fight against alliance scum; Freedom of speech, opinion and spending your game time; A competitive environment in which you can grow into a better player and person. F U N What we demand: Following the above rules; At least 300 confirmed HKs; Trained in gorilla warfare; Top bantz; Creativity; Being active and participating in guild events; Ability to both absorb and disseminate information without external help (this means don't be retarded, but if you needed that explained you can close this page, sweetie.) If that seems like your dream come true, get in touch with us.
  4. <C L E A N> Our History & Culture We operate as a guild pre-dating Netherwing and plan to continue together into the future (Classic being a big focus for us). We are filled with predominantly adults aged 30+. We take our raiding pretty seriously and have a history of progression - but we also like to meme, joke around, and recognize people have lives and commitments outside of game. We are also the guild who brought you the server "The Construct" - instant lvl 60 raiding server, as well as Discord WoWChat, and the Ignorelevel addon that rekt the gold spammers on Netherwing. Raid Info We raid 3 days a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7PST. We expect all our members to be fully enchanted, gem'd and consumed. We expect people to stay for the allotted raid period for that night unless special circumstances. Progression 11/11 Kara 2/2 Gruul's Lair 1/1 Mag 5/6 SSC 2/4 TK Classes & Specs we'd consider Warlock (High) Hunter (Medium) We would also consider any exceptional players - so please do not hesitate to stop by our discord. Visit Us http://discord.gg/YFDPhDd
  5. Pyroblast


    PYROBLAST‌ THE‌ BEST PVE‌ GUILD IN THE‌ TBC IS‌ BACK Pyroblast The Best PVE‌ Guild In The TBC in Recruitment stage. We Are Just Looking For Best And Active Players.System DKP Is Run.No Noob, No Ninja. No Scammers. Graid Time: Every Day Start At 4-5 Server TIme. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules: (6/13/2019 Maked) 1. Legendary And T6 Items Just With DKP‌ 2. Legendary Items Is Just For + Death Knight Rank After Them Other Rank With DKP 3. Ask About Rank Up Will Be Gkick 4. If Party Members Going Offline In Raid Times Will Be Gkick 5. Roll Items, First Is For Main Class, After Off Other Class Can Roll 6. Ninja, Scammers, Noobs Will Be Gkick --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ranks: Guild Master Death Knight Admiral Pyro's Admiral Champion Pyroman's Member Testing Alt Last Warning --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Admiral Players: Guild Master Keeperdark Alt's Btguard Death Knight Rank Bogyman Alt's Realbogy Admiral No Body For Now ;)
  6. Hey guys! Guild "Infertile" is a Social/PvP/Future PvE progression guild looking for new players. We offer assistance during your leveling and a friendly environment. Currently there is a strong interest in both PvP arenas and PvE progression. We will be creating raiding team(s) as soon as there are enough players at level 70. If you are interested feel free to contact any member of the guild! See you in the game! @Kord
  7. Larion

    Resilience at PVE

    I heard that Resilience does not work at PVE in many servers, but in bliz server it worked well. My guilds said me it not work here, but i cant find official confirmation. Does Resilience work at PVE or not here?
  8. Dear Atlantiss Community HELLO will have a recruitment post so you always can be updated about what is needed the most. About us We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild with alot of experience from the private server community. We got some of the fastest cleartimes on warname. Since we just started here are we looking for new exceptional and dedicated players to fill out our rooster for SSC. Raid days --> Sunday & thursday 7-11pm servertime. Furthermore will we be doing bg-premades since we have alot of gladiator players around. Progression 11/11 Karazhan - 2/2 Gruul's Lair - first raid 1/1 Mag 4/6 SSC - What to Expect Experienced leadership Fair treatment if you are dedicated we don't favour anyone in the guild Loot Council with role options to optimize guild progression. Recruitment - last updated 22-04-2019 The classes we need the most at the moment is: Resto: Full BM: Full Full Holy: Need 1 Healer: Need 1 Full Resto: Need 1 Need 1 Tank: Full Tank: Need 1 Surv: Need 1 Tank: Full DPS: Full DPSe: Full DPS: Full DPSb: Need 1 DPS: Full DPSenh: Full Your application will be an interview over discord with Xalt or Skrk Discord: Skrk#6026 Xalt#0708 Xaisty#1152 Guild Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/skurkentv https://www.twitch.tv/xalttv https://www.twitch.tv/ravnen8 http://www.twtich.com/jkks If you have any questions please contact Skrk/skurken or Xalt ingame. Best Regards from HELLO
  9. Good day to you all Short intro: I am South African aged 22, male - if that matters and am a law student I am relatively new to the server, still level 30 and I have been on holiday in Bali for a week and only return home on Sunday afternoon. I joined the server with some friends but they all seem to be losing interest and I cannot see even a fraction of them making it to 70, so this makes me realise that I will essentially be playing alone. I am mostly just looking for some decent folk, be it for leveling, socialising or raiding in the future. my experience is playing many years of WOTLK, playing retail through WOD, Legion and a couple months of BFA. I left retail because paying money for a game without a good group of friends to play it with seems a bit... draining. I’d really like to make this server my long term home and hope to meet some people that are quite chilled and like-minded to play with. If anyone would want to contact me in game, the name is Zoeey. (Yes, a female main, as certain classes I just feel uncomfortable being a male.) see ya around :)
  10. So back in the day Fury Wars and Rogues pulled the melee DPS and everyone cried about the hybrids. But fear not intrepid Shaman after grinding to 70, grinding like a mofo for Dual blacksmithing maces here is your time to make others shine in PvE. Due to the in game totem timer mechanics dropping Windfury totem will buff party members weapons for 10 seconds ( as long as they have no Poisons or sharpening stone enchantments) What does this mean for us. Simply put you can drop WF totem, buffing weapons, then drop Grace of Air totem so not only does your party gain CoH extra attacks but they will then benefit from increased agility MOAR CRITS MOAR AP ! below is the Macro to use GL and HF. #showtooltip /castsequence reset=10 Stormstrike, Windfury Totem, Grace of Air Totem
  11. (edited: List found to be misleading)