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  1. <Tempest> auspicious raiding for the temporally-challenged After a long and prosperous 9 month journey, Tempest has officially ceased raiding on Netherwing. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our family and thank you to the development team for making our journey possible! KEY POINTS: 2 main raids per week, Thursdays and Sundays, 19:00-23:00 CET (server time) Optional farm raids on Mondays Tight-knit and welcoming community that formed on Netherwing, headed by experienced & passionate leadership Zero-tolerance for hate speech of any kind Loot Council 3/5 MH, 3/9 BT WHO WE ARE We are veteran WoW players who are no longer able to dedicate enough time to the game to engage in competitive raiding at the cutting edge. Instead, we put our knowledge and experience to good use, allowing us to enjoy smooth and drama-free raid progression at a slower pace and in a relaxed atmosphere. With Tempest, our goal is to build a community of like-minded players, dedicated to experiencing all the content that Netherwing TBC has to offer. Our leadership has a wealth of experience from high-end raiding both in past and present expansions of retail World of Warcraft, as well as numerous private servers. We are a chill, but passionate bunch and 100% focused on the guild's long-term success, so if our approach to the game appeals to you, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR We are looking for players who, like us, are passionate about the game, but have limited available play time. We expect our members to invest themselves in their characters and use their time in-game to the fullest - efficiency is the name of the game. Our views on min-maxing are simple: you may freely choose any spec or profession for your character that you want, as long as you can meet a high standard of performance. Our officers are always ready to lend a hand or offer advice, but ultimately it is your responsibility to perform to your character's potential and contribute to our guild's progress. In the same vein, you should be able to put the good of the guild above your character's individual advancement. We value mature players who are able to invest themselves in the guild, actively avoid drama by utilizing appropriate communications channels and exercise restraint when necessary. Previous experience with high-end raiding is a plus, but it is certainly not a requirement, as long as you are willing to put in the necessary work like the rest of us. We expect you to come to our raids prepared with consumables and full knowledge of the encounters. If you are someone that takes pride in not getting carried, you are going to fit right in regardless of your experience level. GUILD COMMS All guild communications are in English. If you would like to communicate with your compatriots in your native language you are more than welcome to do so, but please keep it in private channels. We want to foster a friendly, tight-knit community and everyone being able to understand each other is the only way we will be able to reach that goal. Needless to say, don't be a dick to your fellow players. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, homophobia or any other form of hate speech. RAID SCHEDULE Our main raids will be taking place on Thursdays and Sundays, 19:00-23:00 CET. Our farm raids will be taking place on Mondays, 19:00-22:00 CET. Progression (with mandatory attendance) may be extended to the Monday slot in exceptional circumstances. We require our raiders to maintain at least 90% main raid attendance. Both raiders and socials are welcome to join our optional farm raids, but raiders get priority spots if interest is high. LOOT POLICY We are using Loot Council. We strive for equitable loot distribution, corrected for personal reliability and performance. Class-based differences in performance will only be taken into account as a tie-breaker, when all other considerations result in a deadlock between two players. The Loot Council consists of 4 officers and a rotating member of the raid team. The rotating members of the raid team will be selected randomly from a pool of eligible raiders for a month-long period. The pool of eligible raiders consists of the top 20% of raiders with the highest raid attendance that have not yet held the position during the current raid tier. The officers may veto a raider that they consider unsuitable for the position, thus removing them from the pool of eligible raiders. All communications related to the Loot Council and loot distribution are private. APPLICATIONS If you are serious about raiding on Netherwing and wish to join the Tempest raid team, submit your application using the form and you will hear back from us in a couple of days at the latest. We are currently only considering applications from level 70 characters with at least full pre-BiS gear. If you would like to be a part of our guild, but aren't interested in high-end raiding or just aren't sure yet, submit an application anyway and join up as a social - you can always apply to the raid team later on, plus we'll get to know each other in the meantime. If you have any questions about the guild or the application process, feel free to ask it in this thread. RAID TEAM RECRUITMENT STATUS Tempest is not recruiting.
  2. I am looking for a serious raiding guild. It don't has to be a hardcore guild necessarily, but progress and improvement are importent to me. As i live in Europe, i am looking for a EU-timed guild. Prefered Raid times are between 7pm and 12pm servertime. Possible raid days for me are: monday, wednesday, thursday, sunday, (friday optional). Experience: I cleared the burning crusade content on "excalibur" up to brutallus. I played as hunter and enhancement shaman till t6 and a fury warrior in the t5 content. The retribution paladin was always my secret love but i always played him as twink and never mained him. This changed now with the release of netherwing, where i played him almost through the whole t5 content. As i am very familiar with the melee roll, i know what i have to do and you can expect a good damge from an experienced raider. Gear: i have pretty good t5 gear that is easy ready to enter the t6 content (2800 gs if you are using it) Attunements: SSC: done TK: done Hyjal: Vashj and Kael missing BT: up to Udalo Professions: Blacksmithing and engineering max. Feel free to write me a pn in forum or contact me ingame. (ingame name: Sama)
  3. [A] T4/5 Geared Prot Warrior looking for a guild. Experience: 11/11 Kara, 2/2 Gruul, 4/6 SSC as the main tank.
  4. lechler2

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  5. Hallo zusammen! Wir, die Gilde Sturm auf dem Atlantiss TBC Server Netherwing, suchen Spieler für den 25-Spieler Content. Bevor wir über Bewerbungen sprechen, möchten wir Dir erst einmal etwas über uns und unsere Gilde erzählen: Wir sind eine Gilde, die spontan vor dem Release von Netherwing gegründet wurde. Ziel war es eine deutschsprachige, funktionierende Raidgilde auf Seite der Horde zu gründen. Gerne nehmen wir aber auch Social-Member auf, die an regelmäßigen Raids kein Interesse haben, aber dennoch gerne Teil einer deutschsprachigen Community wären. (Hierzu einfach die Gildenleitung im Discord oder eines unserer Member im Spiel direkt anschreiben) Die Leitung der Gilde besteht aus einem Gildenmeister, einem Raid Leader und drei Rollen-Offizieren. Bei der Loot-Verteilung findet ein Loot Council Anwendung (es werden nicht nur aktuell equipte Items berücksichtigt bei der Verteilung!). Die Raids selbst finden Donnerstags und Sonntags statt. (Donnerstags 19:00 Uhr – 23:00 Uhr; Sonntags 18:30 Uhr - 22:30 Uhr) Grundsätzlich suchen wir Spieler für den Raidkader, die sich während eines Bossfights konzentrieren können und stets bemüht sind, ihr Bestes zu geben. Item-besessene Spieler brauchen sich nicht bewerben. Ihr solltet Geduld mitbringen (da nicht jeder Boss sofort liegt) und lernfähig sein. Wichtig ist vor allem, dass Dir das Spiel Spaß macht und . Ebenso solltest Du dich aktiv am Gildenleben neben den Raids beteiligen (regelmäßig im Discord aufhalten, Inis, PvP, farmen usw.) und nicht nur zum Raid selbst online sein. Was wir Dir bieten: Ein angenehmes Gilden- und Raidklima Umgängliche Menschen, die sich manchmal selbst nicht so ernst nehmen Einen funktionierenden Discord Voice Server Eine funktionierende Homepage mit Raidplaner Geregelte Raidzeiten Eine spielerfahrene Gildenleitung Was wir von Dir erwarten: Raidbeteiligung: Eine hohe Raidattendance ist mehr als wünschenswert, damit wir den Kader so klein und familiär wie möglich halten können. Raidvorbereitung: Wir erwarten, dass Euer Gear immer bestmöglich verzaubert und gesockelt ist. Flasks bzw. Pots und Bufffood sollten selbstverständlich sein. Der Raid beginnt pünktlich. Das heißt, dass Ihr spätestens eine Minute vor Beginn in der Ini steht. Ausnahmen gibt es, diese aber unbedingt frühzeitig über den Discord bei der Gildenleitung anmelden. Raiderfahrung: Egal ob Neueinsteiger oder Alteingesessener Spieler ist Erfahrung das A und O. Kenntnisse über den aktuellen Content bzw. Bosse und deren Fähigkeiten sind unerlässlich und sollten schon vor dem ersten Try mithilfe von Guides/Youtube in Erfahrung gebracht werden. Ausrüstung Eures Chars: Es wird erwartet, dass Du stets an der Verbesserung Deines Gears arbeitest. Klassenverständnis: Du solltest Dich mit Deiner Klasse auseinander setzen, Guides lesen, üben, um möglichst das Maximale aus Deiner Klasse herauszuholen. Kommunikation / Hardware: Damit während des Raids keine Verzögerungen auftreten, solltest Du über einen raidfähigen Rechner und eine stabile Internetverbindung verfügen. Ebenso solltest Du Discord installiert haben und über ein Headset verfügen, welches Du auch Willens bist zu benutzen um Dich im Raid bzw. in der Gilde zu verständigen. Sozialverhalten: Wir suchen umgängliche Spieler, die zu uns und unserem manchmal etwas chaotischem Verhalten passen. Dennoch ist uns der Ruf unserer Gilde sehr wichtig. Respektiert also einander, helft einander in der Gilde und zeigt Euch auch nach außen hin von Eurer besten Seite. Als Heiler kommt hier noch folgendes hinzu: Wir erwarten von Heilern ein teambasiertes spielen mit den Heilerkollegen und kein sinnfreies "HPS-gepushe". HPS interessieren uns nicht, dafür aber umso mehr Deine Fähigkeit in einem Team zu heilen! So, nun freuen wir uns aber auf Deine Bewerbung! Beste Grüße -Die Gildenleitung- _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ English translation: Hello everybody! We, the German guild Sturm on the Atlantiss TBC Server Netherwing, are looking for players for the 25-player content. Before we talk about applications, we first want to tell you something about us and our guild. We are a guild that was formed spontaneously before the release of Netherwing. The goal was to found a German-speaking, functioning raid guild on the side of the Horde. Our guild has a guild master and three role officers. These four form the guild administration. The loot distribution uses a loot council. Our raid days are expected to be Thursdays and Sundays (Thursdays 19:00 - 23:00; Sundays 18:30 - 22:30) (not set in stone yet!) Basically we are looking for players who can concentrate during a bossfight and are always ready to give their best. Item-obsessed players do not need to apply. You should bring patience (because not every boss is lying right away) and be able to learn. It is important, above all, that you enjoy the game and you do not intend to uninstall the game in the near future. Likewise, you should actively participate in the guild life (Dungeons, PvP, talk on the discord, farming, etc.) and not just be online for the raid. What we offer you: A pleasant guild and raid climate Compassionate people who sometimes do not take themselves so seriously A working Discord Voice Server A working homepage with Raidplanner Regulated Raid times A game-experienced raid lead What we expect from you: Raid participation: A high Raidattendance is more than desirable, so that we can keep the squad as small and familial as possible. Raid preparation: We expect that your gear is always enchanted in the best possible way. Flasks or potions and buff-food should be taken for granted. The raid starts on time. That means you are one minute before the start at the latest in the instance. If you can't manage it to be there on time, you have to inform the guild administration via the discord about it. Raid experience: Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran player, experience is everything. Knowledge of the current content or bosses and their abilities are essential and should be found out by guides / youtube before the first try. Your Chars Equipment: It is expected that you will always work to improve your gear. Class Understanding: You should deal with your class, read guides, practice to get as much as possible out of your class. Communication / Hardware: So that during the raid no delays occur, you should have a raid capable computer and a stable Internet connection. Likewise, you should have installed Discord and have a headset, which you are also willing to use to communicate in the raid or in the guild. Social Behavior: We are looking for people who are sociable and fit in with our sometimes chaotic behavior. Nevertheless, the reputation of our guild is very important to us. So respect each other, help each other in the guild, and show yourselves to the outside from your best side. As a healer, the following is added: We expect healers a team-based play with the healer colleagues and no meaningless "HPS pushing". We are not interested in HPS, but more in the ability to heal in a team! We are also happy to accommodate social members who are not interested in regular raids. Simply write to the guild administration in the Discord or one of our members in the game directly. We look forward to your application! best regards -The guild administration-
  6. Good day to you all Short intro: I am South African aged 22, male - if that matters and am a law student I am relatively new to the server, still level 30 and I have been on holiday in Bali for a week and only return home on Sunday afternoon. I joined the server with some friends but they all seem to be losing interest and I cannot see even a fraction of them making it to 70, so this makes me realise that I will essentially be playing alone. I am mostly just looking for some decent folk, be it for leveling, socialising or raiding in the future. my experience is playing many years of WOTLK, playing retail through WOD, Legion and a couple months of BFA. I left retail because paying money for a game without a good group of friends to play it with seems a bit... draining. I’d really like to make this server my long term home and hope to meet some people that are quite chilled and like-minded to play with. If anyone would want to contact me in game, the name is Zoeey. (Yes, a female main, as certain classes I just feel uncomfortable being a male.) see ya around :)
  7. <The Queue Is A Lie> We are An NA raiding guild looking to clear raid content with the hardmode of being alliance. We've seen a lot of what works and what doesn't and we want to do it better. Our management has been raiding since the glory days of WoW and we want to bring that experience to you. Were here to clear content in a relaxed environment and get what we can out of this retconned expansion. When we raid We raid on Tuesdays and Sundays at 8PM - 11PM CST. This is subject to change to an 8:30PM or 9:00PM start as it seems most wow players are dads with children now. How we distribute loot Epics are distributed in 25 man raids via Suicide Kings. How do YOU join Send an ingame tell to either Anadris, Teferi (the Hero of Dominaria), or Riaxa. There is no formal application process but you can tell us where you see yourself in five years. I'm sure we'll get a chuckle out of that. What do we need Everything - Ya even rogues...
  8. <Ascend> is looking to fill our roster with players who are dedicated, skilled, and hungry to clear every bit of content this server releases. Quick Details Semi-Hardcore Small experienced core with room for many more Experienced leadership North American play times Open loot council Who are we? We are a small, experienced group of players who have raided on both Medivh and Felmyst who are looking for more like-minded people. We need many, many more raiders to create our new core here on Netherwing, and we hope you can be a part of that. We don't play favorites, we don't do drama, and we don't tell you what or what not to say, so if you are a skilled, chill player you will fit right in. Our raid leader has been leading since WoW's release and has cleared Vanilla, cleared up to SWP, cleared through WotLK, etc., and, most importantly, isn't a rager. We're calling ourselves semi-hardcore because we aren't requiring our players to rush to 70, and because we don't mind taking on new players, as long as you listen, research your character, min-max to the best of your ability, etc. If you want to be part of a guild that won't rush you to 70 asap, if you want to be part of a guild full of skilled players, if you want experienced and fair raid leadership, if you want a guild that is dedicated to raiding during NA times, and if you want to be an early part of forming a tight knit guild, then <Ascend> is the guild for you. Who are you? The sort of players we are looking for are drama-free and mature, first and foremost. We need you to be dedicated to making your character as close to 100% as possible (this includes consumables, enchants, gemming, rotation/spec optimization, watching strats, etc.). Because we will be running open loot council, you need to care more about killing bosses than getting 100% of the gear. Your experience with the game is less important, but if you are inexperienced you need to put in the work to catch up to others, and if you want to be an officer you need TBC experience. You should be able to make over 90% of our raid times, and if you're going to miss a raid, you've got to be communicative and let us know in advance so we don't hold your spot. If all of this sounds like you, then we would love to have you with us! Loot System We will be using Open Loot Council, which means we will have a loot council ran by officers that you will either be able to be a part of (if you become an officer), or that you can listen in on if you choose to. The only reason we do this is because it helps progression, and we will try to be as fair and transparent as we possibly can be. Again, though, your main focus should be on downing bosses, not loot. Raid Times Tue, Wed, Thur, 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM PST (both the time and the number of days that we will be raiding will shrink as time goes on). Recruitment High means we are taking as many of a class/spec as we can, Medium means our roster still needs 1 or 2 more members of this class/spec, Low means we will only take on members of this class/spec who are very skilled, and Full means we have no room for that class/spec. Our raid roster is competitive, though, so if you are a standout player of your particular class/spec and think you can do better than others, feel free to apply anyways even if the class/spec says Full. Druid (Feral Tank) - Low Druid (Feral DPS) - Full Druid (Balance) - Low Druid (Restoration) - Low Hunter (Beast Mastery) - Low Hunter (Survival) - Full Mage (Fire) - Low Paladin (Protection) - Full Paladin (Holy) - Low Paladin (Retribution) - Full Priest (Holy) - Low Priest (Shadow) - Low Priest (Discipline) - Full Rogue (Combat) - Full Shaman (Enhancement) - Low Shaman (Elemental) - Low Shaman (Restoration) - Low Warlock (Affliction) - Low Warlock (Destruction) - Low Warrior (Arms) - Full Warrior (Fury) - Full Warrior (Protection) - Low To Apply Either talk to Todd Howard#6447 on Discord and send details about your intended class/spec/profession, experience, and any questions you have for us, or apply on our Discord.
  9. Fungi

    <RAPAX> EU

    Who are we? Rapax is a collective of people who have been playing private servers with each other for about 4 years now. We always strive to be one of the top guilds and have a hardcore PvE mindset that comes with that goal. What can we offer? We offer a stable raiding environment with a lot of experienced leadership and members. A fun environment where there is loads of room for fun and banter , but still serious when we need to be. A community that is focused on helping each other out to get that 1 trinket or that 1 item you need to be the best you can be, in other words a helpfull set of players that is focused on helping and having a lot of fun in the process. Highly organized guild system. Think about using very detailed spreadsheets like bank requests/calculations, professions list, raid loot distribution list, raid stats list, raid setup list, personally made highly detailed guild tactics for every fight and much more. What we look for in our members: We look for highly experienced and dedicated people who enjoy the game in every aspect whether that be PvE, Grinding, PvP anything you can think of, we want people to help each other and the guild along the way. We expect our members to be prepared for raids and have a high raid attendance (95%+), of couse we will help with that as best as we can. Friendly people who don't mind going out of their way to help a guildy do a dungeon or help grind those last few mats they need. Guild Info Raid days and times : We raid Sundays - Mondays - Wednesdays. Our raiding time: 19:30 - 23:30 (CET) Loot distribution: We work with a Loot Council system in which the officers decide who gets the loot. The loot is always recorded and posted on the forums and our spreadsheets after every raid, this way the members and the officers can check it anytime they want. We are an European based guild but this doens’t mean we don't accept people from other parts of the world as long as you can make the 95%+ raid attendance and speak/write a normal level of English. If you feel like <Rapax> is the guild you're looking for, don't hestitate and make an apply! –> Http://rapax-guild.com/ We are currently recruiting: Warlock - CLOSED Rogue - CLOSED Hunter - CLOSED Mage - CLOSED Druid Feral_DPS - CLOSED Feral_TANK - CLOSED Restoration - CLOSED Balance - CLOSED Shaman Elemental - OPEN Restoration - CLOSED Enhancement - CLOSED Paladin Protection - CLOSED Holy - CLOSED Priest Holy - CLOSED Shadow - CLOSED Warrior Protection - CLOSED Fury - CLOSED Exceptional players can always apply!