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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! Guild "Infertile" is a Social/PvP/Future PvE progression guild looking for new players. We offer assistance during your leveling and a friendly environment. Currently there is a strong interest in both PvP arenas and PvE progression. We will be creating raiding team(s) as soon as there are enough players at level 70. If you are interested feel free to contact any member of the guild! See you in the game! @Kord
  2. Good day to you all Short intro: I am South African aged 22, male - if that matters and am a law student I am relatively new to the server, still level 30 and I have been on holiday in Bali for a week and only return home on Sunday afternoon. I joined the server with some friends but they all seem to be losing interest and I cannot see even a fraction of them making it to 70, so this makes me realise that I will essentially be playing alone. I am mostly just looking for some decent folk, be it for leveling, socialising or raiding in the future. my experience is playing many years of WOTLK, playing retail through WOD, Legion and a couple months of BFA. I left retail because paying money for a game without a good group of friends to play it with seems a bit... draining. I’d really like to make this server my long term home and hope to meet some people that are quite chilled and like-minded to play with. If anyone would want to contact me in game, the name is Zoeey. (Yes, a female main, as certain classes I just feel uncomfortable being a male.) see ya around :)