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Found 1 result

  1. Hey game master, my character "Thorr" is stuck in deeprun tram (netherwing server). As soon as i login, wow crashes. So I can't login and use this character anymore. Please move my character or get it fixed somehow. here is the error report: WoWBuild: 18606 Realm: Netherwing [] Local Zone: Deeprun Tram Local Player: Unknown, 000000000003751A, (2.94004,1231.18,-125.354) Add Ons: Ace Cartographer CooldownCount EQCompare Ace2 Ace3 LightHeaded QuestReward QuestHelper RatingBuster SellJunk VendorValues ========================================================= Assertion Failed! App: /Users/kevinvasquez/Downloads/WoW TBC/World of Warcraft.app File: /Volumes/F2/usrbuild/xb/build/WoW_8606patch2.4.3/WoW/Source/Mac/../ObjectMgrClient/ObjectMgrClient.cpp Line: 2025 Error Code: 0x85100086 Time: 2019-02-23 14.20.28 GMT+8 Assertion: Illegal client GUID dereference at /Volumes/F2/usrbuild/xb/build/WoW_8606patch2.4.3/WoW/Source/Mac/../Object/ObjectClient/Movement_C.cpp:73! Provided GUID 0xF11002AFD1001ECF