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Phase 2 and Beta Summary

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We launched our beta 4 weeks ago, and so far we've been truly amazed by all the positive feedback we have received. 500 people tried the beta at launch and our discord server grew from 1500 members before the announcement, to over 4300 as of writing this post. The beta teaser has almost reached 11000 views while our Azeroth showcase has been widely liked and seen by over 4600 people in just about 2 weeks. Around 5700 characters have been made on over 3200 accounts. So far 82 characters have reached at least level 40 with 27 of them being 58 or above, which is an absolutely stunning number for an x1 beta when everyone knows their characters will be removed after it ends. Those who reached at least level 40 will receive a small cosmetic gift from us when the server launches, as a token of our gratitude. 

We definitely did not expect the testers to be this thorough and dedicated. Over 1700 reports have been made so far, ranging from important core and class mechanics, through vanilla dungeons to npcs and the tiniest details. In just a month, we've managed to fix/resolve over 850 issues (at the time of writing this post), which make up over half of all valid reports made, which you can see in the breakdown below (invalid/duplicate tickets not included):


So far we have resolved various player issues (e.g. corpses, ranged attacks, a few pet ones), fixed crashes, freezes and many memory leaks we uncovered, reworked the transports system and its synchronization between server and the client (Deeprun Tram works great now and pets/totems stick to ships and elevators as they should, etc.), improved pathfinding, improved or reworked dungeons such as Blackfathom Deeps, Uldaman, Sunken Temple, Zul'Farrak, Dire Maul or Maraudon as well as fixed hundreds of loot, npc and some quest problems. All the changes are available on discord, but you can also see the full changelog in the post below. There's definitely a lot of work left, but many of the remaining issues are very minor (e.g. any typos, small NPC issues or extremely tiny differences in quest xp) and we believe those can be worked on later on, even after release. Right now, we will be mainly focusing on class issues and Outland dungeons.

As of today, in each starting zone you will find a custom NPC which will boost you to level 40 and give you a few items to start with, so if you didn't like leveling from zero, you can give it a try from a little bit higher level. This sub-phase (also named Phase 1.5) will last one week. On 27th of October, Phase 2 will start, and will feature an instant 58 boost and entire Outland open, along with all 5-man normal and heroic dungeons. We're still working on those as you might have seen in the changelog, which is why we're so reluctant to show them before we're entirely certain all issues have been resolved, but a lot of people have been asking us for a video, so here's a test run we recorded a few days ago with the help of a few players:


The server is being made for you, the players, and therefore we would like to know your opinion about a few topics, so please help us out by filling out a small survey posted here.

Ever since the beta started, the community has given us a great amount of support and love and it means the world to us. We're putting a lot of effort into creating this realm and your kind words help us keep going.

Thank you!

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Full changelog (parsed from Discord):

[22-Sep-18 11:53 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2020][Core/DB] Beta Hotfixes

- Fixed two server crashes

- Fixed visibility "white texture" issue present after spawning
- SmartAI reset will now be properly called when respawned via SpawnManager
- Fixed an issue with Vendor flag not being sent properly to the players when the NPC does not have any gossip options

- Attacking critters will now properly give Rage
- All pets (not only hunter ones) will now prevent the player from receiving exp/loot when killing a target fully by themselves

- Cannibalize will now work properly
- Fixed an issue with not being able to skin mobs that dropped no loot

[DB/Dynamic Respawn]:
- Added dynamic respawn data to Feral Tenders and Grells (by Kutsal)

- Fixed an issue with Raider Kerr and Raider Jhash not mounting properly (by Evolve)
- Defias Cutpurse will now say his aggro text less frequently (by Evolve)

[23-Sep-18 01:11 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[Core/Corpse] Fixed Player corpses (by Emtec)
[2021][Core] Players will no longer be put into combat when going close to an already fighting creature

[23-Sep-18 02:05 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2022][DB] Misc changes

- Wind Shock should no longer be removed until its duration ends

[Core/Spawn System]:
- Reduce default global respawn time

- Gloablly increase pool restock percentages

- Lord Melenas will now use a proper version of Rake spell 
- Archaeologist Adamant Ironheart will now have proper delay between some of his texts during the event triggered after completing quest "Rune Covered Tablet"

- Fixed droprate of Springpaw Pelts
- Aldaron's Head will no longer drop from Aldaron the Wretched if the player does not have the quest "Wretched Ringleader" (by Pyralis)

[23-Sep-18 03:23 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2023][Core] Beta fixes

- Fixed an issue where quivers could be placed in quivers

- Fixed an issue where auto repeated spells would be interrupted when moving items in bags
- Wands will now correctly grant Wand skillups when used
- Spells starting with melee combat start attribute (e.g. Slam) will now be extempt from the initial spell delay batching

- Reduced bonus aggro range for Wolves
- Fixed weirdly looking Water Barrel in Odesyus' Landing
- Mmmrrrggglll will now be able to properly swim in water
[DB/Eversong Woods] Fixes by Kutsal
- Removed invalid spawn of Amani Berserker
- Removed invalid spawn of Mistbat

[23-Sep-18 04:13 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2024][Core] Increased maximum default mob leash range
[2025][Core] Blood Fury should now properly stack with other similar buffs

[23-Sep-18 05:00 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2026][Misc] Beta fixes

- Fixed an issue where quiver speed bonus could be stacked by swapping ranged weapons 

- Fixed an issue where creatures would use Outland global loot templates in low-level BC areas (e.g. Eversong Woods) and would not drop proper loot

- Bael'dun Diggers and Bael'dun Appraiser will now have proper faction and will no longer be flagged for PvP
- Corpse of Ferocitas the Soul Eater will now last longer

- Increased drop rate of Crawler Mucus

[DB/Eversong Woods]:
- Increased usage area radius for Old Whitebark's Pendant provided for quest Whitebark's Memory
- Increased drop chance of Crunchy Spider Leg
[2027][Core/Spell] Rushing Charge will now be properly removed after a successful melee hit
- Fixed invalid formation of Silverwing Emissaries

[DB/Eversong Woods]:
- Increase drop rate of Plagued Murloc Spines
[2028][Core/Spell] Fixed an issue with delayed spells not refunding combo points when failed to hit (outside of clear misses)

[23-Sep-18 10:30 AM] toto#7033

 - Prevent players to respawn in a starter zone graveyard when dying outside of the starter zone. And prevents starter zone graveyards from a faction to respawn players from the opposite faction. <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/60>
 - Players dying in the North Sea west of Sunsail Anchorage will now respawn at Fairbreeze Village instead of Sunstrider Isle <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/105>

[23-Sep-18 06:01 PM] toto#7033
[2030] Fix warriors dropping their stance on death <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/207>

 - Several hotfixes by Evolve: <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/162> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/173> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/177> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/182> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/65> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/170> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/203>
 - Correct the graveyard respawn location when dying as horde in front of Orgrimmar <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/217>

[23-Sep-18 07:59 PM] toto#7033
[2032] Fix rested status not removed when leaving an inn <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/97>

[23-Sep-18 08:39 PM] toto#7033

Corrections by Kutsal:

- Drastically decreased the drop rate of Plans: Copper Chain Vest on Siltfin Murlocs
- Decreased the drop rate of Battleboar Snouts and Battleboar Flanks
- Slightly increased the drop rate of Trogg Stone Tooth
- Increased the drop rate of the 3 quest items required for the quest Zenn's Bidding

[DB/Tirisfal Glades]:
- Added Rattlecage Skeletons to the dynamic respawn system

[DB/Azuremyst Isle]:
- Removed a specific Greater Timberstrider that was too close to the graveyard

- Reworked Knucklerot's waypoints
- Corrected distance of movement for both Vengeful Apparition and Ravening Apparition mobs
- Added missing Ghostclaw Lynx and Vampiric Mistbat spawns

[23-Sep-18 09:27 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
- Fixed latest crashes due to relocation processing (by Emtec)
[2034][Core] Fixed movement crash which occured earlier today

[23-Sep-18 11:11 PM] Heͥrͣkͫor#3725
[2035] Various corrections:

* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/145 fix Palemane Skinner repeating Rejuvenation too often
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/165 fix Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling being hostile and his random movement
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/163 fix Fizzle Darkstorm's duplicated Imp summons
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/AtlantissTBCBT/issues/1181 fix Argussian Compass max absorbed amount per hit
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/142 Disable interacting with objects while invulnerable
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/154 Add global loot to Ghostclaw Lynx

[23-Sep-18 11:19 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
- Fix map/mini-map and update position in group if player is teleported (by Emtec)
[2036][Core] Misc changes

- Fixed an issue with Flight Paths ending at first stop

- Inaccessible target time will now be properly cleared when combat starts 

- Fixed an issue where tavern resting would override resting in the city, causing the resting status to go away after leaving the inn areatrigger
[2037][DB] Beta fixes

- Daphne Stilwell should now respawn properly

[DB/Bloodmyst Isle]:
- Draenei Cartographer will now properly appear dead (by Evolve)

[24-Sep-18 12:33 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
- Fixed MMap crash by Emtec
[2038][Core] Misc changes

- Resurrection Sickness duration will no longer decrease when logged out

- Spell Range leeway will now be applied when attacking non-player targets as well
[2039][Core/Pet] Players should no longer be able to feed their pets with food requiring level higher than the beast

[24-Sep-18 01:56 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2040][Core] Misc changes

- Fixed crash caused by invalid spell data 

- It should no longer be possible to receive a quest share "popup" while being on a different map than the party member accepting the quest

- Casting Polymorph on a creature will now properly cause it to call for assistance

[24-Sep-18 02:01 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
- Pitchfork will now be added to global loot and should drop a lot less often. Sorry to take your pitchforks away.

[24-Sep-18 09:17 PM] toto#7033

 - Corrections by Evolve: <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/335> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/318> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/271> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/342> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/360> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/324> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/368> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/169> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/261> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/257>

[24-Sep-18 10:16 PM] toto#7033

 - Corrections by Evolve: Re-enable certain flightpaths that were added in 2.1+, <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/401> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/402> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/163> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/366> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/409> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/407> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/413>

[24-Sep-18 11:01 PM] toto#7033

Corrections by Kutsal:

- Removed Mulgore Spice Bread from Riverpaw Gnoll loot table
- Increased drop rate of Skittering Blood

[DB/Ragefire Chasm]:
- Added some missing patrols in Ragefire Chasm

- Added missing Grellkin spawns

[DB/Redridge Mountains]:
- Added missing Great Goretusk spawns

- Fixed a specific Elder Springpaw being in the wrong zone

- Fixed glitchy movement related to waypoint data from a specific Rotted One

- Added missing pooling for Gruklash
- Corrected some mob positions in the world

[25-Sep-18 01:08 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2044][Core] Spell fixes

- Crash fix

- Fixed spell cooldown approximation causing e.g. autorepeated spell interrupt issues (Wands, Auto-Shot)
[2045][Core/Chasing] Slower chase speed will now be properly applied only when creature is close enough to the player

[25-Sep-18 04:00 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2046][Core] Spell changes

- Apply Battle Stance on login when no stance is present
- Auto repeated spells (e.g Wands, Auto-Shot) should now work correctly when selecting a different target

- It will no longer be possible to cast spells requiring the caster to be behind the target when the target mob is repositioning
- EffectItemType will now be included when patching spells with data from previous patches

- Fixed Paladin quest "Claiming the Light"

[25-Sep-18 05:03 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2047][DB] Beta fixes

- Pets will now properly despawn when too far from their owner after Eyes of the Beast ends

- Ranger Lilatha will now properly fight against mobs during quest "Escape from the Catacombs"

[Bloodmyst Isle]:
- Lord Xiz will now properly wield a weapon
- Deathclaw will now have proper flags

[Elwynn Forest]:
- Kobold Laborer will now be hostile

[25-Sep-18 06:55 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2048][Core] Beta fixes 

- GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_SUMMONING_RITUAL gameobjects (e.g. Ritual of Refreshment) will now work properly 

- Paladin auras should now properly stack with other similar effects
- Pickpocketing a mob that's already in combat will no longer cause it to aggro onto the caster when the pickpocket fails

- Altar of the Keepers event should now work properly
- Stonekeepers should now properly remove their root state when entering combat
[DB/Dungeons]: Slightly increase damage of most mobs in following dungeons:
- Ragefire Chasm
- Wailing Caverns
- The Deadmines
- Shadowfang Keep
- Blackfathom Deeps
- The Stockade
- Gnomeregan
- Razorfen Kraul
- The Scarlet Monastery
- Razorfen Downs
- Uldaman
- Zul'Farrak

[25-Sep-18 08:47 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2049][Core] Players will now properly retain mount visual when on multi-point flight paths

[25-Sep-18 09:06 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2050][Core/Spell] Handle instant non-action resetting hunter spells instantly (should solve some shot issues)

[25-Sep-18 07:48 PM] toto#7033

 - Corrections by Evolve: Fixed period typo - Mr. Smite, Fixed space typo - Inkeeper Farley. <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/510> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/521> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/520> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/516> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/487> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/497> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/486> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/483> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/438> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/474> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/523> <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/304>

[25-Sep-18 07:56 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2052][Core] Misc changes

- Reduce the movement prediction time (experimental)

[Shadowfang Keep]:
- Reduce the initial teleport cast time of Archmage Arugal
- It will no longer be possible to switch wand/auto-shot target to a friendly unit

[25-Sep-18 09:46 PM] toto#7033

Disenchanting an item will now award an enchanting skill point only the first time the item is disenchanted.

[25-Sep-18 10:58 PM] Heͥrͣkͫor#3725

* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/445 fix quest credit given too early
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/463 fix tracking of some triggers
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/559 added quest item loot to Henrig Lonebrow corpse
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/540 fix owlkin being inoculated when channeling has been interrupted
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/565 fix Sarilous Foulborne being hostile to Horde, filling flask will aggro nearby enemies
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/500 removed wrong abilities
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/424 changed checking for pvp flagging when entering combat with pvp npcs - should also take in account base faction standing (needs testing)

[25-Sep-18 11:06 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2055][Core] Spell fixes

- Paladin auras should no longer be removed due to stacking issues
- Fixed issues with auras having 0 duration visual

- Stun from Stoneclaw Totem should now proc properly

[26-Sep-18 01:42 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2056][DB] Beta fixes

[Blackfathom Deeps]:
- Rewrote handling for Altar event

[DB/Loot]: Corrections by Kutsal
 - Drastically increased the drop rate of Laughing Sister's Hair
 - Slightly increased the drop chance of Satyr Horns
 - Drastically increased the drop rate of Mountain Lion Blood
 - Slightly increased the drop rate of Galaen's Amulet
 - Slightly increased the drop rate of The Lady's Necklace
 - Corrected Bloodfury Ripper's Remains drop rate
 - Slightly increased the drop rate of Zhevra Hooves
 - Slightly increased the drop rate of items needed for the quest Elixir of Suffering
 - Decreased the drop rate of Underbelly Whelp Scale
 - Increased the drop rate of Crystallized Bark
 - Corrected the drop rate of Etched Phial

[26-Sep-18 02:33 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2057][Core] Summoning Ritual/Summoning Stone will now work properly

[26-Sep-18 03:04 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2058] Change teleport to be delayed and split teleport to far/near (by Emtec)
[2059][Core] Combo Points should no longer be removed when a finishing move misses
[2060][Core] Daphne Stilwell should no longer despawn outside of the escort

[26-Sep-18 04:11 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2061][Core] "Next Swing" spells (e.g. Heroic Strike) will no longer be casted if the caster is disarmed

[26-Sep-18 06:31 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2062][DB] Corrections

[26-Sep-18 08:14 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2063][Core] Beta fixes

- Neutral mobs should no longer be alerted towards players in stealth

- Death visual should now happen much faster

- Fixed an issue with players being stuck in air after dying

- It will now be possible to mount in shallow water
[2064][Core] Beta fixes

- Paladin auras will no longer stack 

- Shapeshifting out of forms should now properly remove all movement impairing effects

- Improvements to wand target selection

[26-Sep-18 09:21 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2065][Core] Beta fixes

- Creatures that chase should now always properly react to speed changes (e.g. their movement speed debuff expires)

[Blackfathom Deeps]:
- Door to Aku'mai should now always properly open

[26-Sep-18 09:45 PM] toto#7033

Corrections by Kutsal

 - Slightly increased the drop rate of Flayed Demon Skin

 - Corrected a lot of mob spawn positions in the world
[DB/Wailing Caverns]:
 - Added missing patrol in the Wailing Caverns
[DB/Bloodmyst Isle]:
 - Added missing Bloodcursed Voyager spawns
 - Removed incorrect Enraged Ravager spawns
 - Corrected Luzran's pathing
 [DB/Stranglethorn Vale]:
 - Corrected Kurmokk double spawn + added pathing

[26-Sep-18 11:36 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2067][Core] Beta fixes

- Removed invalid aura stacking system

- Spell leeway should now be applied correctly to creatures
- Fixed issue with combo points not being properly applied to spells

[27-Sep-18 02:21 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2068][Core] Ownership AI update 

- Non-player pets should now evade along with their owner
- Non-player pets should now use distance from owner only if their owner is in combat/alive 
- Non-player pets should now properly have an evade state 
- Non-player pets should now properly despawn on evade if their owner is dead
- Non-player pets should now properly be linked aggro-wise with their owner

[27-Sep-18 03:10 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2069][DB] Add damage modifier data for creatures in ek/kalimdor/outland
[2070][DB/Misc] Reduced damage done by Knucklerot and Luzran
[2071][DB] Increased default corpse delay time from 60s to 5 minutes

[27-Sep-18 05:22 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2072][Core] Beta fixes

- Righteous Defense will now work properly

- Autorepeated spells (e.g. Wands) should no longer be interrupted due to invalid cooldown

[27-Sep-18 05:53 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2073][Core] Fix crashes

[28-Sep-18 02:21 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2074][Core] Beta fixes

- Crash fixes

- Fixed movement prediction while swimming at null pitch
- Auto-Shot/Wands should now be interrupted when newly selected target is invalid

- Fixed some mmap issues on hills
[2075][Core] Fixed an issue where player pets would be permanently removed after casting certain summoning spells
[2076][Core] Last fix for wands I promise

[28-Sep-18 03:26 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2077][Core] Beta fixes

- Fixed auto-shot/wand issues
- Pets should now teleport with player on close, same-map teleports
- Creatures should now properly chase their victim after mind control ends

[28-Sep-18 04:34 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2078][Core/Spell] Fixed issue with applying a temporary enchantment to items ("Target is too low level" error, e.g. Flametongue Weapon)

[28-Sep-18 08:05 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
- Crash fix

[28-Sep-18 06:08 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2079][Core/Unit] Crash fix

[28-Sep-18 07:07 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2080][Core] Beta fixes

- Crit chance will now be properly refreshed when disarm is applied/fades

- Bank log will no longer register free repairs in its event log

[28-Sep-18 09:04 PM] Heͥrͣkͫor#3725
[2081] Various corrections:

- https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/643 Felmusk stalkers will use global loot
- https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/648 Children did nothing wrong
- https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/633 Gift of Ragnaros spell will add fire damage to melee attacks instead being a ranged spell
- https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/616 Trackable triggers (global fix)
- https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/763 Foulweald Totemic will now use Searing Totem with correct race model
- https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/808 Witherbark Witch Doctor will now use Searing Totem with correct race model instead of Magma Totem
- https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/822 Deserter Agitators will run away and reset properly when not going hostile

[28-Sep-18 11:21 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2082][Core] Stealth fixes

- Fixed an issue with mobs evading after Cheap Shot/Pounce
- Fixed an issue with mobs attacking before Cheap Shot/Pounce is applied

[29-Sep-18 05:23 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2083][Core/DB] Beta fixes

- Fixed an issue where creatures would not chase a player if a spline was started when he was mid-jump (e.g. feared)

- Fixed an issue where healers would try to heal creatures pretending to be dead

- Uncommon armor/weapons will no longer drop from creatures below level 6

- Added proc icd to Thrash spells used by NPCs

- Increased drop rate of Crunchy Spider Leg

[Stranglethorn Vale]:
- Bloodscalp Witch Doctor's Earthgrab Totem will now properly behave as a totem
- All Shadowmaw Panthers will now be properly stealthed

[Stonetalon Mountains]:
- Added proc icd to Furious Stone Spirit's Knockdown ability

[Tirisfal Glades]:
- Increased allowed aggro height diff for Wailing Ancestor

[Thousand Needles]:
- Galak Wranger will now use his Net ability less frequently

- Shadowpine Catlord's Ghostclaw Lynx pet will now use its own level data instead of inheriting it from the owner
[Bloodmyst Isle]:
- Players will now be taken out of their shapeshift form when accepting quest The Kessel Run 

- Mor'ladim should now be easier to kite when enraged
- Splinter Fist Firemonger will now properly cast Quick Flame Ward on himself instead of his target

- Rabid Thistle Bear will now properly belong to Bear family and drop correct loot

[Scarlet Monastery]:
- Scarlet Sorcerer should now behave properly in combat
- Scarlet Abbot will now have correct text when enraging
- Linked two Scarlet Defenders together in one of the hallways
- Fully rewritten Scarlet Commander Mograine and Inquisitor Whitemane encounter and event 

[Dustwallow Marsh]:
- Acidic Swamp Ooze will no longer grant credit for quest Corrosion Prevention twice
- Grimtotem Key will now drop only for players having quest Prisoners of the Grimtotem

[29-Sep-18 07:13 PM] Heͥrͣkͫor#3725
[2084]  Beta fixes:
- Shadowmeld - will now cancel auto shot properly
- Spells/Items requiring nearby object will have increased range to detect required object

[29-Sep-18 07:43 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2085][Scarlet Monastery] Hotfix for Scarlet Commander Mograine
[2086][DB] Corrections by @Kutsal#7061 

 - Slightly increased the drop rate of Worn Stone Token
 - Drastically reduced the drop rate of Sida's Bag
 - Increased the drop rate of items that are needed for the warrior quest Essence of the Exile
 - Increased the drop rate of Bloody Bone Necklace
 - Corrected the drop rate of Bloodscalp Tusk
 - Corrected the drop rate of Red Leather Bandana based on mob type
 - Added missing patrols in Goldenmist Village
 - Added missing patrols in Underlight Mines
 - Added missing patrols + corrected NPC movement in Suncrown Village
 - Added missing patrols in The Dead Scar (North and South)
 - Corrected mob spawn points in the Windrunner Spire
[DB/Bloodmyst Isle]:
 - Pooled Mutated Tangler and Enraged Ravager together

 - Added missing patrols
[DB/The Exodar]:
 - Corrected Phea's movement

[DB/Stranglethorn Vale]:
 - Removed old pooling system for Bhag'thera and updated it with the new system
 - Fixed an error where Kurzen Headshrinkers were in the pooling group outside of the cave
[DB/Alterac Mountains]:
 - Corrected spawn position of a specific Dalaran Summoner
[DB/Redridge Mountains]:
 - Added missing Black Dragon Whelp spawn point + added support for pooling Black Dragon Whelp with specific Dire Condors
[DB/Thousand Needles]:
 - Added missing NPC named Synge
[DB/Silverpine Forest]:
  - Added missing patrols in Beren's Peril
  - Moved a misplaced Grellkin
 - Moved stacked Furbolgs

[29-Sep-18 08:18 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2087][Scarlet Monastery] Mograine and Whitemane hotfixes

[Scarlet Monastery]:
- High Inquisitor Whitemane should now properly move back to her room when the party wipes after Mograine is resurrected
- Scarlet Commander Mograine should now properly evade and restart the encounter when the party wipes when he's pretending to be dead
[2088][Core] Movement slow when chasing at low health should no longer apply to elite creatures

[29-Sep-18 09:59 PM] Heͥrͣkͫor#3725
- Using Auto Shot/Wand will remove auras that should be removed when attacking

[30-Sep-18 12:27 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2090][Core] Beta fixes 

- Feign Death should now work correctly

- Fixed an issue where formation members would try to stay in combat with a stealthed/invisible target

[30-Sep-18 01:14 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2091][Core] Beta fixes

- Reworked melee calculations to prevent potential issues with units having chance to block/parry despite not being supposed to

- Added missing non-caster anim spells to certain summoning ritual gameobjects

[Stranglethorn Vale]:
- Skullsplitter Hunter will now properly apply Thrash on himself and not his target

[30-Sep-18 02:54 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2092][Core/Rogue] Fixed an issue with creatures not moving in combat after distract

[30-Sep-18 04:34 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2093][Core] Reworked Feign Death

- Reworked Feign Death
- Implemented proper feign death resist chance formula
- Feign Death should now properly interrupt attackers' casting

[30-Sep-18 06:32 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2094][Core] Spawn System improvements

[Core/Spawn System]:
- Fixed an issue where a creature could be un-interactable due to being removed from map store while still being in world 
- Spawn Pools with maximum 1 object spawned should now remove all saved respawn times from DB when one of the objects is spawned

[DB/Alterac Mountains]:
- Moved Jailor Borhuin from bugged old pooling system to new one. He should now always spawn properly

[30-Sep-18 06:42 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2095][Core] Beta fixes

- Possibly fixed an issue with dying after duel

- Fixed an issue with certain spells (e.g. Sap) not removing stealth from target 

- Fixed an issue with creatures not being set as "Stealthed" despite having Stealth aura
[2096][Core] Fixed crash when trying to patch a non-existing SpellInfo

[30-Sep-18 10:18 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2097][Core] Increased height bonus for pathfinding height correction

[01-Oct-18 03:03 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2098][DB] Corrections by Kutsal

 - Slightly increased the drop rate of Skullsplitter Fetish
 - Corrected the drop rate of Zanzil's Mixture
 - Slightly increased the drop rate of Black Drake's Heart
 - Removed items that should not drop from Hillsbrad Apprentice Blacksmith's loot table.
 - Slightly increased the drop rate of Tunnel Rat Ear
[DB/Hillsbrad Foothills]:
 - Added multiple spawn locations for Farmer Getz
 - Added multiple spawn locations for Farmer Ray
 - Corrected the movement and position of Stanley
[DB/Arathi Highlands]:
 - Reworked Stromgarde Keep command room
[DB/Dun Morogh]:
 - Corrected movement of Frast Dokner
[2099][Uldaman] Fully rewritten Archaedas encounter
[2100][Core] Beta fixes

- Possibly fixed some transport synchronization issues (e.g. Undercity elevators) - please test

- Fully rescripted Obsidian Sentinel encounter

[01-Oct-18 04:43 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2101][Core] Beta fixes

- When a player obtains a quest item, all of his quests requiring that item should now be completed if possible. This should fix the issue of having to abandon a quest and retake it again to complete it

- Archaedas' channels should no longer be interruptable
- Vault Warders outside of Archaedas' room will no longer be summoned by him as they will be permanently spawned there and will not be awakened during the encounter

[01-Oct-18 05:02 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2102][Core] Reworked stealth checks
[2103][Core/Warlock] Fixed Ritual of Summoning
[2104][Core] Item stat changes should now be properly sent to the client
[2105][Core/Quest] Quests should no longer be shared with party members who are too far from the player accepting them

[01-Oct-18 06:32 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2106][Core/Creature] Creatures should no longer be alerted towards stealthed players they can't attack

[01-Oct-18 10:44 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2107][DB/Misc] Various corrections by @Evolve#4647 (rev xdd)

- Dire Bear Form will now properly replace Bear Form on the aura stance bar (by Kiper)

[Bloodmyst Isle]:
- Rewarding The Kessel Run will now dismount the player from Kessel's Elekk (by Kiper)

- Fixed incorrect Sylvanas' text during Journey to Undercity post-quest event (by Kiper)

- Removed bonus damage from items which should only have bonus healing in 2.0
- Fixed level of Felhunter summoned by using Spiked Collar

[Alterac Mountains]:
- Added missing abilities to Syndicate Sentry 
- Thick Black Claw will no longer drop if player does not have the required quest
- Syndicate Sentry should now properly use his Shield Wall ability

[Scarlet Monastery]:
- Removed Scorn

[Arathi Highlands]:
- Added missing abilities and an additional spawn point to Marez Cowl
- Cresting Exile will now cast Frost Armor
- Added missing mobs in the lower floor of Stromgarde Keep

- Scripted quest Wandering Shay

[Stranglethorn Vale]:
- Reduced level of King Mukla
- Venture Co. Strip Miner should now always properly use his Throw Dynamite ability

[Burning Steppes]:
- Blackrock Ambushers will now be hostile instead of neutral

[Silverpine Forest]:
- Corrected Dalaran Summoners add summoning behaviour
[Azuremyst Isle]:
- Added missing ghost effect to Stillpine Ancestor Akida
- Added missing abilities to Wrathscale Siren
- Inoculated Nestlewood Owlkin should no longer aggro nearby Mutated Owlkin

[Razorfen Kraul]:
- Agathelos the Raging should now attack players when they reach his area

[Thousand Needles]
- Pesterhide Snarler will now use his Intimidating Growl much later into the fight

- Reworked handling Withering Poison procs used by Scorpids

[Stonetalon Mountains]:
- Quest credit for Gerenzo's Orders will now be given to all party members
- Son of Cenarius will now despawn his adds on evade
- Antlered Courser will now use his Rushing Charge ability longer into the fight

[The Barrens]:
- Silithid Swarmers will no longer use Sacrifice
- Silithid Swarms will no longer use Consume Soul ability

[Hillsbrad Foothills]:
- Magistrate Burnside's abilities will now properly consume his mana 
- Foreman Bonds's summons should now despawn much quicker and attack right away
- Foreman Bonds should now keep his Devotion Aura out of combat as well

- It should now be possible to aggro mobs inside The Twin Ziggurats without pulling all of them at once
- Deatholme Darkmage will no longer flee at low health
- Darnassian Druids should now flee in combat when at low health

[Elwynn Forest]:
- Updated progress text for quest Wolves Across the Border

- Scripted quest Cuergo's Gold

[Blasted Lands]:
- Rune of the Defiler will no longer teleport players without Ward of the Defiler quest item 

- Prairie Wolf Alpha will no longer use Grow

- Supplies to Auberdine will now be failed if Feero Ironhand dies

- Fixed Dark Iron Land Mine damage

- Kodo Apparitions will no longer be skinnable

[01-Oct-18 11:02 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2108][Core] Transport update

[02-Oct-18 02:28 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2109][Core] Fixed player movement prediction while jumping backwards or moving backwards while mid-jump
[2110][Core] Players should now always see stealthed party/raid members

[02-Oct-18 03:04 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2111][Core] Fixed an issue with not being able to move a uniquely-equippable trinket into an empty trinket slot from another slot

[02-Oct-18 04:51 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2112][Core] Reworked melee outcome handling and calculations. The chances should now be correct and certain spells (e.g. Execute) should now have a chance to fail to hit the target

[02-Oct-18 05:08 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2113][Core] Fixed Daze chance calculation

[02-Oct-18 08:15 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2114][Core/Pet] Pets will no longer autocast Dash/Dive (and similar spells) without having an attack target
[2115][Core/Pet] Fixed missing cooldown on certain spells (e.g. Shell Shield)

[02-Oct-18 10:09 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2116][Core] Beta fixes

- Further cleanup and improvements to melee result calculations

- Improved Aspect of the Monkey and Improved Aspect of the Hawk bonuses will now be properly removed/applied to their respective aspects when unlearning/learning those talents with the aspect aura active
- Improved Feign Death talent will now work properly
[2117][DB/Karazhan] Added missing paths to Nightbane

[03-Oct-18 12:03 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2118][Core] Karazhan Improvements

- Tiny improvements to Moroes RP
- Fixed an issue which caused Netherspite to cast his Void Zone only once
- Fixed an issue which caused Nightbane to cast his Bellowing Roar only once
- Fixed an issue which caused Terestian Illhoof to cast his Sacrifice only once
- Big Bad Wolf will no longer be immune to Red Riding Hood's taunt ability

- Reworked "360 Cleave" behaviour

[03-Oct-18 01:36 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2119][Core] Karazhan fixes

- Pets should no longer attack Moroes while he's vanished
- Moroes will now cast Blind only on Players
- Fixed an issue with Nether Exhaustion debuffs being applied too soon during the Netherspite encounter
- Shade of Aran should no longer be unable to cast his ultimate spells due to school lockout caused by interrupting his normal spells 
- Slightly delayed Shade of Aran's Dragon Breath cast

[03-Oct-18 02:28 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2120][Core] Beta fixes

- Certain type of GameObjects will no longer block Line of Sight for spells

- Creatures should no longer consider a target inaccessible and evade if they're still within melee reach of it

[03-Oct-18 05:52 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2121][DB/Misc] Various corrections by @Pyralis#3390:

- Chests in Attack on the Tower will have the right quest items
- Fixed minimum and quest levels for Going, Going, Guano!
- Fiora Longears will no longer offer an old quest she shouldn't have anymore
- Courier Hammerfall will no longer offer a Winter Veil quest
- Beached Sea Turtles and Beached Sea Creatures in Darkshore now give the correct quests
- Duthorian Rall will now give his first Tome of Divinity quest properly
- Bloodshot Spider Eye and Thick Black Claw will now only drop if on the quest Spirit Totem

- Small bags will be set in global loot properly

- Voidwalker Minion is no longer immune to shadow

[03-Oct-18 07:19 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2122][Core] Cooldown changes

- Reworked unit cooldown application
- Spell proc cooldowns (e.g. Thrash) will now be applied to creatures as well

[Eversong Woods]:
- Darnassian Scouts will now be stealthed

[03-Oct-18 08:10 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2123][Core] Beta fixes

- Questgivers will no longer display "Greetings $N" when displaying a list of quests (two or more) and the npc does not have any gossip texts attached
- Increased default creature leash range

- Increased Torch of Retribution attack speed and changed the damage the player deals while wielding it to 0
[2124][Core] Spell fixes

- Fixed Vanish-Stealth spell mechanic inconsistency
- Dispel effects should now properly always aggro out of combat creatures

[04-Oct-18 08:16 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2125][DB/Object] Updated transport physics for ship transports

[04-Oct-18 09:33 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2126][Core/GameObject] GameObject dynamic field packet correction

[05-Oct-18 12:06 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2127][Core/Transport] Fixed synchronization/position calculation for static transports (elevators)

[05-Oct-18 12:17 AM] Heͥrͣkͫor#3725
[2128] [Core/Gameobject]:
* Fix fishing bobber animation showing twice
* Fix fishing bobber interrupting fishing when previous bobber was still despawning

* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/902 Witherbark Witch Doctor- restored magma totem and it will use the correct model

[05-Oct-18 12:24 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2129][Core] Fixed synchronization/position calculation for motion transports

[05-Oct-18 06:14 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2130][Core] Transport fixes

- Fixed saving/loading player onto a transport when logging out/in

- Added some missing trigger proc auras

- Reduced default chat range for CHAT_MSG_MONSTER_SAY

- Furthered increased default leash range

[05-Oct-18 07:45 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2131][Core] Transports update 

- All static transport grids will now be preloaded at server startup
- Transports should no longer send multiple create object packets to the player

[06-Oct-18 03:20 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2132][Core] Transports update 

- Fixed client-server synchronization 

- Creatures will no longer be alerted towards players not in their line of sight

[06-Oct-18 05:18 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2133][DB] Various Corrections by @Kutsal#7061 

 - Increased the drop rate of Centipaar Insect Parts
 - Increased the drop rate of Singing Blue Crystal
 - Increased the drop rate of Gorishi Scent Gland
 - Increased the drop rate of Hollow Vulture Bone
 - Increased the drop rate of Unpopped Darkmist Eye
 - Increased the drop rate of Encrusted Tail Fin and removed it from the loot table of Murkgill Murlocs
 - Drywhisker kobolds should not drop any elemental charms anymore

[DB/Temple of Atal'Hakkar]:
 - Added patrols to Spawn of Hakkar
[DB/Stranglethorn Vale]:
 - Added possible spawn point for Sin'dall where he patrols around the hill
[DB/Dustwallow Marsh]:
 - Added missing patrols in Darkmist Cavern
 - Added missing patrols at one of the Dreadmurk Shore islands
 - Remade patrol route for Twilight Marauder Morna and fixed her formation
 - Added missing patrols in Amani Catacombs
 - Added missing patrols and corrected movement in Windrunner Village
[DB/Eversong Woods]:
 - Removed extra spawns in The Dead Scar
 - Tooga is now wandering while waiting for someone to escort him to his wife
[DB/Thousand Needles]:
 - Added possible spawn points for Silithid Ravager inside the hive with patrol
 - Moved a specific Ridge Huntress stuck on top of a hill
 - Fixed an issue with the Slitherblade nagas shared spawn positions
[DB/Swamp of Sorrows]:
 - Fixed an issue with the Marsh Murlocs shared spawn positions

[06-Oct-18 06:04 PM] toto#7033
 - Fix unlocked boxes that could become locked again in some situations <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/1021>

[06-Oct-18 08:03 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2135][Core] Crash fix

[06-Oct-18 08:58 PM] Evolve#4647
[2136] [DB]  revision Xd

Dark Portal event improvements & balance updates - Equipment visuals, Hp, Damage, Phase timing, Spell scripts, Sound FX.
Added gossip_option_menu in case player loses chains to Lexlort based on TC.
Add 1 more potential spawn location for pooled Lady Sathrah based on TC.
Updated few gossip emotes of Thrall based on TC.
Updated Hinterlands & Tanaris quest emotes based on TC.
Removed gossip text from Gryphon Master Talonaxe based on TC.
Added a condition and 1 more gossip text to Vizzklick based on TC.
Reworked gossip options of Warlord Goretooth based on TC.
Bandaged a possibility of Kargath Expeditionary Force events to desync due to stepping into unloaded grid.
Prevented Warlord Goretooth to execute his events due to scuffed core - SAI data setting through invalid waypoint inform.
Fully reworked Eitrigg functionality and his Thrall interaction, removed his faulty cpp script.
Renamed names of few areatiggers that handle Inn rested status.
Updated script of Stillpine Deffender - combat AI.
Updated script of Silver Hand Disciple - combat AI.
Scripted Shadowforge Bridge Event inspired by TC.
Prepared NPC scripts, texts, gossips, equipments, focus, spells and spawns for quest The Battle of Darrowshire.(the event itself is not implemented yet)
Updated dozens of NPC abilities around the vnilla :toto: world.
Removed several invalid old AI scripts and converted them into WolfAI with TT SPELL_TARGET_AI_DECISION.
Updated several old scripted SAI events to match the newer performance-friendly standart.
Updated misc. visual waypoint movement of Monty based on TC.
Adjusted talk timer of "Dirty" Michael Crowes RP event.
Edited several RP events for both better server-performance and visuals.

[06-Oct-18 11:33 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2137][Core] Beta fixes

- Seal of the Crusader will now properly apply damage penalty

[Sunken Temple]
- Shade of Hakkar event will now properly reset after a wipe
- Hakkari Blood will now be removed from players when the Shade of Hakkar event starts
- Nightmare Suppressors will now be summoned much less frequently during the Shade of Hakkar encounter
- Atal'ai lights from Atal'ai Statues will now properly disappear after Atal'alarion is defeated
- Dreamscythe and Weaver will now properly circle around when summoned
- Jammal'an the Prophet will now properly return to his spawn position on evade
- Jammal'an the Prophet will now use proper AI module for casting and behaviour
- Jammal'an the Prophet will now properly aggro remaining alive mobs in his room when the encounter starts
- Jammal'an the Prophet will now properly spam heal when brought down to 10% of his health  
- Saturated Ooze will now summon its adds less frequently
- Zolo's totems will now behave like totems and will no longer be able to chase and attack

[07-Oct-18 05:49 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2138][Core] Beta fixes

- Failed quest will now be properly added to the quest log when the player logs in

- Slightly reduce the damage penalty of Seal of the Crusader

- Fixed an issue with procs removing certain creature auras (e.g. Stealth)

[07-Oct-18 05:59 PM] Heͥrͣkͫor#3725
[2139] Quest fixes and misc:
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/1255 [QUEST] The Essence of Enmity - fix using quest item on all quest NPCs
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/1136 [Quest][Ashenvale] Call of Water - fix gameobject
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/1103 [Quest] Raptor Captor - fix using item on multiple raptors
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/464 NPC Bristlelimb Shaman - fix using wrong totem
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/1093 [Quest] Aquementas - fully rewritten
* Removed some duplicated spells from mentioned quests related NPCs

[07-Oct-18 06:35 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2140][Core] Maul and other similar spells will no longer be interrupted when the caster is disarmed while in a feral form

[07-Oct-18 07:13 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2141][Core] Core changes

- Additional fix for trigger auras

- Debug npc for Emtec

[07-Oct-18 07:46 PM] Heͥrͣkͫor#3725
[2042] Misc:
* https://github.com/Atlantiss/AtlantissTBCBT/issues/1870 Added missing RP

[08-Oct-18 01:15 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2143][Core] Beta fixes

- Increased allowed distance from areatrigger (e.g. Camp Mojache inn)

- Fixed crash

[08-Oct-18 05:07 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2144][Core] Players will now be properly bound to an area instead of a zone (Hearthstone location)

[08-Oct-18 06:35 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2145][Core] Aura Stacking 2.0

- Started work on a new aura stacking system. Players will no longer be able to overwrite higher ranked auras with lower ranked auras (or equally ranked, "worse" auras)

- Fixed quest "Electropellers"

[08-Oct-18 11:34 PM] Evolve#4647
[2146] [DB] "rev hehexd"


[09-Oct-18 05:05 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2147][Core] Beta fixes

- Tree of Life slow will now be properly applied

- All versions of Faerie Fire spell should now properly prevent casting Stealth spells
[2148][Core] Beta fixes

- Fixed unlearning pet skills at Pet Trainers

- Fixed last crash
[2149][Core] Fixed an issue with Force of Nature removing stealth from targets in selected area radius

[09-Oct-18 08:02 PM] toto#7033

 - Several spawn corrections based on Zangarmash sniffs (by Easy)
 - Several spawn corrections in BME Camp (by Easy)
 - Add missing option to unlearn talents from NPC Katherine the Pure 5492 <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/911>
 - Make NPC Eris Havenfire 14494 friendly <https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/1341>

[10-Oct-18 12:21 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2151][Core] Beta fixes

- Fixed armor damage reduction calculations...

- Seal of Command will now be treated as a magical effect when checking for hit result

- Mage Portals (and similar objects) will no longer be usable only once

[10-Oct-18 07:32 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2152][DB] Various Corrections by @Pyralis#3390 :

- Silithid Swarm will no longer have money
- Adjusted Shellfish Trap loot
- Fixed or improved hundreds of beast trade goods and junk loot
- Removed a lot of creature loot that should not be creature loot

- In A Shameful Waste, you'll no longer be able to try to loot Tainted Wood after that objective is complete
- Fixed requirements to take Young Crocolisk Skins
- Fixed requirements to take Messenger to Westfall and Messenger to Darkshire
- Fixed quest level and minimum level for Field Duty
- During A Taste of Flame, the quest giver's mark above their head will no longer disappear

- Silithid Invader should now only spawn inside their hive or at its entrance
- Scarlet Bodyguard is no longer skinnable

[11-Oct-18 03:03 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2153][Core] Beta fixes

- Mechanical creatures will now be properly immune to Bleeds and Poisons by default

- Fixed an issue with ranged attack timer incorrectly resetting when casting certain spells 
- Fixed targetting for some triggered spells 
- Fixed an issue with certain spells being able to target invisible objects 

- Nether Charges during Mechano-Lord Capacitus encounter will now properly move more frequently
- Mechano-Lord Capacitus should no longer yell a kill text if a Nether Charge kills a player after he dies
- Nethermancer Sepethrea will now use her abilities slightly less frequently
- Fixed a possible issue with Pathaleon the Calculator not being visible after server restart
- Nether Wraiths will now properly target players with their Arcane Missiles during Pathaleon the Calculator encounter
- Tempest-Forge Destroyers will now use their Charged Fist ability earlier into the fight and a bit more frequently

[Hellfire Peninsula]:
- Fully rewritten Stair of Destiny event
- Reduced default random movement times

[11-Oct-18 03:47 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2154][Core] Core fixes

- Creatures should no longer try to cast a spell applying an aura if the target already has that aura

- Fixed an issue with certain auras removing themselves

- Fixed an issue where delayed spells could be immuned by the caster
[2155][Core] Fixed an issue with greyed-out containers when trying to open them while dead

[11-Oct-18 05:38 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2156][Core] HP update rework

- Reworked health updates - it should no longer be possible to die if an immunity/healing spell was executed on the target in the same batch (e.g. Divine Shield, Lay on Hands)

[11-Oct-18 06:25 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2157][Core] Aura fixes

- Fixed an issue with certain unranked spells not being able to stack together

- Primal Fury Rank 2 will no longer be overwritten by Primal Fury Rank 1 while in Cat Form

[11-Oct-18 07:06 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2158][Core] PathBuilder will no longer consider long navmesh paths with just a single point as valid
[2159][Core] Beta fixes

- Non-attacking totems should no longer generate threat through helping spells (e.g. Mana Spring tick)

- Wild summons should now always help their summoner in combat (need testing for side-effects)

[11-Oct-18 07:38 PM] Evolve#4647
[2160] [DB] rev "sample_text"

Corrected Anathemus damage to match his post 2.3 state.

[11-Oct-18 07:51 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2161][Core] Freeze fix

[11-Oct-18 08:12 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2162][Misc] Beta fixes

- Renamed and improved retarded commands

- Nagrand rework by @Easy#4385

[11-Oct-18 09:30 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2163][Core] Beta fixes

- Fixed healing issue after last update

- Implemented combat position to prevent certain evade issues from happening

- Renamed "entry" to "menu_id" in gossip_menu table

[Hellfire Ramparts]:
- Fixed an issue with Nazan evade
- Fixed an issue with certain object during Nazan encounter

[11-Oct-18 10:56 PM] Evolve#4647
[2164] [DB] rev "Zeno :FeelsWeirdMan: "

Adjusted RP of Hammertoe Grez based on TC.
Adjusted RP of Historian Karnik based on TC.
Adjusted RP of Theldurin the Lost based on TC.
Updated scripts of NPCs 2158,2159,2160 based on TC.
Added more aggro texts to NPC Prospector Remtravel based on TC.
Added gossip_menu_options, conditions and updated the script of NPC Cyrus Therepentous based on TC.
Added Longsnout based on TC.
Updated wolfs in Orgrimmar based on TC.
Slightly updated position of Rune of Mazthoril LT position based on TC.
Updated gossip_menu_options of NPC Mathredis Firestar based on TC.

[12-Oct-18 01:15 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2165][Core] PathBuilder/Pathfinder update 

- Corrections to last movement update - a proper path will now be built if generated navmesh path is too long for a single point
- PathGenerator will now always use higher position height data for normalization and compare the values selecting the better one

[12-Oct-18 06:21 PM] Evolve#4647
[2166] [DB]    rev "439kcolb"

Added spawns and script of NPC Corrosive Swamp Ooze based on TC.
Added kick animation to NPC Haleh based on TC.
Added OOC text emotes and gossip options to NPC Awbee based on TC.
Updated Awbee unit and special flags, faction, npc flag and added his gossip_menu npc_texts.
Added quest emotes in Badlands, Searing Gorge & Burning Steppes based on TC.
Add one more gossip_menu into NPC Liv Rizzlefix and its condition based on TC.
Add one more gossip_menu into NPC Itharius and its condition based on TC.
Fixed typo in text of NPC Atal'alarion based on TC.
Updated gossip_menus, options and text of NPC Earthcaller Franzahl based on TC.
Added spawns of NPC Mystlash Flayer based on TC.
Added spawns of NPC Severed Druid based on TC.
Added new equipment variations to Severed Druid spawns.
Updated few spawns of NPC Withervine Bark Ripper based on TC.

[12-Oct-18 08:41 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2167][Core] Beta fixes

- Rebuilding paths for invalid navmesh single point paths will now use absolute height
- Fixed crash

- Changed selecting height in path normalization

[12-Oct-18 10:02 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2168][Core] Beta fixes

- Crash fix 

[2169][Core] Changed the way leashing works - please retest after it's live.

[14-Oct-18 07:02 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2170][Core] Beta fixes

- Rewritten entire instance logic. Entirely rewritten the Pyramid Event and Gahz'rilla Summoning
- Gahz'rilla will now properly evade on wipe
- Scripted Goblin Land Mines used by Weegli Blastfuse

- Reworked handling delayed health updates to prevent some situations with units dying when they're not supposed to

- Reworked damage immunity against duel opponents - should eliminate most situations where death occurs
- Players will no longer retain party auras from other players (e.g. Totem buffs) while dueling

- Bestial Wrath will no longer persist when pet is unsummoned (even temporarily)
- Rapid Killing buff will no longer be removed after casting spells that are not affected by it
- Rapid Killing buff will now be properly reapplied when hunter's target dies from a spell which is affected by it

- Ritual of Refreshment will now remove the reagent needed only when the ritual is successful

- Ritual of Souls will now remove the reagent needed only when the ritual is successful

- Fixed crash

[14-Oct-18 03:14 PM] Evolve#4647
[2171] [DB]    rev yummy

Updated spells, AI, texts, misc. RP, immunities, spawns, gossips and conditions for several Outland NPCs.
Added spawns, spells, gossip menus, their conditions and movement for several vnilla :toto: NPCs.
Fully rewritten Celebras the Cursed encounter, Celebras the Redeemed event and all shenanigans around it.

[14-Oct-18 03:40 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2172][DB] Various Corrections by @Kutsal#7061 

 - Increased the drop rate of Blood Red Key
 - Increased the drop rate of items required for the quest Badlands Reagent Run
 - Slightly increased the drop rate of Indurium Flake
 - Increased the drop rate of Grimtotem Key
 - Increased the drop rate of Jungle Remedy from Kurzen Jungle Fighter
 - Increased the drop rate of Ghost-o-plasm
 - Increased the drop rate of Crystallized Mana Essence
 - Increased the drop rate of Gordunni Orb
[DB/Blackrock Depths]:
 - Linked Blazing Fireguards together
 - Linked Vile Larva groups together
 - Linked Creeping Sludge groups together
 - Linked Satyr and Imp groups together
 - Properly linked Lord Vyletongue and his stealthed bodyguards in his room
 - Linked Subterranean Diemetradon groups together
 - Linked Deep Borer groups together
[DB/Sunken Temple]:
 - Linked a lot of different creature groups together
 - Fixed a few of Watchkeeper Gargolmar's lines
 - Added big patrol area to groups of Talbuk
[DB/Tirisfal Glades]:
 - Meven Korgal will now use the correct language when yelling
[DB/Blasted Lands]:
 - Added missing servant to one of the Stone of Binding
 - Fixed a specific Shadowforge Surveyor being stuck inside a pillar

 - Fixed a specific Nether Maiden clipping through the ruins.
 - Added RP flavor to some Nether Maiden and Nether Sister
[DB/The Barrens]:
 - Some Peons and Horde Guards have gotten their RP skill up and are now emoting + patrolling.
 - Moved a specific Silithid Grub stuck in texture
[DB/Dustwallow Marsh]:
 - Fixed a specific Firemane Scout and Firemane Ash Tail patrolling a huge area together
 - Added patrol for Lord Angler
 - Removed a specific Bloodfen Screecher that is out of place
[DB/Stonetalon Mountains]:
 - Fixed Vengeful Ancient pathing
 - Added multiple spawn points for Stinglasher with patrols
 - Added patrol to Zukk'ash Stinger
 - Fixed a specific Wavethrasher going below the ground

[14-Oct-18 04:22 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2173][Core] Rework attacker handling, get rid of keeping potentially invalid unit pointers

[14-Oct-18 05:01 PM] Evolve#4647
[2174] [DB]  rev DP

Improvements to Dark Portal event.

[14-Oct-18 05:07 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2175][DB] Various Corrections by @Pyralis#3390 

- Fixed requirements for taking The Crimson Courier

- Furbolg Medicine Pouch and Furbolg Medicine Totem now require Timbermaw Hold reputation

- Un'Goro power crystals should no longer be left empty after people loot them
- Lowered respawn time for a few unique quest objects
- Blacksmithing Plans in BRD and Stratholme now require a slightly lower level of blacksmithing skill to properly loot them
- Repositioned a few pesky Azsharite Formations

[14-Oct-18 07:23 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2176][Core] Damage updates will now be always properly cleared during the update
[2177][Zul'Farrak] Weegli Blastfuse will now be properly unlinked from Bly's formation when asking him to open the door

[14-Oct-18 11:18 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
Fix memleak and heap-use-after-free on logout by Emtec

[15-Oct-18 06:56 PM] Evolve#4647
[2178] [DB] rev DP2

Celebras the Redeemed event slightly tweaked.
Disabled XP gain from Invading Infernals during DP event.
Rebalanced Dark Portal dmg/hp ratio between Boss fights.(needs testing)

[16-Oct-18 10:44 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2179][Core] Fix latest crash/fix issues

[16-Oct-18 01:39 PM] Evolve#4647
[2180] [DB]   rev maul

Scripted Dire Maul Arena event.
Corrected Damage modifiers of Bosses in The Maul world event.


[16-Oct-18 05:36 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2181][DB] Terokkar Forest Overhaul by @Easy#4385

[16-Oct-18 06:46 PM] Pelekon#4317
[2182] Quest:
- fix https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/254
and https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/561

[16-Oct-18 07:27 PM] Emtec#2564
[Core/Map] Fix memleak in gameobject container, fix unload grids.

[16-Oct-18 09:20 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2183][Core] Beta fixes

- Totems will no longer fall behind when summoned on a transport 

[Slave Pens]:
- Naturalist Bite should no longer rush to attack prematurely and will now take less damage

- Rewritten Pathaleon the Calculator to use WolfAI
[2184][Core] Beta fixes

- Fixed an issue with not being able to apply certain ranked auras

[Shattered Halls]:
- Reduced damage taken by Shattered Hand Gladiators when sparring with other Gladiators

[16-Oct-18 11:20 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2185][Core] Totems will no longer be a valid target for non-victim target selection

[17-Oct-18 12:11 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2186][Core] Fixed an issue with mobs having summons not being able to mind control players

[17-Oct-18 03:38 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2188][Core] Beta fixes

- Food animations will no longer play out if player moved
- Fixed a visual issue after eating
[2189][Core] Duelling players will no longer be a valid target for chained positive spells (e.g. Chain Heal)

[17-Oct-18 08:48 PM] Emtec#2564
Correct remove static transports from the map / Fix heap-use-after-free

[17-Oct-18 09:56 PM] Emtec#2564
Remove transports on unload map

[17-Oct-18 10:05 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2190][Core] Outland dungeon and raid fixes 

- Fixed an issue which caused variations of Blast Wave spell to change creature's target 

[Shadow Labyrinth]:
- Shape of The Beast will now be considered a positive effect and will be therefore cancellable when spellstolen
- Ambassador Hellmaw will now be properly banished before being released
- Ambassador Hellmaw will now deal more damage on both normal and heroic version
- Cabal Spellbinders will now only use spell shock to interrupt casts
- Cabal Spellbinder's Brain Wash will now target players only
- Moving creatures in Murmur's Room will now be immune to Suppression Blast's stun until they reach their position after the event starts
- Cabal Executioner will now deal more damage on both normal and heroic version
- Fixed targetting issue which allowed Cabal Ritualists to cast Arcane Missiles ignoring Line of Sight

[Black Morass]:
- Rewritten portal handling - new portals will no longer spawn during a boss encounter and will no longer be sped up after a boss encounter
- Corrected all portal spawn timers 
- Infinite Assassins will now properly use their abilities
- Infinite Chronomancers will now properly use their abilities
- Infinite Executioners will now properly use their abilities
- Infinite Vanquishers will now properly use their abilities

[Auchenai Crypts]:
- Shirrak the Dead Watcher will now apply Inhibit Magic in proper intervals

[Mana Tombs]:
- Fixed an issue with Pandemonius calling creatures outside of his room for help when aggroed
[The Slave Pens]:
- Coilfang Slavehandler will now only have a chance to say non-slave call aggro text when failed to call any slaves instead of saying it every time
- Coilfang Slavemasters will now be properly immune to certain cc types

[The Steamvault]:
- Hydromancer Thespia will now properly bind players to the dungeon
- Rewritten Hydromancer Thespia to use WolfAI and updated Lightning Cloud and Enveloping Winds timers
- Rewritten Warlord Kalithresh to use WolfAI, reduced his Impale repeat timer and added a cooldown to his kill player text
- Coilfang Engineers will now use their Net ability less frequently

[The Underbog]:
- Ghaz'an will now properly say his enrage text when enraging

[Blood Furnace]:
- Fixed a potential issue with Broggok keeping threat from the prison gauntlet phase

[Magtheridon's Lair]:
- Reworked handling Hellfire Channelers to prevent respawn visual issues
- Rewritten Hellfire Channeler's script to use WolfAI 
- Rewritten Hellfire Warder's script to use WolfAI and fixed a visual issue for one of the channelers
- Fixed damage done by Burning Abyssals
- Fixed issues with Manticron Cubes not triggering channel cast or disappearing
[Shattered Halls]:
- Increased damage done by Blood Guard Porung
- Shattered Hand Zealots spawned periodically during the large gauntlet event will no longer be able to chain pull Zealots standing in the hallway
- Shattered Hand Assassins summoned during Warchief Kargath Bladefist encounter will no longer be chain pulled by mobs summoned during the encounter
- Shattered Hand Assassins summoned during Warchief Kargath Bladefist encounter will now be properly stealthed
- Shattered Hand Assassins will now properly cast Sap and will deal more damage
- Slightly increased damage done by Shattered Hand Gladiators when sparring
- Removed invalid fire spawns in the large gauntlet hallway
- Flame Arrows will now properly behave as triggers and will not participate in combat
- Reworked handling Kargath's Executioner debuff - it will now persist through death and will be reapplied with proper duration to any new players entering the dungeon
- Warbringer O'mrogg should no longer switch targets after hitting the tank with Blast Wave

[The Mechanar]:
- Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill will now properly bind players to the dungeon
- Mechano-Lord Capacitus will now properly bind players to the dungeon
[2191][Core] Beta fixes

- Implemented proper target fixate mechanic for certain spells 

[The Slave Pens]:
- Quagmirran will now be tauntable during Acid Spray

[20-Oct-18 01:49 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2192][Core] Beta fixes

- Shamans will now be properly added to creature's threat list whenever their totem is placed there

- Reduced damage penalty of Seal of the Crusader

[20-Oct-18 04:12 PM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2193][Core] Crash fix

[21-Oct-18 01:02 AM] Wolfenstein#0741
[2194][Core/Misc] Beta Phase 1.5

- Pets should now properly teleport with players when teleporting to the same map 

Created a new helper NPC in starting zones with a level 40 boost and following additional bonuses:
- Gives you a little bit of gold
- Teaches you all possible spells for your class at that level (excluding talents)
- Teaches you and maximizes all weapon skills + defense and riding
- Gives you a level 40 starting gear, bags, mount, food, ammo, weapons and equips all of it automatically
- Teaches you all flying paths in EK/Kalimdor
- Gives you a pet (hunter only)
- Lets you buy additional items for different specs

Additionally gives you an option to reset talents and teleport to Stormwind/Orgrimmar

[21-Oct-18 09:20 PM] Evolve#4647

Corrected around 200 NPCs with incorrect combat ai flags(should reduce the amount of "NPC casts spell while CCed" cases etc.)
Adjusted few hundred NPCs with "Net" ability - accounted for increased 2.0.3 prenerf ability duration
Rewritten few gameobject scripts that could cause server diff spikes
Removed several discovery spells that were not obtainable at 2.0.3 content
Added abilities to dozens of vnilla creatures that are summoned via multiple events.
Tweaked The Maul arena script.(todo: rewrite handling based on different event)
Disabled all Elemental Invasion NPCs until proper event rewrite.
Added some dbc spells.
Updated several spawns around the vnilla :toto: world.
Updated dozens of NPCs for missing spell_school_mask and mechanic_immune_mask immunities.
Added spawns, pooling and patrols to several NPCs.
Rewritten few problematic old scripts that could break under certain circumstances.
Added spawns, formations and movement of NPC Legion Hound based on TC.
Add few gossip_texts for Hallow's end npcs based on TC.
Scripted event of quest Indurium Ore, inspired by TC.
Added quest emotes of Swamp of Sorrows & Blasted Lands based on TC.
Add text emotes to Cleansed Timberling based on TC.
Added more OOC texts to Farrin Daris based on TC.
Add aggro text of NPC Ilkrud Magthrull based on TC.
Add one more text to Nancy Vishas based on TC.
Add OOC text to NPC Foggy MacKreel based on TC.
Add one more gossip text and its condition to NPC Tajarri based on TC.
Add abilities and spawns of NPC Infernal Bodyguard based on TC.
Add missing spawns of NPCs Spire Scarab and Spire Scorpid based on TC.
Add a condition on items that are being sold by Katrina Shimmerstar based on TC.
Add spawns of NPC Hallucination based on TC.
Add quest script to NPC Warosh based on TC.
Add spawns of NPC Kodo Spirit based on TC.

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