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Hunter guide

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This is a hunter guide taken from the old CC forums. Credit goes to bjplunk and whoever else he credits in this big gathering of information.


The majority of this work is not my own, I have simply organized it here for ease of access. Source links will be denoted under the section they are related to. If a source is missing, I simply forgot it.


  • Section 1: Hunter Information, formulas, theorycrafting
  • Section 2: Pet Information, formulas, theorycrafting
  • Section 3: Macros
  • Section 4: Talents, Gems, Consumables
  • Section 5: Gear Spreadsheet and instructions


Section 1: Hunter Information, formulas, theorycrafting


† Crit% starts at -1.53%.
†† Dodge% starts at -5.45%.

  • 1 Stamina gives 10 Health Points
  • 1 Strength gives 1 Melee Attack Power (MAP)
  • 1 Intellect gives 15 Mana
  • 1 Spirit gives 1/4 Mana per 5 seconds - Spirit regen only happens if you have not used any ability requiring mana the last 5 seconds.
  • 1 Agility gives 1 MAP, 1 Ranged Attack Power (RAP), 2 Armor, and some Crit and Dodge (see table above).
  • 14 ®AP gives a damage bonus equal to 1 DPS. The actual damage bonus per attack depends on weapon speed. Note that this is before modifiers like haste effects (quiver / ammo pouch, Rapid Fire, etc). In the case of many abilities, the Attack Power contribution is normalized.
  • Hit Cap is 142


Haste effects work like this:

  • HastedSpeed = WeaponSpeed / (1 + Haste%)

So, with a 2.9 weapon and a 15% quiver, you get:

  • HastedSpeed = 2.9 / (1 + 15%)
  • HastedSpeed = 2.9 / 1.15
  • HastedSpeed = 2.52

Multiple haste effects work like this:

  • HastedSpeed = WeaponSpeed / ([1 + aHaste%]*[1 + bHaste%]*...)

So, using a 2.9 weapon, with a 15% quiver with Rapid Fire (40% haste) active:

  • HastedSpeed = 2.9 / ([1 + 15%]*[1 + 40%])
  • HastedSpeed = 2.9 / (1.15*1.40)
  • HastedSpeed = 1.80

There is an exception to the above - the Troll racial Berserking. A x% Berserking haste works like this:

  • HastedSpeed = WeaponSpeed*(1 - x%)

This can be rewritten into:

  • HastedSpeed = WeaponSpeed / (1 / [1 - x%])

So, using a 2.9 weapon, with a 15% quiver and 30% Berserking active:

  • HastedSpeed = 2.9 / ([1 + 15%] * [1 / (1 - 30%)])
  • HastedSpeed = 2.9 / (1.15*[1/0.70])
  • HastedSpeed = 2.9 / (1.15*1.42857)
  • HastedSpeed = 1.77

All haste effects affect both Aimed Shot and Steady Shot casting time.


What does +spell damage affect, and to which degree?

Serpent Sting -- Nature, 100% of listed bonus (spread across all ticks).
Volley -- Arcane, ~33% of listed bonus (spread across all ticks).
Wyvern Sting -- Nature, 100% of listed bonus (spread across all ticks).

+Arcane damage -- Applies to Volley.
+Nature damage -- Applies to Serpent Sting and Wyvern Sting.
+Damage and healing -- Applies to all of the above.
Arcane Shot, Viper Sting and the various traps do not gain anything from +spell damage.


Whenever you make a ranged attack, you have a chance of the following:

  • Miss
  • Crit
  • Hit

The above all have a chance to happen, based on your and your target's stats.
Base miss rate against an equal leveled target is 5%.
Against a mob 3 levels higher than you, you have 9% miss rate.
Bosses are considered to be 3 levels higher than you when it comes to calculations regarding hit, crit, resists (and glancing blows, parries and dodges - melee only).

A 2 roll system is being used for special attacks: First a roll to see whether you hit or not, then another roll to determine if you crit or made a regular hit.
The exact roll system used for Hunters is hard to determine. The results are, in the case of Hunter attacks, very similar.
Melee attacks, which suffer from parries and dodges, and often a higher miss rate than our ranged attacks, have results differing much more.



Paperdoll damage is calculated like this:

  • MinimumDamage = DamageModifiers*(AmmoDPSLow*WeaponSpeed + RWSMod*((RAP/14)*WeaponSpeed + WeaponMinimumDamage) + ScopeDamage)
  • MaximumDamage = DamageModifiers*(AmmoDPSHigh*WeaponSpeed + RWSMod*((RAP/14)*WeaponSpeed + WeaponMaximumDamage) + ScopeDamage)

Paperdoll DPS = ((MinimumDamage + MaximumDamage)/2)/HastedSpeed

The Paperdoll damage is your damage to any generic enemy before armor, etc, is applied. If you have any items adding damage to only some types of mobs (for example Seal of the Dawn, +81 AP against undead, or one of the Slaying talents), this is not added in the Paperdoll. It is added in the other shots, where applicable.
NOTE: In this case, DamageModifiers does not include the bonus from Ranged Weapon Specialization.

Basically the same as Paperdoll damage, with the mob-specific things added in where applicable. However, unlike the Paperdoll, ammo does seem to be affected by Ranged Weapon Specialization ingame. Most likely, ScopeDamage is as well.
Auto Shot's damage is affected by armor.

  • AutoShotDamage = DamageModifiers*(AmmoDPS*WeaponSpeed + (RAP/14)*WeaponSpeed + WeaponDamage + ScopeDamage)


Instant shot, 6 second cooldown. Cooldown can be reduced to 5 seconds with 5 talent points in Improved Arcane Shot. Arcane Shot deals Arcane Damage, and its (partial) resist rates seem to be based on your Weapon Skill, resulting in a 2% total DPS loss per Level your target outlevels you. Other than that, it works by the same rules as your other shots.
Since it deals Arcane Damage, anything boosting damage from the Arcane spell school, for example Curse of Shadows, will boost Arcane Shot's damage. This does not, however, include +Spelldamage or +Arcane damage; Arcane Shot deals spell damage, but is not a spell.
Its listed tooltip damage is incorrect.
Arcane Shot's damage is not affected by armor.

- blizzard


  • ArcaneShotDamage = DamageModifiers*(ArcaneShotBonus + RAP*0.15)

ArcaneShotBonus depends on rank used:

  • Rank 1 = +14
  • Rank 2 = +22
  • Rank 3 = +36
  • Rank 4 = +64
  • Rank 5 = +91
  • Rank 6 = +125
  • Rank 7 = +158
  • Rank 8 = +200
  • Rank 9 = +273

Using ranks lower than your max rank will result in reduced damage gained from RAP.


A shot with a 0.5 casting time, 10 seconds cooldown. It can hit up to 3 targets at a time.
Multi-Shot is normalized to have its damage from Attack Power be as if the weapon were a 2.8 speed weapon.
Multi-Shot's damage is affected by armor.

- Blizzard


  • MultiShotDamage = DamageModifiers*(AmmoDPS*WeaponSpeed + (RAP/14)*2.8 + WeaponDamage + ScopeDamage + MultiShotBonus)

DamagePercentageBonus here also includes Barrage.

MultiShotBonus depends on rank used.

  • Rank 1 = 0
  • Rank 2 = +40
  • Rank 3 = +80
  • Rank 4 = +120
  • Rank 5 = +150
  • Rank 6 = +205


A shot with a 3.5 second casting time (affected by hastes), 6 + HastedSpeed cooldown.



Obtained by investing in the talent "Aimed Shot", found in the Marksman Tree (requires 10 points already invested in the Marksman Tree).
With a 2.9 weapon and 15% quiver, this becomes:

  • CastingTime = 3.5 / 1.15
  • CastingTime = 3.04
  • Cooldown = 6 + 2.9/1.15
  • Cooldown = 8.52

Aimed Shot is normalized to have its damage from Attack Power be as if the weapon were a 2.8 speed weapon.
Aimed Shot resets your Auto Shot timer - after firing an Aimed Shot, you have to wait for [WeaponSpeed] seconds before Auto Shot is ready to fire.
Aimed Shot's damage is affected by armor.

  • AimedShotDamage = DamageModifiers*(AmmoDPS*WeaponSpeed + (RAP/14)*2.8 + WeaponDamage + ScopeDamage + AimedShotBonus)

AimedShotBonus depends on rank used.

  • Rank 1 = +70
  • Rank 2 = +125
  • Rank 3 = +200
  • Rank 4 = +330
  • Rank 5 = +460
  • Rank 6 = +600
  • Rank 7 = +870


An instant shot, 30 second cooldown.
Obtained by investing in the talent "Scatter Shot", found in the Marksman Tree (requires 20 points already invested in the Marksman Tree).
Deals damage and adds a disorient effect to the target if possible.
Targets immune to the disorient effect still receive damage as normal.
Scatter Shot, opposed to every other Hunter Shot, does not have a dead zone.
Scatter Shot's damage is affected by armor.

- Blizzard


  • ScatterShotDamage = AutoShotDamage*0.5


An instant shot, 20 second cooldown.
Obtained by investing in the talent "Silencing Shot", found in the Marksman Tree (requires 40 points already invested in the Marksman Tree, including 5 points invested in the talent "Master Marksman").
Deals damage and adds a silence effect to the target if possible.
Note that it does not have an interrupt effect - it does not interrupt spells if the target is immune to silence. Targets immune to the silence effect still receive damage as per normal rules.
Silencing Shot's damage is affected by armor.



  • SilencingShotDamage = AutoShotDamage*0.50


A shot with a 1.5 second casting time (affected by hastes). No cooldown, but the global cooldown prevents firing faster than every 1.5 seconds. It deals additional damage if the target is dazed.
Its listed tooltip damage is incorrect.
Steady Shot's damage is affected by armor.



Taught by Hunter trainers at Level 62.

Testing has given the following formula for its damage range:

  • SteadyShotDamage = DamageModifiers*(150 + (WeaponDamage/WeaponSpeed)*2.8 + 0.2*RAP + [Dazed: 175])


For ammo giving 7.5 DPS:

  • AmmoDPSLow = 7
  • AmmoDPSHigh = 8

For ammo giving 13 DPS:

  • AmmoDPSLow = 13
  • AmmoDPSHigh = 13

After Paperdoll, I'll use average damage instead of showing minimum and maximum damage. These are labeled AmmoDPS, WeaponDamage, etc.

DamageModifiers: Stuff like Focused Fire, Ferocious Inspiration, Ranged Weapon Specialization, etc. These stack multiplicatively.
Example: Focused Fire + Ranged Weapon Specialization --> 1.02*1.05

The rest should be pretty self-explanatory, but feel free to ask if there's any uncertainty.



Humanoid Slaying works in PvP if the player isn't shapeshifted.
Shapeshifted Druids (except in tree form) and Shaman in Wolf Form are considered to be Beasts, and are affected by Beast Slaying.

Mortal Shots and Slaying

In terms of damage dealt, CritDamage = 2*HitDamage

  • With 5/5 Mortal Shots: CritDamage = 2.3*HitDamage
  • With 3/3 Slaying: CritDamage = 1.03*HitDamage

However, with 5/5 Mortal Shots and 3/3 Slaying:

  • CritDamage = 1.03*(2+0.30*1.03)*HitDamage
  • CritDamage = 1.03*2.309*HitDamage

Slaying also applying to the Mortal Shots bonus might be a bug.

Frenzy and Master Tactician

The average uptime of these two talents can be calculated in similar ways, by calculating the chance of the buff not being active, then inversing it.

Master Tactician has a 6% chance on every successful attack to increase your Crit rate by 2/4/6/8/10% for 8 seconds.
If you fire 1 shot per second, you'll fire 8 shots during the proc. (8seconds / 1shot_per_second)
The chance of not having a single proc within this time frame can be described as:

  • 0.94^8 = 0.61

This means Master Tactician is not up 61% of the time. This again leads to Master Tactician's uptime, on average, being 39%. (1 - 0.61)

To give a more universal formula:

  • Uptime = 1 - (ChanceNotToProc^Attacks)
  • ChanceNotToProc = 1 - ProcChance
  • Master Tactician has a 6% chance to proc.
  • ChanceNotToProc = 1 - 0.06
  • ChanceNotToProc = 0.94

Attacks = Amount of attacks eligible to activate the proc
For example, for Frenzy, only crits can activate the proc, so with a 20% crit rate, only 20% of your total attacks are eligible to activate the proc.

Uptime = Average uptime of the proc, measured in percentage.

The same principles can be applied to Improved Aspect of the Hawk, but the damage gained from it is much more difficult to model, due to the varying shots, cast delays overlapping with Auto Shot timers, etc. Note that this also is true (to a much lesser degree) in Frenzy's case, due to the change of attack speed before and after the proc, making the above slightly simplified for calculating Frenzy uptime.


Ferocious Inspiration stacks from multiple hunters in the same group.
Expose Weakness does not stack from multiple hunters attacking the same target. The most powerful version takes precedence.

Section 2: Pet Information, formulas, theorycrafting


Choosing a Pet

Pet Database

First you need a good DPS pet. The good DPS pets are cats, ravagers and scorpids. I am using a cat at the moment.

Scorpids have been nerfed, but are still good in PvP because the poison makes it harder to cleanse your stings.
I've tried both ravager and cat and I can't say it's any big difference to them. They were having roughly the same damage for me, but I think I'm gonna try the ravager again.

Nethermine Ravager
The highest level ravager is Nethermine Ravager, it can be found on Netherwing Ledge in Shadowmoon Valley. They are inside the mine. It is level 70.
Ravagers can learn Gore, Dash and Bite.

Blackwind Sabercat
The highest level cat that is not inside Zul'Aman is Blackwind Sabercat, it is found in the cave in Skettis in Terokkar Forest. It is level 70-71.
Cats can learn Bite, Claw, Dash and Prowl. I recommend not having prowl as it is very NOT good.

Scorchshell Pincer
The highest level scorpid is Scorchshell Pincer, it is found in between Shadowmoon Village and Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley, aswell as in northeast Shadowmoon Valley, to the north of Black Temple and west of Altar of Sha'Tar.
Scorpids can learn Claw and Scorpid poison.

Pet Skills

Always train Avoidance and Cobra Reflexes to your pets.

Highest ranks for Claw, Bite, Dash, Gore and Scorpid Poison are found from these mobs:

Claw rank 9:
Scorpid Bonecrawler
Ravenous Windroc
Greater Windroc
Shadowwing Owl
Ripfang Lynx

Bite rank 9:
Dreadfang Widow

Dash rank 3:
Vilebranch Raiding Wolf
Scarshield Worg
Blackrock Worg
Bloodaxe Worg
Frostsaber Huntress
Frostsaber Stalker
Razorfang Hatchling
Zulian Panther
Zulian Stalker
Rip-Blade Ravager

Gore rank 9:
Rip-Blade Ravager

Scorpid Poison rank 5:
Scorpid Bonecrawler
Scorchshell Pincer


Pets get 30% of the Hunter's Stamina added to their Stamina.
Pets get 35% of the Hunter's Armor added to their Armor.
Pets get 22% of the Hunter's Ranged Attack Power added to their Melee Attack Power.
Pets get 12.87% of the Hunter's Ranged Attack Power added to their Spell Damage.
Pets get 40% of the Hunter's resistances added to their own resistances.

All scaling is based on total stats (after items, buffs, etc) of the hunter.
Source: Blizzard UI files.


Your pet's Training Points are based on two things, Loyalty Level and Pet Level. To get more Training Points, you have to increase one of these variables.

TrainingPoints = PetLevel * (LoyaltyLevel - 1)

A calculator can be found at the following link, helping you allocate your pet's Training Points:


Base focus regen rate = 24.5 focus every 4 seconds.


Section 3: Macros

One source
Macro 1: Your BM rotation

#showtooltip Steady Shot /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide() /cast [exists,target=pettarget] Kill Command /castsequence reset=2.15 Steady Shot, Auto Shot /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()

Macro 2: Pet Macro

#showtooltip /cast [target=pet,dead][mod:shift] Revive Pet /cast [nopet] Call Pet /cast [pet,nomod,button:1] Mend Pet /cast [pet,nomod,button:2] Dismiss Pet /cast [pet,mod:alt] Feed Pet /use [pet,mod:alt] Clefthoof Ribs

Alternate Pet Macro

/cast [target=pet, dead] Revive Pet;[nopet] Call Pet; Mend Pet

Macro 3: Focus Macro

#showtooltip Viper Sting /cast [target=focus, harm][harm] Viper Sting

Macro 4: Totem Killer

/petattack [target=Earthbind Totem ] [harm] /petattack [target=Windfury Totem ] [harm] /petattack [target=Mana Tide Totem ] [harm] /petattack [target=Tremor Totem] [harm] /petattack [target=Grounding Totem] [harm]

Macro 5: Interrupt

#showtooltip /stopcasting /cast Silencing Shot

Macro 6: Pet Interrupt

#showtooltip /cast Intimidate

Macro 7: Scare Beast

#showtooltip Scare Beast /cast [harm] Scare Beast

Macro 8: Burst

#showtooltip Bestial Wrath /cast Rapid Fire /use 13 /use 14 /cast Bestial Wrath /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Macro 9: Cold Traps

#showtooltip /cast [button:2] Frost Trap /stopmacro [button:2] /cast [mod:ctrl] Frost Trap; Freezing Trap

Macro 10: Warm Traps

#showtooltip /cast [button:2] Explosive Trap /stopmacro [button:2] /cast [mod:ctrl] Explosive Trap; Immolation Trap

Macro 11: Snakes and Horses

#show Snake Trap /use [mod:ctrl, button:2] Swift Grey Wolf /use [flyable, button:2] Swift Green Wyvern; [noflyable, button:2] Swift Grey Wolf /stopmacro [button:2] /cast Snake Trap

Macro 12: Aspect Much?

/showtooltip /cast [button:2] Aspect of the Viper; [mod:ctrl] Aspect of the Cheetah; [mod:ctrl, button:2] Aspect of the Pack; [mod:shift] Aspect of the Monkey; [button:1, nomod] Aspect of the Hawk

Macro 13: Pet attack toggle macro: If your pet does not have a target it will attack your current target. If it does have a target it will set it to passive. Requires two presses to change the pet's target.

Macro 14: PvP CC Macro - concussive shot if ranged, wing clip if melee

#showtooltip /castrandom [nomod] concussive shot, wing clip /castrandom [nomod] wing clip, concussive shot

I personally use ctrl+1 to attack with my pet and ctrl+3 to set it to passive. This macro will allow you to reuse at least one of those binds.

/petattack /petpassive [target=pettarget,exists]

Section 4: Talents, Gems, Consumables

Rotation: Auto-Steady-Auto-Steady work in KC and Multi shot when appropriate.

For BM you should get enough crit to be able to use KC every time it's off it's cooldown. Critting also gives GftT procs so your pet can spam it's abilities even more. After that AP is great as it buffs your pet's damage up good. BM doesn't use as much mana as the otehr two speccs as your only using steady shot and KC, aswell as having Beast within for reduced mana costs. So I'd say MP/5 and Int isn't as important for BM as it is for MM and surv.

My BM spec


For MM I usually go with this rotation:
Steady-multi-auto/steady-auto/steady-arcane-auto/steady-auto and repeat

MM uses lots of mana, so intellect and MP/5 are very nice for it. You also get 45% of your intellect as your AP if you have careful aim (which you should). If you don't have improved revive pet you'll lose a ton of mana reviving your pet, and you probably won't have imp. mend pet either so it will also cost a lot more mana to use.

MM Spec


For survival I use the same rotation as for MM. Although I trap quite a bit more frequently. By the time you get to T5 trash, the time spent laying an Explosive Trap is well spent in this spec.

Remember that if you're speccing survival in T4/T5 and early T6, your point is not to do imba damage, it's to buff the other physical DPS in your group and to be more useful to the group with better utility, improved traps can make you able to chaintrap mobs very well. However, keep in mind your main contribution to DPS will be through Expose Weakness. So do not forget to keep it up as much as possible.

For survival you should get as much agility as you possibly can. That 15% agi + exposed weakness is probably the reason as to why to go survival. Survival uses less mana than MM due to Thrill of the Hunt which regens 60% of the cost of any shot when it crits.





For hunter gear there's some stats you need, if I were to list them in order from most wanted to least wanted it'd be like this, though this is after you have enough hit (142):
1. Agility
2. Attack Power
3. Crit %
4. Intellect
5. Mp/5
6. Stamina

Remember that Agility scales with BoK and talents whereas AP and Crit doesn't.


I mostly just socket everything with +agi unless if the socket bonus is good enough. You will still need to gem others from time to time to make your meta. Some good hunter gems, I'll rate them x/3 depending on how good they are:

Solid Star of Elune 0/3 You don't need to socket pure stamina in PvE, you can get stamina on hybrid gems if you have low health.
Lustrous Star of Elune 1/3 Good but not good enough imo

Red gems
Delicate Living Ruby 3/3, Agi is awesome, and agi scales with BoK
Bright Living Ruby 2/3 Also great gem if you need AP.

Yellow gems
Brilliant Dawnstone 1.5/3 I prefer crit over int, though if your MM I'd give it a 2/3
Rigid Dawnstone 1/3 Hunters get good hit on their gear so you usually don't need to socket hit, but it's good if you don't have enough hit
Smooth Dawnstone 3/3 Crit is good, but I'd say agi is better. Though this would be the best yellow gem imo.

Purple gems
[Infused Nightseye] 3/3 +8 Attack Power and +2 Mana every 5 seconds One of the best gems, AP and Mp/5, yummy
[Shifting Nightseye] 2.5/3 +4 Agility and +6 Stamina Very good gem for filling a Blue socket.

Green gems
[Dazzling Talasite] 1.5/3 +4 Intellect and +2 Mana every 5 seconds is nice, but damage stats are better imo.

Orange gems
[Glinting Noble Topaz] 3/3 Very good gem if you don't have enough hit.
[Wicked Noble Topaz] 2/3 An 8 Agility gem gives more crit, extra armor, extra dodge AND agility scales with BoK, Lightning Reflexes and Combat Experience. This gem can however be useful in yellow sockets.

Meta gems
[Relentless Earthstorm Diamond] This is really the only metagem you should use as a hunter. 12 agi and 3% more crit damage is very very good. Combine it with Mortal Shots 5/5 and one of the slaying talents and you get 36% more damage on crits. And 12 agi scales with talents / BoK too to make it a real goodie gem.
Swift Skyfire Diamond Also good, but hunters don't need to run around much in raids so this is more of a PvP gem for hunters. I keep my PvP set on my with mobility for occasions when I do need to be mobile.


Elixir of Major Agility and Elixir of Major Mageblood are the elixirs you should use in raids.
If you are poor and die a lot use Flask of Relentless Assault, but I recommend the elixir combo.
For food you should use Grilled Mudfish or Warp Burger, both give 20 agi and 30 spirit.
Use [http://www.wowhead.com/item=22521]Superior Mana Oil[/url] on your weapon, you can have it x2 if you're dual wielding also for sick mana regen.
Pets like good food too. Kibler's Bits
and Sporeling Snack

Section 5: Gear Spreadsheet and instructions

Cheeky's Spreadsheet

Step 1: Enter your gear

On the 'Gear' tab you can select for every item/enchant/gem your character currently has. If you find you have an item that is not currently listed, you can enter stats for it in the 'Custom Gear' tab, and then select "Custom" for that slot. The spreadsheet automatically checks for valid gem combinations for socket bonuses and meta gem requirements.

It is also possible to import gear from the armory. This is still fresh, and might have some bugs. It currently does not include enchants.

There are 5 profiles available to use. You can select a profile name, and either save the current gear set up to it, or load in a saved profile. The profiles contain gear, talents, pet specifications, and shot rotations. You can change the name of your profiles on the 'Settings and Results' tab. The buttons marked "Save" and "Load" do just that.

The "CalcAttributes" button is used to refigure the DPS increase of each specific stat. This happens automatically as gear is changed, but not when talents, shots, or pet information changes, or a new profile is loaded. Clicking the button will recompute the results shown on the 'Settings and Results' tab.

Step 2: Enter your talent spec

On the 'Talents' tab you can enter your current talents. Anything with a red background means it has no effect on any of the spreadsheet's calculations. These can be filled in purely to track the information for you. There is no enforcement of total talent points or their distribution. A "Reset" button is provided to clear all talents back to 0.

Step 3: Enter Shot Rotations

This is the most complicated part of using the spreadsheet, but done in a systematic manner isn't too hard to deal with. There are 4 Shot Rotations that can be specified. They are as follows:
Normal haste. This one is found on the 'Shot Rotations' tab, and bases timing off of the static haste and weapon speed your character has. On this sheet you can also specify your latency (or reaction time if you hand-time shots) and what Aspect you want to be in. There are buttons provided to assist in building standard rotations (please note that these do currently not work for Open Office users):
Reset - clear all shots to None. This is best used when building your own shot rotation from scratch.
AutoOnly - sets every shot to Auto Shot.
1:1 (Steady) - A standard Auto, Steady repeat rotation.
1:1 (Priority) - A standard 1:1 rotation where you can assign different specials to be prioritized if they are off cooldown.
1:1.X - This allows you to quickly build a shot rotation that will factor in 2 specials between autos as appropriate. You can indicate whether you want Arcane, Multi, or both included. If both are selected it picks the highest damaging shot if both are available at the same time.
Quick Shots. This is located on the 'Quick Shots' tab. In all respects it is identical to what you find on the normal 'Shot Rotation' tab. Latency and Aspect are used based on the values set on the 'Shot Rotation' tab. (If you do not use Aspect of the Hawk, or have no points in Improved Aspect of the Hawk this entire rotation doesn't matter.)

Dragonspine Trophy. There are 2 rotations available on the 'Dragonspine Trophy' tab. One is for the DST proc without Quick Shots active, and the other is for both Quick Shots and DST proc active simultaneously. The Dragonspine Trophy's effect is modeled by determining your time spent in different haste states, and the damage you do while they are active. If you do not have a Dragonspine Trophy equipped you can ignore this tab.

Step 4: Enter Pet data

The 'Pet' tab allows you to pick your pet's type (Cat, Ravager, etc.) and assign training points to all possible abilities. You get warnings if you pick abilities not applicable to your pet, or if you exceed the total number of training points available. You can also select a mood and loyalty level for your pet.

There is a "pet bar" feature where you can prioritize your pet's abilities based on how you want them to consume focus. It displays average cast times for each ability based on available focus, the ability cooldown, and the pet's global cooldown (1.5s). This is a handy way to see if Bite + Claw is better than Claw or compare other abilities head to head.

Step 5: Check results

The 'Settings and Results' tab provides summaries of a bunch of different information. Most of it should be self-explanatory. There is also a DPS equivalency matrix comparing different statistics. This is useful in determining which next item will provide the most "bang for the buck."

As you modify any value in the spreadsheet the results will update automatically. You also can see summary information from your saved profiles. Clicking in the profile name box allows you to rename it. There are also control setting to average out some talents, and to control the Dragonspine Trophy mechanics.

The "Export" button creates a file in your "My Documents" directory called CheekyHunterDPS.log that contains the data of all 5 of your profiles. The "Import" button loads this file into the spreadsheet. You will still need to use the "Load" button on the 'Gear' tab to bring the profile data into the active set of gear, talents, pet, and shot rotations. These files will be supported in future spreadsheet versions.

Other links to work into this guide:
Pet skills
Shot Rotation

Special Thanks to contributors: Barroth, Elenae, Shikarii, Dhorn, Dune, Pikseh, Samurainka, miasorubka, Divinicus

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You can use the BM spec Maronics linked above with a few adjustments. Drop Improved Revived Pet and Improved Ment Pet for either Endurance Training or Thick Hide. Also drop Animal Handler for Spirit Bond. Always max out your BM talent tree to 41 before jumping to MM (means you should have Bestial Wrath at 50). Pick up First Aid and use it on your pet whenever possible to save mana on Mend Pet.

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Hello guys,

I didnt see anything about races, i was wondering what is the best race for a tbc hunter ( Alliance ) ?

I was thinking about rolling a draenei for the 1% hit, then i thought well shamans provide the 1% hit.

Are hunters  in a group with a shaman when it comes to optimal raid setup ?


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Dwarves have the best pvp racials, you should go dwarf if you're serious about doing arenas. Night elf racial is ok if you play super long and drawn out games but stoneform is better overall, since the arena ladder on most private servers are always full of rogues.

TL;DR Version: Draenei for pve, dwarf if you pvp.

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"BM doesn't use as much mana as the other specs because you're only using steady shot and kill command"

Whoever wrote this has absolutely no clue about hunters, especially in early game.

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