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Arcane Mage Guide

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this guide deals with Arcane Mages in 2.4.3. TBC and will be improved bit by bit (for me this guide is a hobby). You can access it via google spreadsheets (you need a google account to use it) and make a copy of it for your own use via "File > Make a copy ... ". For now I've finished the Damage, Dps and stats calculator (which was most of the work!). The written part of the guide will follow.

If you use the calculator, you will have to follow the directions in it and enter reasonable, realistic fight parameters (a 10 seconds fight with evocation used and 20 seconds non casting time makes no sense!). Otherwise you may encounter weird results. Another thing to add about the calculator is that it uses a rather extensive function to determine the damage you can do with the given fight parameters. If you happen to change some stuff in the sheet really fast, you might encounter errors, due to limitations by google sheets. This can be solved by waiting a few seconds and then e.g. activating and deactivating a Buff. Then all the stuff will be re-calculated and the sheet will work fine again.

So far, have fun and I am happy to receive feedback.





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Here you can see what an arcane mage is capable of pre 2-t5 bonus in a 25 man raid environment (Morogrim Tidewalker done in pre raid BIS, all fights except fathom lord with one innervate, which means even without innervate, in a non-aoe fight, arcane is on par with fire):


In Addition I'd like to share my arcane mage BIS lists for the whole tbc expansion:

The only thing I did not add is post 2.1 & post 2.3 pre raid BIS and kara BIS, but it is basically the same items.

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Posted (edited)

i love the graphs! 

but why do you go with 5x t6 for swp? you could use either kj head or twins shoulders imo, also tailoring chest or muru chest should be better than the spirit one, or crafted or kj +hit hands should be better than the spirit ones again.. but im not sure as arcane tbh, i know that the spirit effect is increased by your max int as mage, but idk if its really worth to stack.. also what is your opinion on the +int jwc trinket and have you tried out arcane scorch? 😄 due to the lower cast time i had this idea it could fit the filler spell more.. also scorch is the most mana efficient dmg spell in game i believe 😛 you can do some nice stuff even with rank 1


anyways good work 🙂

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