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Northern lights flash in the sky. A blizzard blows, pelting on its way those too weak to withstand the fury of winter at its fullest. From the permafrost strikes a massive hand; the mythical giant once deemed dead off the coast of Italy now rises to life, regenerated, from Lappish soil. The time is due.

It's time to achieve what the preceding Finnish guilds failed to do and rise like a Felix-bird from ashes.  Requirements are as follow:

- Enormous fortitude towards the blooming autism that is running rampant in the guild chat
- Zero tolerance towards those disgusting fellow countrymen who decided to play the opposing faction
- 4 Years of working experience minimum (Negotiable)
- Excitement towards amazing content this emulation of a 12-year-old game has to offer us
- No regrets for wasting your life on that said 12-year-old game
- Commitment on this unbelievable journey you are about to experience with your slightly (or not so slighty) autistic guild friends
- Enough patience and anger management skills to avoid turning into a bitter and depleted image of yourself

If you scored somewhere between 0 and 7 on the requirements feel free to harass any guild members online to join the autistic crusade.


The same in Finnish:

6-1, Timo Jutila, Mika Myllylä, talvisota, perheväkivalta, sauna, koskenkorva, itsemurhatilastot, ENCE eSports. Tulkaa pelaa wowwi netti peliä meidän kanssa.

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While I do not qualify, I must say your guild advertising in world chat always makes me smile!
It reminds me of a certain guild, called Kill Frenzy, back from the days of retail Warhammer Online servers.

Keep up the good humor!

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