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Hunter LF NA guild

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I will start off with I am not looking to be a hardcore raider, done that before, and unfortunately I don't have the time or schedule to do that anymore. 


That being said, I am open to all guilds, hardcore or not. I wanna see if there is an NA guild looking for people, not necessarily a full time raider. 


I started as a Hunter (main) and resto druid (main alt) in BC on retail, raided through WotLK (hunter, resto Druid, mage), deployed during Cata, picked back up during Panda and have been on retail since. Just started on the TBC server about 2 weeks ago, and have been loving it. Just looking for a friendly guild with some active people to play alongside. Still in the leveling process. IGN = Netniuq   or shoot me a PM in discord = lowcontrol#0007

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