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Shalom frens!

Do you remember <Wight Power>? Well, now we're kosher so we changed our name <Strawberry Puppy Kisses>. You may have heard of us from world chat or discord, or ingame where we might have killed you if you chose the wrong faction.  Though our deeds are legendary, there's a lot of misunderstanding floating about around us, so i'm here to clear that up:

We're a group of frens that's been playing ever since the og TBC came out, many years ago. Between us, we have well over 100 years of WoW experience, a good portion of that being only TBC on various other servers. We know every encounter in the game, every entry in the db, every pixel on the map; no spot is safe. If you're alliance you are nothing to us but a target. You know those feats you hear people bragging about doing in TBC? We did them.


Oh and we're recruiting.


What we offer:

  • The honour of wearing the most infamous guild tag on the server <Strawberry Puppy Kisses>;
  • Guaranteed backup, whether you're losing an argument in chat or a 1v2 fight against alliance scum;
  • Freedom of speech, opinion and spending your game time;
  • A competitive environment in which you can grow into a better player and person.
  • F U N


What we demand:

  • Following the above rules;
  • At least 300 confirmed HKs;
  • Trained in gorilla warfare;
  • Top bantz;
  • Creativity;
  • Being active and participating in guild events;
  • Ability to both absorb and disseminate information without external help (this means don't be retarded, but if you needed that explained you can close this page, sweetie.)


If that seems like your dream come true, get in touch with us.

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I used to be a player that killed every alliance player in sight, but now I'm changed thanks to  <Strawberry Puppy Kisses> , now I'm a player in a guild that kills every alliance player in sight! Ty guys

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Our achievement list:

  1. Purging Ungoro of alliance
  2. Purging Cenarion Refuge of alliance
  3. Purging Area 52 of alliance.
  4. Delaying the launch of 2.1
  5. Numerous server restarts
  6. Changing the server rules
  7. Causing vast amounts of butthurt on both sides


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