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Some Farming Stuff

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So i'll just share some of my favorite farming spots and try to help kick off some discussion for this section. 


  • Bash'Ir Landing (Northern Blade's Edge Mountains)
    • Mote of Mana (Unbound Ethereal's) 
    • Vendor Trash
    • Chance for BoE World Epics, all monsters in this area are level 70+
    • In 2.1 you can get the chance to loot the Badge of Tenacity and other rare semi valuable items.
  • Arklon Ruins (South East of Area 52)
    • Fel Hide (Skinning Artifact Seeker, this really makes this location profitable) 
    • Fel Armament, Mark of Sargeras. 
    • Vendor Trash
    • After rotation is complete go kill a few Nether Rays or Nether Beasts nearby for a chance at some Mote of Mana.
    • Arcane Vortex Spawn (If Engineer) - rUINS.png.231894f4599bcb4fff7cac204e265144.png
  • Kirin'Var Village (South East Netherstorm)
    • Simply farm all the Mana Seeker and Mageslayers for some easy Mana Motes. Casters beware that if you don't oneshot or kill them quickly they mana burn and spell reflect. Also Immune to arcane damage.
    • Repair Vendor at the mage tower so you can sell all trash easily.
    • Arcane Vortex Spawns (If Engineer) - vILLAGE.png.7c0537a084e198f5843d4b942e514e5c.png
  • Oshu'Gun (Big ass white mountain in Nagrand)
    • Probably the best spot to farm Motes of Shadow, level 64-66 mobs that have lower HP than normal. Simply go in a circle killing with no downtime but watch out for Durn.
    • Vendor at ethereal hub north of you or Telaar if Alliance.
    • Insane for getting Netherweave Cloth. I always end up having to make bank runs to deposit it all.
    • Gas clouds (If Engineer) -Cloud.png.506adeeb04f10cfda1cd07050c7d97df.png
  • The Dead Mire (North East Zangarmarsh)
    • A very easy way to farm Mote of Life, if you are an Herbalist even better! This is probably my favorite spot to farm as a herbalist healer simply because you can tag team it with a DPS friend and he kills while you keep him alive and herb. In my experience you can farm with almost no downtime.
    • Many vendor items for decent gold.
    • Can sell right at Swamprat Post or Telredor. 
    • There is also a Swamp Gas right outside of Swarmprat Post for engineers to gather.
  • Legion Hold (Western Shadowmoon Valley)
    • Fel Armament, Mark of Sargeras. 
    • Vendor Trash
    • Felmist (If Engineer) - SHADOW.png.b271d0e42867e9efb93d5b0a3fd6ea56.png
  • Throne of Kil'Jaeden (Northern Hellfire Peninsula) This is applicable later down the line as my favorite Mote of Fire spawn. I think it becomes available in 2.1 when all the big bad elites get removed.
    • Mote of Fires
    • Mobs don't hurt as much as Elemental Plateau area.
    • Chance for BoE world epics.
  • Elemental Plateau (Northern Nagrand)
    • Can farm any elemental mote you need as you see fit, the bad side is that it is very popular and very contested. 
  • Skald  (North East Blade's Edge Mountaints)
    • Very good mote of fire farming spot. Downside is that people quest here.
    • Vendor Trash.
  • Razorthorn Rise (Skinning only) (In between Hellfire/Terokkar, only flying mount)
    • By far the best knothide leather farming spot I know of. Just kill ravagers as fast as they spawn, very little downtime. 
    • Can drop BoE world epics.
    • Vendor trash.
  • Cobra Scale Runs (Skinning only) (Western Nagrand/Northern Shadowmoon Valley)
    • The easier run is probably the Shadowmoon valley snakes - Scale.png.d93c6c56b4cf0d7593ae9788a7258c55.png
    • The harder one has fewer options and more spread out guarded by harder hitting mobs, so avoid them best you can -  scales.png.d7aa4c352e4625b19d58e00d65343131.png
  • Clefthoof Leather Run (Skinning only) (Nagrand) -bull.png.6bde57220afa2685b295a2cfe3cb7810.png
    • This one has insane value early on because Druids need their clefthoof gear, and I particularly love this route because I have only about 20-30 seconds of downtime and can vendor at the Horde city nearby. 
    • Small amounts of knothide.
    • Trash.
    • Can farm elemental air dudes for Mote of Air in between kills (there should be 2 maybe 3 to kill)
    • Also a air cloud for engineers to harvest from right outside Garandar. Hard to miss, its along the path.
  • Skettis (South East Terokkar) - 
    • Mote of Water (Skettis Surger) - One of the only options for mote of mana.
    • Herbalism - Should also be a number of high level herbs in the area
      • In a later patch giant tree dudes spawn here and can be herbalized for high amount of Mote of Life. 
  • Netherwing Pass (South of Sanctum of the Stars in Shadowmoon Valley) -
    • Possibly the best Mote of Air farming spot in the game. 
    • Highly contested.
  • Black Temple (Southern Side) - 
    • This part is best for a Protection Paladin or Mage. Simply get your best blocking shield (Sproggar Rep Shield is great here) and round up all the Demon Hunter Supplicant's and AOE them down for easy money, they also should be low health from their sparring. Watch out for Netharel. 
    • Drops Arcane Tomes.
    • Netherweave cloth.
  • Silmyr Lake (Lake outside Shattrath) - 
    • Easy mote of water farming spot if the plateau and Skettis is being farmed. Its just as quick but has more downtime and is a bit boring to swim so much.
  • Hand of Gul'Dan (Middle of Shadowmoon Valley) -
    • Mainly for farming Mote of Fire but if you need Mote of Earth for some reason that option is there as well. 



Now I obviously missed a TON of great farming spots and didn't include anything about mining but I hope some of these help you out in your farming endeavors. Thanks for reading.

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