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World chat channel (lfg-replacement).

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How can a player new to Netherwing know about this chat-channel without being told by someone ? The chat channel named "World" replaces what was LFG channel in Blizz wow back in the day.

I played up until lvl 70 and then some before I was told about this channel by a player (it came up randomly when we talked). I honestly believed that there was that little activity on a private server that isnt Blizz's. I didnt get to do more than 2 dungeons before I hit lvl 70, because I couldnt find partys' !

I suggest that the GM messages in yellow text that sometimes is seen in-game inform players about this !!!

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I cannot stress how important this is. At lvl 70 now i using way more time to gear up since I lacked a lot of normal mode dungeons and all the ideas of rep connections to various instances. The game is designed to hint and "lead" players, I lacked and still lack (some) essential parts of that !


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