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Steamvault (N-HC) Pull Question

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Hi all!

1. There is a question regarding pulling of some pack.

After you enter the instance and kill the 2nd Bog Lord there is a pillar behind which, there is a pack of nagas.

After pulling and taking them back for enough distatnce the patrol (which consists of three elementals, one big and two small) is coming.

This should not happen, the distance is rather big. Cannot understand why they are being aggroed.

There is advice to pull naga pack more further back to the place where the group killed 2nd Bog Lord (behind wall where some flora grows).


Any thoughts about this?

I think these groups are bug linked.


P.S. And another moment.

To the right of that pillar there is a walkway with two nagas at the entrance, are they also bug linked with elemental patrol?


Thanks for answers.

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You would have had better luck asking in world chat or on discord...

But in case you didn't get any answers or help. Pull the naga group from the left side. One of the nagas is bugged and can't path on the right side, if you pull from the left they all come and you're good.

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That happens when you pull from right side of the pillar. I always do it from left side and it never happens just care for patrol to not be to close when you pull.

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