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<HELLO> Recruitment post [EU]

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Dear Atlantiss Community



HELLO will have a recruitment post so you always can be updated about what is needed the most.

About us

We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild with alot of experience from the private server community. We got some of the fastest cleartimes on warname. Since we just started here are we looking for new exceptional and dedicated players to fill out our rooster for SSC.

Raid days --> Sunday & thursday 7-11pm servertime.

Furthermore will we be doing bg-premades since we have alot of gladiator players around.  


  • 11/11 Karazhan - 
  • 2/2 Gruul's Lair - first raid
  • 1/1 Mag
  • 4/6 SSC - 

What to Expect

  • Experienced leadership
  • Fair treatment if you are dedicated we don't favour anyone in the guild
  • Loot Council with role options to optimize guild progression.


Recruitment - last updated 22-04-2019


The classes we need the most at the moment is: 

Druid.gif.02e99f68ae4b782be77171f9e03f9485.gif                    Hunter.gif.a42be2cca6994bf1888787e856f01b95.gif                         Mage.gif.2a53e8378985e53d8f589731027bf190.gif                  Paladin.gif.34b4e55360f3238573afcb923622dc09.gif                   Priest.gif.9b09246ed0c85d7c953ac96a55cd2ef5.gif                     Rogue.gif.50688a7cbec969311dc0388589ab2027.gif              Shaman.gif.4635c7083c2fe72f49bba5b5af950a28.gif                        Warlock.gif.3273b8355479222a357de8c0c16e6590.gif                     Warrior.gif.e5a66c36f54f662b29858a27f72b699b.gif

Resto: Full          BM:  Full                Full                 Holy: Need 1      Healer: Need 1      Full           Resto:  Need 1          Need 1               Tank: Full

Tank: Need 1     Surv: Need 1                                 Tank: Full           DPS: Full                                   DPSe:  Full                                           DPS: Full

DPSb: Need 1                                                            DPS: Full                                                               DPSenh: Full


Your application will be an interview over discord with Xalt or Skrk 





Guild Streams:





If you have any questions please contact Skrk/skurken or Xalt ingame.


Best Regards from HELLO


Edited by skurkentv

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